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New York Apartment Renting Tips

Image of the Metropolitan Museum’s roof by Central Park One of the city’s most famous roofs, the Met offers stunning views of Central Park. (Photo Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Hyla Skopitz)

More than any other city, New York is oriented vertically, with shining glass canyons and sweeping bridges dotting the skyline. There’s no better place to enjoy the unique vistas that NYC offers than on one of the city’s many rooftops, whether above a furnished apartment, a cultural icon, or a nightlife hotspot.

See the city from above with our guide to some of the best rooftops in town. You can take in all that the city has to offer! Read the entire story here…»


Image of still from West Side Story with Marie and Tony on a fire escape One of the most memorable NYC fire escape appearances was in West Side Story.

In the movie West Side Story – a riff on Romeo and Juliet set in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of New York’s Upper West Side in the 1950s – the star-crossed lovers court each other not from a balcony, but on a New York fire escape. How often these ubiquitous metal structures are climbed for a late-night rendezvous is anyone’s guess, but inventive New Yorkers have put them to countless uses since the Tenement House Act first required them in 1867. (An amendment to the law in 1887 mandated indoor toilets…Progress!) In that distant time before air conditioning, fire escapes could be a welcome, if sometimes dangerous, place to sleep outside. Or perhaps that’s where you kept your ice box – or just about anything. These days, fire escapes remain a popular place for residents without a backyard to barbecue on small grills or sit down with a good book while getting a summer tan. Others transform them into colorful potted gardens filled with flowers and herbs. Most uses, like barbecues and gardens are actually considered illegal. With so many possible adaptations it’s easy to take them for granted and forget their original purpose – a way to escape a fire!

Big fires may be rare in this well-regulated city of millions, but as a new tenant in a New York building with an outdoor fire escape, there is some important basic information you’ll want to know: Read the entire story here…»


Picture of the Manhattan skyline New York City Skyline

Close your eyes and imagine you are waking up from a long, restful sleep in New York City. Not just in any borough, but in a central neighborhood of Manhattan itself. You rub your eyes and stand up, stretching to prepare for another exciting adventure in the Big Apple. When you look through your window, you see an amazing scene in front of you: perhaps it is of the famous towering skyscrapers of Midtown, the iconic Statue of Liberty and the glistening harbor surrounding it or even the Empire State Building! Open your eyes. This is a dream that can come true! There are all types of apartment options available in NYC that offer inspiring views of the city. This assures you the best experience possible – and the best photo ops!

We’d love to help you find the perfect accommodation with our long list of New York City apartments. Take a short break from the stress of daily life with our short-term vacation rentals, or get the full taste of the Big Apple by renting a furnished apartment! With a destination as exciting as Manhattan it’s important to ensure comfort and happiness by choosing the right home. What is more “right” than waking up to a bird’s eye view of famous high-rises, rivers and parks?

Studio Vacation Rental in Midtown West, Manhattan

of a studio with king bed in Midtown West Studio apartment in Midtown West, Manhattan

Live in the center of the city with this studio vacation rental in Midtown West, Manhattan! Located on broadway, a busy street filled with shops, restaurants and theaters, this charming home boasts floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows. From the spacious king-sized bed, tenants will awake to the picturesque view of Central Park and towering midtown buildings. Don’t worry about too much sunshine. The midday sun is sure to illuminate the apartment, while long blue curtains offer coverage and privacy for when you want a more restful atmosphere. The apartment sits in a luxury elevator building with 24-hour doorman, allowing tenants more perks than the usual traveler. A shared laundry facility, fitness center, bar with outdoor terrace and a café bistro are provided in the same building for your convenience. Personal amenities in the studio include a flat-screen cable television, desk with chair and a fully-equipped open kitchen featuring black tiled floors, cabinetry and a dishwasher. There are a wealth of must-see attractions within walking distance, including Rockefeller Center, the Museum of Modern Art and the always-bustling streets of Times Square. Don’t get overwhelmed by the high energy of Times Square. Instead, read our tips on how to make the most of your time at the Crossroads of the World! Read the entire story here…»


Typical Brownstones in Manhattan, New York. A very popular type of vacation rentals amongst international travelers Typical Brownstones in Manhattan, New York City. These are very popular type of vacation rentals amongst international travelers

May 1st 2012. Exactly one year ago a state law took effect in New York City and changed the face of the vacation rental market. Commonly referred to as “the short-term rental ban”, this law prohibits owners from renting out most apartments for less than 30 days. As a result, at New York Habitat we have had to redesign our entire business model, to ensure all vacation rentals we list on our website are compliant with the state law.

