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London Studio accommodation - Apartment reference LN-386
  • London Studio accommodation - living room (LN-386) photo 1 of 4
  • London Studio accommodation - living room (LN-386) photo 2 of 4
  • London Studio accommodation - living room (LN-386) photo 3 of 4
  • London Studio accommodation - living room (LN-386) photo 4 of 4
  • London Studio accommodation - kitchen (LN-386) photo 1 of 4
  • London Studio accommodation - kitchen (LN-386) photo 2 of 4
  • London Studio accommodation - kitchen (LN-386) photo 3 of 4
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1 Bathroom

TV, Internet
Pets not allowed
Smoking not permitted

Bloomsbury - West End London
Upper Woburn Place, London WC1H

$1,081 / week
€880 / week
£777 / week
A$1,381 / week
C$1,371 / week
¥115,734 / week
CHF1,012 / week
Sleeps 3


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start dateend datesleepsdayweekinformation
Feb 22 2018
£ 777
USD $ 1,081
Euro € 880
Aust $ 1,381
Can $ 1,371
¥en 115,734
SFranc 1,012
1 week minimum

All dates and prices are subject to confirmation.Prices in U.S. Dollars1 £ = 1.391 USD $ [1].Prices in Euros1 £ = 1.132 Euro € [1].Prices in British Pounds.Prices in Australian Dollars1 £ = 1.777 Aust $ [1].Prices in Canadian Dollars1 £ = 1.765 Can $ [1].Prices in Japanese Yens1 £ = 148.950 ¥en [1].Prices in Swiss Francs1 £ = 1.303 SFranc [1].
Period of 1 day to 1 month (Agency fees are included.)


Photos - Living room - Model apartment

Studio Vacation in Bloomsbury (LN-386)
London Studio accommodation - living room (LN-386) photo 1 of 4
London Studio accommodation - living room (LN-386) photo 2 of 4
London Studio accommodation - living room (LN-386) photo 3 of 4
London Studio accommodation - living room (LN-386) photo 4 of 4
Living room
  • Sheets
  • Window
  • Phone
  • TV
  • Dining table

Photos - Kitchen - Model apartment

Studio Vacation in Bloomsbury (LN-386)
London Studio accommodation - kitchen (LN-386) photo 1 of 4
London Studio accommodation - kitchen (LN-386) photo 2 of 4
London Studio accommodation - kitchen (LN-386) photo 3 of 4
London Studio accommodation - kitchen (LN-386) photo 4 of 4
  • Window
  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Toaster

Photos - Bathroom - Model apartment

Studio Vacation in Bloomsbury (LN-386)
London Studio accommodation - bathroom (LN-386) photo 1 of 4
London Studio accommodation - bathroom (LN-386) photo 2 of 4
London Studio accommodation - bathroom (LN-386) photo 3 of 4
London Studio accommodation - bathroom (LN-386) photo 4 of 4
  • Window
  • Shower
  • WC
  • Tub
  • Towels

Photos - Other - Model apartment

Studio Vacation in Bloomsbury (LN-386)
London Studio accommodation - other (LN-386) photo 1 of 4
London Studio accommodation - other (LN-386) photo 2 of 4
London Studio accommodation - other (LN-386) photo 3 of 4
London Studio accommodation - other (LN-386) photo 4 of 4

Studio Vacation in Bloomsbury (LN-386)
 living roomkitchenbathroom
Number of beds2  
Bed size bed (queen)
mattress (single)
Dining table*  
Fridge * 
Oven * 
Microwave * 
Toaster * 
Shower  *
WC  *
Tub  *
Towels  *

Studio Vacation in Bloomsbury (LN-386)

The interior photos are from a model apartment in the building. The model apartment is representative of both the quality and style of apartments offered at this location. Description, floor plan, and photos are for reference purposes only. Actual apartment's dimensions, layouts, and furniture may vary.

