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New York Furnished Apartment Market Report: 1st Half 2010

12.  1st Half 2010 Roommates intro

NYC United Nations The 1st half of 2010 saw positive developments for the room rental market in New York. The number of completed bookings was up over 35% compared to the 1st half of 2009 which was in the heart of the recession and the average price of a room for rent climbed by nearly 12%. All of these signs show how strongly the market for apartment shares was, even so shortly after the end of the recession.

New York Habitat's Room for Rent business specializes in finding roommates for available rooms in New York. Rooms are available from 1 month to 1 year and even longer. At any given time, there are several hundred rooms available to rent.

In the 2010 1st half Room for Rent report, New York Habitat will look at the condition of the market at the present time, compare it to the past 2 years and look to the future to try and predict what might be on the horizon in the apartment share market. Through our analysis, you will get a better picture of the current market conditions in New York's roommate market.