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Short-Term Housing New York Habitat featured in New York Press

New York Press
September 25- October 1, 2002
Volume 15
Number 39

Don't Leave Home Without Them. We found ourselves in need of quick, short-term, furnished housing this year. Trolling the temp-housing websites, like everything having to do with real estate in Manhattan, was a disheartening experience, until we hit on The website shows you clear -- and, we discovered, realistic -- snapshots of available furnished rooms and apartments. Written descriptions, prices and dates of availability were also no-bull, with none of the bait-and-switch tactics rental agencies are so infamous for in this city. We picked a couple of potential spaces, and a friendly and efficient agent showed them to us promptly, with no nonsense and no hard sell. She hooked us up with a brand new efficiency, in the neighborhood of our choice, at a decent price. We took it for six months, and when we needed to extend our stay a couple more there was no hassle. It was perhaps the least stressful, most straightforward real-estate experience we've ever had in Manhattan.