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Luberon, Provence, South of France Luberon, Provence, South of France

The Luberon region of Provence, the subject of much of Peter Mayle’s writings, is the ideal vacation destination to get away from it all.  From the famous winter wind, called ‘Le Mistral’, to the joys of a summer evening spent sipping ‘pastis’ on the terrace, Mayle chronicles his time in the Luberon in the books A Year in Provence, Toujours Provence, and Encore Provence.  (He even incorporates the larger Provence region in his numerous fictional works.)  A wonderful and humorous combination of memoir and travel diary, readers cannot help being charmed by the region themselves.  Luckily, you don’t have to spend a whole year here to appreciate all it has to offer.  And when you do visit, New York Habitat has a variety of vacation rentals in Provence from which to choose.

The Luberon region offers lots of interesting attractions. Found in the middle of Provence, it is settled among three mountain ranges, and made up of many small and large villages.  Life is lived at a much slower pace here, where days are spent hiking in the hills, or just relaxing outdoors and enjoying the views. You can spend every day browsing the different outdoor markets, but be sure to reserve Saturday for the largest one in Apt, Provence. Read the entire story here…»


As described in A Writer’s Retreat in the South of France, the South of France can be a very relaxing and comfortable environment for a vacation. Renting a quiet villa can be more rewarding than occupying a small and impersonal hotel room. New York Habitat has a stunning and scenic accommodation in a Five-Bedroom Villa in Provence, Luberon (PR-766).

Today, New York Habitat highlights this great find and the charming region of Gordes.

Beautiful, Five-Bedroom Stone Villa:

5 Bedroom Rental in Provence Luberon living roomThis enchanting villa is fully furnished, pleasantly private, can accommodate up to 12 people, and is located in one of the most enchanting villages of southern France.

The spacious villa was originally an old stone farm house. However, the reconstruction of the property has transformed it into a lovely five bedroom, four and a half bathroom property in the heart of Luberon. The Luberon Region is renowned for its picturesque beauty and many historic activities.

The home manages to balance its modern style of décor with the traditional style of Gordes architecture.

Outside of the living room windows is a shaded terrace with comfortable sofas and pillows. A very private setting heightens the sense of comfort around the pool area and garden. Read the entire story here…»