This studio vacation rental accommodation is located within the borough of Bloomsbury in central London, near the West End, just off of Upper Woburn Place near Euston Road. Bloomsbury itself is notable for the number of publishing, education, and healthcare institutions within it, as well as a number of parks and gardens (there are four just within a 0.3 km/0.2 mile radius of this accommodation). From its central vantage point within London, every part of the historic city is easily accessible on foot or through a variety of other transportation options.

Furthermore, these studio vacation rental accommodations are furnished, providing a queen-sized bed, a full bath, a kitchen (with electric range and microwave -- the fridges all have a small icebox compartment, but it is not suitable for larger items), WiFi Internet connection, and linen/towel changes once per week. Please note that the internet connection can slow down at times. The building itself is an apartment building with a 24-hour doorman as well as an elevator. Note that while the rooms contain ceiling lights, but lamps are available from reception on request for lower lighting.

As mentioned, this location is close to many attractions, including:

- University College London, 0.1 km/0.1 miles west

- The British Museum, dedicated to human history and culture, 1.1 km/0.7 miles south

- The Foundling Museum, telling the story of Foundling Hospital, the first home for abandoned children in Britain (1.1 km/0.7 miles west).

- The Euston Square subway/tube station (0.5 km/0.3 miles west), offering easy transportation throughout London

- The Euston rail station (0.4 km/0.3 miles west), offering underground and mainline routes.

- The King’s Cross rail station (1.1 km/0.7 miles east), offering mainline rail service as well as Eurostar service to Paris, France.

- The British Library, 0.8 km/0.5 miles east, national library of the United Kingdom.

- The West End, with many major tourist attractions, shops, businesses, and entertainment venues (2.4 km/1.5 miles south).

The location in Bloomsbury is fantastic for getting around London and exploring, conducting business, or visiting attractions. London is easily within your grasp from here!

NOTE: Hairdryer is available from reception if requested. A small cash deposit is required for each hairdryer.

NOTE: Fans are available on request (limited availability). Please ask at reception

NOTE: This street can be busy at times. There is secondary glazing in the living area which has been installed to effectively reduce street noise.

Overall Apartment Rating (45)



Apartment Experience (37)4.0
Location (41)4.5
Cleanliness (34)4.5
Condition, Comfort, Amenities (37)3.8
Building (31)3.8
Quiet/Loud (30)3.6

Apartment Reviews (36)

  • Review by: Fabrizio B.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    Nice studio apartment, clean and comfortable (close to three metro stops, restaurants and supermarkets).

    Sep 17 2017
  • Review by: Nadine D.
    Accommodation Rental: 20 days

    According to me, this studio apartment was very nice but too expensive for what it is. Nadine

    Oct 22 2015
  • Review by: Patricia T.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    Negative aspects: the stoves of the kitchen did not work and the handle of the shower leaks. The facilities in general are old and I think they could be improved (curtain, doors ...).
    Positive aspects: the location, the apartment is quiet, the heating worked perfectly, the staff was very friendly and always willing to help. Value for money is not bad, although it could be better.

    Apr 17 2015
    • Answer by:
      Accommodation Owner

      Dear Guest,

      Thank you for your review.

      Our location is one of the reasons our customers return, so I'm glad you found this good. Thank you for your positive comments about the staff, I will be pleased to pass on your comments.

      From your negative points, I would like to respond.

      I have been to check the hob in flat 507 (the one you stayed in) and it works perfectly. You do have to turn the timer switch on first before the heat control, to make the hobs work. Did you let anyone at reception know your problem? The porter would have been able to come and show you how to work it. The porter would have also been able to change your leaking shower.
      Our flats were refurbished just before the Olympics so all furnishings are relatively new. (They are also not all lived in continuously throughout the year). Redecoration of the flats is starting to happen this year as we do understand the paintwork gets tired.
      When we refurbished we decided against curtains and had blinds fitted as they are much easier to keep clean as being in central London, lots of black fumes and road dust gets in.

      I do hope you will consider us for a future visit.

      Apr 17 2015
  • Review by: Evanna B.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 21 days

    The owners were very hospitable and the management answered questions when I had questions. The doormen were very aware of when I came and went - they were so cool and so full of information. If you had a question for the doormen they would give you information. It's not like a modern building but I didn't expect that in Europe. It was beautiful, comfortable and modern for its time. The location is 2 blocks from the train station. Two Blocks! And a 15 minute walk to Piccadilly Circus.

