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Recipes & Reviews - Lasting memories: No-fuss French food New York Habitat featured in The New York Amsterdam News

The New York Amsterdam News
September 8, 2004
Section: Recipes & Reviews
Page 26

PARIS, FRANCE - There are countless fancy restaurants here serving exquisite dishes that look like finely executed sculpture, but I often pass them by because I like simple food boosted with a lot of flavor but not much fuss. And those choices are here too.

[...] I rented a studio apartment for part of my stay here from New York Habitat, a short-term rental agency, whose banner proclaims: "Connecting people and apartments."

The apartment is sparkling and crisp with a skylight roof, located on the Left Bank, a stone's throw from the bustling daily farmers' market on Rue Cler, nor too far from an organic farmers' market on Sunday on beautiful Boulevard Raspail, an irresistible temptation to buy up more produce than I need, and cook.

Friends like my old pal Nancy Hollaway, who lives here, don't help. Nancy is always pushing me toward the kitchen, literally crying, "I would love to have some back-home cooking."

Nancy is a long time Parisian, having lived up in the 9th Arrondissement (or district) since 1956, shortly after she arrived here from Cleveland, Ohio - a jazz singer, showbiz on her mind, the stars shining on her beautiful face.

Nancy has always been a guiding hand during my visits to this City of Light; she knows every seam, and she's a seamless speaker of French. Surprising though, when I call her on the phone and get her answering machine, I still pick up the Midwest twang in her voice.

But some things, like this incomparable city, always remain the same, even when they change. Enjoy these simple but classic recipes that kind of remind me of home.