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London Travel Videos

Once known as “Lambehitha,” or “landing place for lambs,” the Lambeth district is located in central London. From its early Viking days as a lamb trading port, this region has since developed into one of the most iconic areas in London and the world. Although initially a marsh, Lambeth is now home to everything from the London Eye to Waterloo. It is presently one of the most visited areas of London, along with the popular West End, and is a great place to visit for any intrepid traveler.

Westminster Bridge at sunset with the Big Ben The Westminster Bridge connects two of London’s major neighborhoods: Lambeth and the City of Westminster.

The district of Lambeth is located along the south bank of the River Thames, opposite Westminster. (In fact, the two were linked by a horse ferry across the Thames until the opening of Westminster Bridge in 1750, followed by Blackfriars Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge.) It’s a great place in which to look for an apartment with a view of the Thames or just go for a walk along the river. Within the context of London Lambeth is centrally located with a wealth of culture all its own. Read the entire story here…»


Welcome to one of London’s best-kept secrets – the East End! In this video tour we’ll show you a glimpse of all that this thriving neighborhood has to offer, including a bit of the history, culture, and of course the local hot spots. Starting as a series of villages outside of the City of London, local docks brought high demand for workers and with them the seed of urban development. This has blossomed in the last few decades, making London’s East End and the greater neighborhood of Hackney a haven for art and culture.

Canal in the East End Take a walk along one of the East End’s many canals

The East End can be found (understandably) in the eastern section of London. It’s bordered by Bishopsgate to the west, the River Thames in the south, the River Lea in the east, and Regent’s Canal in the north. This article will discuss the places mentioned in the video, including Shoreditch, Hockston, and Spitalfields. Not sure how your London street smarts compare? Our tips and etiquette guide for visitors might help you out. Read the entire story here…»


In our previous London video tour, we explored the historic area of Westminster. In this video tour, we’ll show you around the thriving district of Southwark on the south bank of the River Thames in London. Southwark is a wonderful combination of the old and the new: featuring ancient wharfs and warehouses, but also wonderful new buildings such as the skyscraper The Shard.

Southwark is roughly bordered by Tower Bridge and Tower Bridge Road in the east, Elephant & Castle in the south, Blackfriars Bridge and Blackfriars Road in the west, and the banks of the River Thames in the north. In this article we’ll tell you a little more about the places that are mentioned in the video tour, such as Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, Borough Market, The Shard and more!

Welcome to Bankside

View of the London area of Southwark and The Shard The neighborhood Southwark in London and its new skyscraper The Shard

The video tour kicks off in Bankside, which is a wonderful place to start your exploration of Southwark. Bankside is easily reached by taking the London Underground to either Southwark Station or London Bridge Station. Both stations offer just a short walk to Bankside on the southern bank of the River Thames. In Tudor times, the area was known for its many theaters, such as the Rose, the Swan and the famous Globe Theatre, which was the theater of William Shakespeare’s theater company the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Read the entire story here…»


In our previous London video tour, we explored the modern City of London. In this tour, we’ll take you across the historic area of Westminster. Westminster is the political center of London. This is made apparent by the fact that Westminster houses the seat of the government, The Houses of Parliament, as well as the residence of the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace.

As you can see on the map Westminster can be seen as one big square stretching roughly from Mayfair and Trafalgar Square in the north to Knightsbridge in the west, and to the River Thames in the east and south. In this article we’ll expand on our video tour and take you to some famous London landmarks such as the Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and more! Read the entire story here…»


In our previous London video tour, we gave you a tour of the thriving districts Kensington & Chelsea in London. In this video tour, we’ll explore the City of London, where the historic old and the innovative new make for one very interesting district of London.

Picture of the financial district of the City of London taken from the Thames View of the City of London’s financial district from the Thames

The City of London refers to the location of the old Roman city of London, as well as to the key Financial District of London. The City, as it is commonly known, stretches roughly from Chancery Lane in the west to the Tower of London in the east, and from Charterhouse Street in the north to the River Thames in the south. Read the entire story here…»


Video Tour of Kensington and Chelsea in London (6:02)

In our previous London video tour, we explored London’s bustling West End. In this video tour, we’ll head out to Kensington and Chelsea: two thriving districts in London with great shopping and culture. Together, the districts of Kensington and Chelsea make up the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, which is the most densely populated borough in the UK and one of the wealthiest. The borough stretches approximately from Harrow Road in the north of London to the banks of the Thames in the south, and from Finborough road in the west to Hyde Park in the east.

In this article, we’ll expand on our video tour of Kensington and Chelsea, where we show you the best shopping spots in the area, as well as museums such as the Natural History Museum and parks such as the Kensington Gardens! Read the entire story here…»


London’s bustling West End district is the center of entertainment, theater and shopping. Stretching roughly from Euston Road in the north to the banks of the River Thames in the south, and from Hyde Park in the west to Charing Cross in the east, the West End includes shopper’s paradise Oxford Street, Soho, Covent Garden, Chinatown, and arguably the three most famous squares in London: Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square.

Here is our video tour of the West End district in London, where we take you across the West End to show the must-see spots in the area. Read the entire story here…»