    It was the best experience!

    Jul 17 2014
  • Review by: Josiane B.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    Accommodation is very well located: very close to St Pancras station, public transportation, local stores, heart of London...
    Very clean accommodation, well thought-out for a few days sightseeing. Kitchenette with everything needed.
    Weak points: wifi is very poor
    It was very noise one night especially where a group of young people partied until really late: it was hot and our windows were open.

    Jun 23 2014
    • Answer by:
      Accommodation Owner

      Thank you for your review of our property. Including the positive reports about the location (the main reason our guests return) and also the amenities inside the flat.

      The Wi-Fi is offered free of charge and during busy periods and can get overloaded and slow down (during your stay we had a large group of American students, who use the internet most of the time). We recommend, if possible, connecting to the 5ghz connection as this is stronger.

      Street facing rooms can be a little noisy as we are on a busy main road. For a quieter flat I would recommend requesting a rear facing studio, or one of our Premium rear corner studios which are not only quieter, but brighter due to having windows on two sides. We do not have air conditioners but can supply fans on demand.

      We hope you will return in the future. Once again, many thanks for taking the time to review your stay.

      Jul 16 2014
  • Review by: Jason C.
    From:United Kingdom
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    Serviceable at best, institutional and disconnected. Lift was broken within a day of my week's stay and not repaired for the duration.

    Staff did not make me aware for several days that there was an alternative lift available.

    Sep 20 2013
    • Answer by:
      Accommodation Owner

      Thank you for your comments. I apologize for the lack of information regarding the lifts, we do have 3 lifts in the building, one in each wing for passenger use, and a central service lift.

      I have spoken with the reception staff and asked them to make sure they make customers aware of alternatives. I hope you will consider us again for future visits to London.

      Oct 22 2013
  • Review by: Studio P.
    Accommodation Rental: 14 days

    Everything was OK. Thank you very much.

    Aug 11 2013
  • Review by: Darryl G.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 14 days

    This apartment is quite plain and in a ordinary looking building. But it is inexpensive, clean, furnished with plain but solid and useful furniture and appliances, clean linens (replaced weekly), large enough and with enough windows to be comfortable even when London turns hot.

    Because my apartment looked out onto the courtyard rather than the busy Upper Woburn Place, it was also pleasingly quiet. The location is perfect for my purposes on this trip: a very short walk to the British Library, and to King's Cross station and the Eurostar.

    Easy walk too, to the British Museum, and virtually everything in central London. Lots of buses and underground stations nearby.

    Jul 18 2013
  • Review by: Rafael M.
    Accommodation Rental: 15 days

    The vacation rental met our expectations. The location is brilliant, the service very good, the cleaning service, too. There was a problem with the wifi but it was quickly fixed.

    The amenities are very good, there's everything you need. Highly recommended.

    May 23 2013
  • Review by: Daun L.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 12 days

    The kitchen was very clean and efficient, but not the best use of space since there was no room to put any food away, and the silverware tray was up on a high shelf. The toilet was facing a wall that was far too close, although the rest of the bathroom was well laid out, good shower and very clean.

    The reception people were helpful, and pleasant. The location was great for me as it was w/in a 15 minute walk to most places I needed to be, and most services: food shopping, restaurants, trains, etc. were very convenient. The pricing was very high, based on other places i had seen, and in comparison to larger spaces.

    The single annoying issue was that there was no wi-fi the entire time i was there, and I got little constructive help, and lots of annoying responses from the two women in the office. I could say much more...

    Nov 07 2012
    • Answer by:
      Accommodation Owner

      We are sorry that the guest was not entirely satisfied. The pricing is very reasonable when compared to short term accommodation in the area. Long term accommodation will be more cost effective but less flexible.

      The apartments have been recently refurbished to a good standard but the age of the building prevents us from redesigning the apartments structurally and the kitchenettes offer limited space. The WIFI was an issue with this particularly situation where we were unable, despite repeated attempts, to connect the computer concerned.