Trying to regulate short-term rentals is not a new phenomenon. It has become an international matter as different cities around the world try to maintain a balance between on the one side a rise in tourism coupled with demands for finding alternative types of lodging (to get to live like a local), and on the other side concerned inhabitants who want to maintain residential neighborhoods. Government agencies worldwide have come up with various solutions to this issue. Here in the Empire State, the State of New York introduced the vacation rental ban which aimed at dealing with this matter. A year later, it is time to look at the impact the law has had so far in New York City. Read the entire story here…»


New York Habitat was featured in an episode of the Great Outdoors travel show from Australia.  The Great Outdoors, features travel tips and suggestions like the New York Habitat Blog. The video expands on the advantages of renting a vacation rental apartment on your next trip to New York. New York Habitat is one of the top suppliers of vacation rentals in New York and has been offering properties for over 20 years.

You can view the episode of the Great Outdoors here.

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The Great Outdoors featuring New York Habitat (4:32)

The video shows one of the many vacation rentals that New York Habitat offers in New York and gives some reasons to rent a vacation rental rather than a hotel room including:

• “It’s a great way of blending in with the locals and getting to know the area.”
• “…you don’t have to worry about buying three meals a day, because all the necessary amenities are provided in the flat.” Read the entire story here…»


In  today’s New York Habitat Apartment Rental Tips Video  we will be looking at reasons why you should skip the hotel and book a vacation rental for your next trip to New York.

With over 9.5 million international visitors per year, New York is a city filled with tourists and finding an accommodation can be a challenge.  Hotels rooms are expensive and traveling as a family or a group can be challenging if you’d all like to sleep under the same roof. With 100’s of vacation rental apartments in New York, New York Habitat is a perfect solution to all of these problems.

Click above to watch this video: Why book a vacation rental in New York from New York Habitat (5:30)

Vacation Rentals are furnished apartments that are rented from 2 days to under 1 month.   We’ve even got some vacation rentals that can be rented for one-night stays.  You’ll find a full calendar of availabilities for each of our vacation rentals on our website.

New York Habitat has also longer-term furnished apartments in New York and rooms in shared homes, but today we will speak about vacation rentals. Read the entire story here…»


Welcome to another New York Habitat Apartment Renting Tips Video, where we answer frequently asked questions from our clients. Today’s question: “Can I rent an apartment without visiting it first?” The answer to that is “Yes!”

Click above to watch this video: Can I rent an apartment without seeing it first? (4:20)

Using our website you will be able to rent an apartment without visiting it first.  Here are the tools we make available to you:

• Photos: 20-80 photographs of each apartment including a shot from every angle of every room.
• Description: A written account of apartment, neighborhood and public transit Read the entire story here…»


Over the years many customers have asked about the best deals and New York Habitat has responded with the all new Travel Deals page for New York Vacation Rentals. At this site you can find the latest sales, travel special and discounts for apartments in New York.

New York Travel Deals New York Travel Deals

Currently we are offering two promotions:

• New York Twitter Vacation Rental Specials: This promotion offers 2.5% off the price of select vacation rentals in New York. You can find all of the offers on our Twitter micro blog or on the New York Travel Deals Page
• Winter New York Travel Deal: With the travel market slowing down in the winter, many owners are looking to rent their apartments at special discounted rates. If you are looking for a great deal to come to New York consider a vacation between January 4th and March 26th. Some owners have discounted rates as much as 50%.

Remember to check out the New York Travel Deals page for the latest travel specials and if you are interested in an apartment in New York complete an apartment request form or call us at +1 (212) 255-8018 to speak to one of our agents. We will find the best travel deal for you whenever you want to come to New York.


Experienced rental agent Marijn finds that one of the most important recommendations that he can offer clients is to keep an open mind in their apartment search.

Looking in other neighborhoods can offer better values
and more space with similar commuting times.

Brooklyn Bridge: New York Brooklyn Bridge: New York

Not only are there great apartments in the popular neighborhoods in Manhattan, but there are various interesting offerings in Brooklyn and Queens. Since 2004, Marijn has worked at New York Habitat in the Furnished Rental department and often finds that clients are interested in accommodations in Brooklyn and furnished apartment rentals in Queens in neighborhoods like Park Slope Brooklyn, Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Brooklyn and Astoria Queens. The apartment rentals in these neighborhoods represent good value and offer easy subway access to Manhattan. Each of the neighborhoods has a unique feel and offers different attractions. Read the entire story here…»