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London Museum of Natural History Dinosaur hall London Museum of Natural History Dinosaur hall

This is great news if you are a kid, dinosaur fan or a T-Rex! Opening April 22 and running through September 4th in London, the Natural History Museum’s big exhibit is The Age of Dinosaurs. The exhibit tries to recreate what the world looked like 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs ruled the earth. By making elaborate background and animatronic dinosaurs, you’ll feel like you are actually walking among the dinosaurs during their own time.

The Natural History Museum has a long history with dinosaurs. In fact, its first director, paleontologist Richard Owen, coined the term ‘dinosaurs.’ In the main hall is a 105-foot long diplodocus, known affectionately as ‘Dippy,’ which debuted in 1905 to huge crowds. The dinosaur hall is the most popular attraction at the museum, drawing young and old to see skeletons of Triceratops, Albertosaurus, Stegosaurus and many other dinosaurs.

The Museum of Natural History, located in the neighborhood of Knightsbridge in London, was finished in 1880 and the building itself is an architectural marvel. With a huge collection, its well worth a visit for a day or two. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of The Victoria and Albert Museum Photo of The Victoria and Albert Museum

With over 4.5 million permanent objects, The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is the worlds largest museum of decorative arts and design. Within the 145 galleries that the museum encompasses there are works of art in every median, representing 5,000 years of history. Spend a day at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and enjoy all that it has to offer, including its neighborhood: Knightsbridge.

Knightsbridge has plenty of lovely flats for rent if you’re looking to stay there during your trip. For instance, this studio apartment in Earl’s Court, Kensington- Chelsea (LN-543) is in a residential neighborhood with easy access to many London Museums including The Victoria and Albert Museum.


Squirrel in Hyde Park, London photo Squirrel in Hyde Park, London photo

With the weather warming up again, London parks prove to be absolutely irresistible. Of course, in the capital city, there is no shortage of green spaces in which to greet the springtime sun. The question is how to navigate them all. Over the next few weeks, in celebration of spring, we’ll be bringing you some of the best places in the city to get outdoors—and, with our New York Habitat vacation rentals in London, some of the best places to come back home to!

One of the most stunning, centrally located places in London is Hyde Park, and visitors can spend a full day without ever leaving its leafy confines. Heading in from Kensington Road, on the southwest, there’s Kensington Palace, which was once home to Princess Diana. Not far from there is the Orangery, serving afternoon tea in its sunroom. If you continue north through the park to Bayswater Road, you’ll find a free fresh air art fair on Sundays (all works are for sale). Read the entire story here…»