      We were able to use the WIFI with other computers so we are sorry that this created an inconvenience.

      The Wi-Fi should have been improved again recently as we had Virgin Media in to install fibre optic cables to make the connection better.

      Jan 08 2013
  • Review by: Alex D.
    Accommodation Rental: 9 days

    Pros: Location excelent: close to lots of undergrund/metro stations, lots of buses, easy to find a supermarket and a self-laundry. The bed is very nice and comfortable, there was a crib, as I requested, the internet is good, and the price is very acceptable for the region.

    Cons: it's close to a fire station, so sometimes they can make a lot of noise, which is not good during the night. There would be no problem if we had kept our windows closed, since they can really protect from the noise, but unfortunately we couldn't, because of the heat!

    And that is the real problem here: There are a few complaints, but I ignored then...the problem is wether it's 14C or 30C, inside the apartment is extremelly hot, and you can't control the temperature. And I'm from Brazil, used to hot weather.

    We were very luck, cause one guy in the reception lent us an Ventilator, and with the windows open and the ventilator ON during the whole nights, we survived decently, but if I hadn't the ventilator, eather I'd have bought one, or I'd have gone to a hotel, because it was impossible to stay in.

    So: how we had the ventilator every nights, I really liked staying here for 9 nights - but without that, don't think I'd be writing the same.

    Sep 10 2012
    • Answer by:
      London Customer Service

      NYHabitat has discussed the heating situation with Wendy, the manager of the building. Apartments can become hot with warm weather and Air Conditioning is not available, however fans can be available from reception on request. Future guests will be made aware.

      Due to its location, the street can be a bit noisy at times but there is a secondary glazing to reduce it. We are sorry to hear that that this was an inconvenience .

      Sep 13 2012
  • Review by: Anne T.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    same comment as for the previous apartment. We are very happy with our stay and will remember this address for a future visit!

    Aug 11 2012
  • Review by: Marco B.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    Excellent apartment in a very convenient location. Street a bit noisy, but nothing excessive.

    Aug 08 2012
  • Review by: Corrado T.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    We had no direct contact with the owner. The welcome from the doormen was very formal and limited to the key handover and collection and was therefore not very helpful.

    Jul 24 2012
    • Answer by:
      Accommodation Owner

      We are sorry you felt the receptionist was not very helpful when you checked in. We have a full management team on site and should you have any problems or questions then please do not hesitate to contact the receptionist, the management or New York Habitat. Other than this formal handover we are pleased to see that your overall response was positive.

      Aug 02 2012
  • Review by: Francois L.
    Accommodation Rental: 21 days

    I was really pleased with the apartment as everything in it seemed brand spanking new. It was all so comfortable and cosy, especially after being out in London's cold and returning to the warmth in it. However, it needs to be said that the internal heating was a tad high resulting in dry skin.

    Jul 20 2012
  • Review by: Nina T.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    I rented this studio for my 28 year old son..He did not feel comfortable about leaving his personal things (camera equipment etc) as there were cleaners who could access whenever he was absent.
    Other than that he said everything else was "fine".

    May 31 2012
    • Answer by:
      Accommodation Owner

      We are sorry to read these concerns. The cleaners do not enter the apartments for stays of one week or less and for longer stays only do so to change towels and linen. We provide room safes for all apartments in the building for security purposes.

      Jun 06 2012
  • Review by: A Guest
    Accommodation Rental: 24 days

    The main problems was that we had no control over the heating which was excessive. Hence we had to have windows constantly open which exacerbated the traffic noise below. Emergency vehicles use the street frequently, hence extra sirens.

    Availability of hot water in the bathroom was poor. Tap had to be left running for 10 minutes to get any hot water through. Hot water was OK in kitchen. House management said there was nothing they could do to overcome our problem. Cooking utensils were minimal and basic but we learned how to cope.

    Plenty of cupboard and hanging space & bed was comfortable. WiFi was patchy as expected but reception in our room was obviously better than others who were sitting in the lobby or corridors with laptops.

