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East Village

Image of rooftop terrace with table, chairs and plants at NY-11476 Take in the bird’s eye view over the East Village from this rooftop terrace

Millennials are discovering that apartment shares are an economical way to tackle the high cost of living in New York City. Share an apartment with a roommate (or a couple of roommates) and you can split the cost of housing and utilities, which will be easier on your wallet!

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Image of East Village street with apartments, fire escapes and storefronts Funky shops, brownstones and small, unique apartment buildings are classic East Village

This week’s neighborhood focus is on the East Village section of Manhattan. The East Village has been the home of every kind of individual imaginable: young, old, beatniks, punk rockers, hippies, and even today’s yuppies. No matter what you do or where you come from, the East Village will open its doors to you.

The artistic essence that was intrinsic to the area when artists like Iggy Pop and Jean-Michel Basquiat took over is still palpable today, even as the neighborhood has become a friendlier, touristy area. Everywhere you go, art is present. Just a stroll down the street can reveal a number of murals painted by locals.

Many of the buildings found in the East Village, particularly within Alphabet City, are tenement apartments that once housed the many immigrant communities that first called the East Village home. These buildings are easily recognizable by their flat brick façade, accentuated by rows of windows. Although at one point considered low-income housing, today these buildings are prime real estate due to their location and because of their uniquely New York architectural style.


Infographic of room vs apartment prices in the East Village See how room vs apartment prices measure up in the East Village

At New York Habitat we offer a range of furnished housing options, including full private apartments and rooms for rent in shared apartments all over New York City. So how do you start your housing search? Read on…

Knowing which areas of New York City are within your rent budget is an important step in finding an apartment that fits your needs. Apartment shares are popular among the millennial crowd because they allow you to share the costs of NYC apartment living. Plus, you get to live with other people, which can make life less lonely in a new city, and you can test out a neighborhood and an apartment to see how you like it before making a long-term housing decision. For a little help deciding what aspects of an apartment or neighborhood would match your lifestyle, check out our blog on the topic to get started!

Financial requirements for typical New York apartment leases usually involve proof that you make 40 times the monthly rent. That can be a huge hurdle for many people when apartment hunting, especially new graduates and those just starting out at a new job. Sharing an apartment lessens this burden, as you just have to show you can afford the room’s rent, which is substantially lower than a full apartment. You also get to live with some cool people, many of which are locals and can give you tips and advice on living in the area, including insider information on all the best places to go! So how exactly will living in the East Village affect your wallet? The following infographic will break it down for you:

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View of rooftops in Manhattan’s East Village East Village rooftops in Manhattan. Photo by John Weiss.

Mix up trendy cafes with grungy bars, busy New York streets with peaceful community gardens, add a touch of bohemian spirit and you’ll find yourself in Manhattan’s East Village! The East Village is set among many of Manhattan’s most famous neighborhoods, and as such it provides the perfect base to explore Manhattan from. When you decide to stay in the East Village during a visit to Manhattan, you’ll never want for things to see or do: the neighborhood offers some of the best in dining, shopping & nightlife!

Welcome to Manhattan’s East Village

The East Village is set among some of the nicest neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan. It’s bordered by 14th Street and Gramercy to the north, 4th Avenue and Greenwich Village to the west, East Houston Street and the Lower East Side to the south, and the East River to the east. Formerly home to many immigrants, the East Village developed a new identity after the Beatniks moved into the neighborhood in the 1950s. Artists, musicians and hippies followed soon after, and the East Village became the birthplace of artistic movements such as punk rock. Famous bands such as the Ramones performed for the first time at the legendary East Village nightclub CBGB, and artists such as Andy Warhol displayed art installations in the neighborhood. Towards the end of the 20th century the musical Rent portrayed the life of struggling artists in the bohemian East Village. Read the entire story here…»


Planning on heading to New York in the New Year to study, for work or just for some fun? The East Village is a great location to indulge in some of New York’s greatest bars, restaurants and clubs. But, rather than spending all of your money at all of these places why not search out some great happy hours and deals so that you can save some bucks to shop and visit all of the sites that the East Village has to offer.