    Apr 29 2012
    • Answer by:
      Accommodation Owner

      We appreciate the recent review and are sorry that there were problems during the guests stay. We have had new Wifi installed which is free for all guests. It appears that private flats with more efficient Wifi can occasionally block the signal from our routers.

      We cannot address this situation at present but reassure guests that wifi is available in the building and working in the majority of the apartments.

      The hot water pressure is not as efficient in the higher units of the building however new pumps were installed last year. Unfortunately we do intermittently have issues.

      Secondary glazing is now on all the front facing windows and we did have unseasonably warm weather recently. Our heating system is either on or off as this is an old building with a communal heating system. The radiators are very old and some do not turn off.

      The studios have kitchenettes with essential cooking items but are not extensive.

      We hope to continue to improve our apartments and service and the reviews certainly help.

      May 01 2012
  • Review by: A Guest
    Accommodation Rental: 6 days

    The accommodation is perfect for a short vacation. The location is ideal: close to subway and buses. The neighborhood is safe even at night. The building management was very helpful: the day we left, they allowed us to leave our luggage up to the time we had to take our train.

    The wifi connection in the room (we were on the 5th floor) is quite weak, we had to go near the elevator to get a decent signal (not very comfortable to surf the web).

    Overall we have a positive opinion.

    Aug 30 2011
  • Review by: Marc S.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    We were happy with our stay at this vacation rental in every respect except for the noise from the street.

    Jun 26 2011
  • Review by: Barbara P.
    Accommodation Rental: 1 month

    All in all very good. In the first three weeks the apartment was over heated.

    Jun 13 2011
  • Review by: Flynn D.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    overall, a very good choice. except for the bedside lighting which was too dim, we had no complaints with the studio.thanks

    Jun 08 2011
  • Review by: Diane B.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    This studio was perfect! We were looking to rent a studio flat to save some money and it was more then enough space. The location to the Tube Station was great and the staff in the building were very warm and helpful. I will be making this a yearly trip and this will be a place I continue to come back to.

    May 11 2011
  • Review by: A Guest
    Accommodation Rental: 8 days

    Overall the vacation rental is good. Lack of wifi in the rooms is a problem for long stays. On the whole, the review is good.

    Apr 14 2011
  • Review by: John G.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    My wife and I first stayed in this apartment complex in 2008 and were completely satisfied with it. We were in London again in October 2010, and without hesitation, made a reservation in the same complex again. It was a different apartment, but again, perfect for our purposes.

    It is close to Euston, a significant rail and bus hub. It is also walking distance from Trafalgar Square, which is the starting point for many of the great walks and "must visit" tourist spots in London. Nearby, there are supermarkets, cafes, pubs, restaurants, and the Camden Market is not too far distant.

    If we were ever to visit London again, this complex would be our first choice.

    Feb 10 2011
  • Review by: Elisabeth R.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    The appartment was lovely. It was clean, spacious and recently painted. The bathroom was big and bright. The bed was queen size, great, and the rest of the furniture nice and useful. The tv was perfect. The kitchen was smal but well equipped. It would have been nice to have some more dishes and some more cutlery (one spoon and an extra fork would have been very nice, for cooking needs, for example).

    We didn't know that the 2 towels (per person) were for our whole stay. It would have been great to have them changed every 3 days, aprox. but it was ok. The thing that didn't work at all was the wi-fi, neither in the appartment nor in the hall.

    Besides, the location was fantastic, at walking distance from the Soho, the West End, and the main railway stations and several convenient bus stops. The block was nice and there were plenty of shops quite near.

    The next time we visit London we will repeat the place. Your web is a place we will recommend for sure. A friend told me about you and it was one great piece of advise.

    Feb 07 2011
    • Answer by:
      London Customer Service

      Further to this review, we contacted the owner of this vacation rental who confirmed the WiFi is now working. If requested, the owner will gladly provide extra cutlery and new towels (for a fee).