New York's East Village New York's East Village

Daily Deals:

If you’re not familiar with daily deal sites, they have become quite the craze in New York; offering deals on a daily basis in many of New York’s neighborhoods. They are a great way to find offers of 50% or more off of dining options. If you’re willing to try something new or different this is a great way to get a deal, but you have to be flexible because there is usually only one offer per day. Checkout:

Living Social Downtown Manhattan:  Living Social offers a list of deals which are tailored to people living or staying in downtown Manhattan which includes the East Village as well as Greenwich Village and the Financial District. You might need to check back several times to find the perfect deal, but you can start to search before your trip as most offers are good for a few months after purchase. Read the entire story here…»


New York Skyline St. Patrick's Theme New York Skyline St. Patrick's Theme

All New Yorkers become honorary Irish Americans on St. Patrick’s Day, and there isn’t a more beloved New York City tradition than the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Held on March 17, the parade dates back to 1764 and currently hosts more than 150,000 marchers whose ranks include bagpipe players, high school marching bands, and other musicians (many of them men in kilts)—all playing in front of the approximately 2 million spectators who line both sides of 5th Avenue. (In addition to its history, another notable aspect of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is that it doesn’t allow floats or cars, thus making it one of the last genuine “marchers’ parades” in New York City.)

Led by the “Fighting 69th,” the historically Irish-American infantry unit, and their Irish Wolfhound mascot, this year’s parade (the 250th, for anyone counting) will begin at 11:00 am at Fifth Avenue and 44th Street and proceed north past St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 50th Street before culminating at 86th Street, in the Upper East Side, just past the Metropolitan Museum of Art, sometime after 4:00 pm. Read the entire story here…»


Hello, I’m David Hill from New York Habitat. Welcome for a new episode of our video series dedicated to make you discover Broadway, one of New York City’s most famous avenues. In the last episode of our “All Along Broadway” Video Tour, we stopped at Union Square; today, we will be heading to the intersection of Broadway and 21st Street, starting point for the 2010 New York Dance Parade!

The New York City Dance Parade is an annual parade that has taken place in the month of May every year since 2007. The parade is used to promote the art of all forms of dance and to further educate and create an understanding of dances and their origins.  This video will show you a few of the sights and sounds from this year’s event.

Video Tour of the New York Dance Parade 2010 – All Along Broadway (4:28)

Starting on Broadway at 21st Street, the parade will move south along Broadway into Union Square West and University Place. The parade route turns east onto 8th Street and continues onward on Astor Place and Saint Mark’s Place before culminating in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village, where many of the dance styles and techniques are put on display in performances on the stage in the park. Read the entire story here…»


This week we share with you a video of another New York neighborhood, the East Village, which brims with history and intrigue. To understand this neighborhood, you must first look west to Greenwich Village and West Village.  Greenwich Village was once the epicenter of artists, musicians, poets, beatniks and hippies.  In the 60s and 70s, many of its residents started migrating directly east and the East Village was born.

The East Village roughly runs south from East 14th Street to East Houston Street. Avenue D forms its eastern boundary and Fourth Avenue forms its western boundary.

Click above to watch this video: East Village Video Tour (6:42)

Within these boundaries, you’ll find a bevy of bars, clubs, cafes, shops, and restaurants.  The best way to experience this lively neighborhood is to live in it.  So instead of staying in a boring hotel room, rent a fully furnished apartment right here in the East Village from New York Habitat.  Vacation rentals are the perfect way to live like a true East Villager. Read the entire story here…»


New York Accommodation: Studio apartment in the East Village (NY-4062) New York Accommodation: Studio apartment in the East Village (NY-4062)

The East Village has always been the place to scope out New York City and its ever-changing hip scene as the destination for all creatively tormented souls. Home to the city’s most unique hotspots, there are numerous of cafes, nightclubs and bars within the neighborhood. Not just a nocturnal hangout for the young and energetic, the East Village has plenty to offer during the daylight hours with its art galleries, thrift stores and specialty shops.

The East Village starts at 14th street and stretches down to Houston Street, the beginning of the Lower East Side, while it also encompasses everything in between Bowery and Third Avenue to Avenue D. As the home to many artists, painters, poets, writers and musicians, the East Village has a distinctly unique and eclectic atmosphere. With New York University and the New School campuses located nearby, many college students and young adults inhabit the area. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of a New York Apartment New York Accommodation, Studio in East Village (NY-11967)

As the epicenter for America’s greatest and most prevalent social movements, Manhattan’s East Village remains a vibrant hub that serves as an inspiration for and facilitator of cultural outpourings. Possibly one of the most famed neighborhoods in New York City, the East Village is bound by 14th Street to the north, Avenue D to the east, Houston Street to the south and Third Avenue to the west.

Staying in an East Village apartment puts Manhattan’s best shopping spots right outside the door! Enhancing the already rich atmosphere , the East Village is home to some of the most unique and diverse clothing boutiques, thrift stores and antique shops in the city. Ethnically diverse restaurants are prominent in the area, plus there are plenty of nightclubs and hotspots. The East Village is considered one of the biggest contributors to American arts and with plenty of theaters, rock clubs and cafes, it is easy to find undiscovered talents. For relaxing and unwinding, Washington Square Park and Tompkins Square Park are pleasant retreats to escape the bustling city. Read the entire story here…»