      Feb 18 2011
  • Review by: Belen J.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    Apartment was perfect: clean, bright, comfortable. Location was the best: near to the tube and buses. safe area inclusive at night. It has door man day and night, very kind people and helpful. We could leave our luggage the day we left till we take the train. Sometimes there were hammer noises because other apartments were in repairs. If i go to London in the future, iŽll take it again

    Sep 06 2010
  • Review by: Philip S.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    The building was very well positioned for getting around the city with the tube and country stations very handy.

    Our room was at the back and very quiet but do not know if we would have coped at the front as its a busy street and its an old building and no double glazing. The apartment was sparsely furnished but offered everything we needed.

    However,the microwave was broken (we did not report it -because after the shower episode we gave up).The clip holding the shower was snapped and we had to ask the staff to fix it. Gaffer tape was the solution! It worked but found it strange that this had not been done already.

    Also, the chairs in the room were stained BUT the bed was large and all linen wonderful and clean.

    The building staff were excellent and very friendly including the office staff. We did receive a Pds 50.00 refund due to water being cut off because of renovations. It appears the renovations were started without advising staff and rooms had to be emptied hurriedly. Apparently this will go on till 2013 and find it strange that individual rooms are being done instead of closing off a whole wing and doing it all at once, thereby not cutting off services to the whole hotel. An afternoon rest was definitely out of the question.

    That said, we would definitely stay there again.

    Jul 16 2010
    • Answer by:
      London Customer Service

      Further to this review, we immediately contacted the owner of this apartment who was apologetic and informed us that there was a full team working to resolve all of these issues. Since this correspondance, the renovations to the building are now complete.

      Jul 23 2010
  • Review by: Janet P.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    We loved the [Bloomsbury] location [of this London vacation rental] as it was very close to a tube station and a grocery nearby. It felt like a very safe neighborhood. The apartment itself suited our needs well. The kitchen was small but workable for two people. Minor cosmetic upgrades would be nice but overall very comfortable.

    May 12 2010
  • Review by: Gail S. K.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    I'm writing to tell you that everything went extremely well. Both [apartments we rented] were clean, and extremely comfortable. Thanks for everything. Surely I will be using your services again!

    Oct 26 2009
  • Review by: Ilaria C.
    Accommodation Rental: 8 days

    We were very good, the apartment was nice, everything was placed and functioning in the London vacation rental. We hope soon to be able to make another trip possibly in the United States.

    I appreciate the way you work. Thanks

    Sep 16 2009
  • Review by: Gabriella G.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    We had a good stay in the apartment on Woburn Place. Shining rooms, good bathroom, quite quiet, and near the tube. [It was in] the aristocratic district of Russel Square and Bloomsbury, near a market open every day and a large supermarket. If you choose this flat (or other similar) [you can be] sure it is a good choice.

    Sep 04 2009
  • Review by: Serena A.
    Accommodation Rental: 6 days

    We are very, very satisfied about the apartment and the services.

    Aug 28 2009
  • Review by: Paul O.
    From:United States
    Accommodation Rental: 14 days

    I was very satisfied with the two rentals I had from August 1st to 14th. The [London vacation rentals] were clean, comfortable, reasonably well supplied with cooking [supplies] etc. The location was good (two blocks from Euston station) and the business office [was] cheerful, friendly and accommodating.

    Aug 28 2009
  • Review by: Alexandra Z.
    Accommodation Rental: 8 days

    Everything [about the London apartment] was perfect and a special thank you to [our agent for his] kindness!

    Aug 24 2009
  • Review by: Marta V.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    Everything was fine, the apartment/studio was ok, and the administration of the building was quite helpful (for example, they allowed us to check out after 12 a.m.) The [London rental] was located in a nice area (Euston-Russell Square), very close to touristic places and [transportation].

    Jun 24 2009
  • Review by: Maurizio Z.
    Accommodation Rental: 7 days

    We appreciated our stay in London. The apartment was spacious and comfortable, the one we rented had also a balcony, so it was better than we expected.

    The location of our vacation rental is good and there is also another subway stop further Euston, Russell Square of Piccadilly line (maybe it could be useful add this info in the apartment description on your website).

    Thank you very much and hope to use your services in the future.

    Jun 22 2009
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