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London Apartment Market

Image of multiple red London telephone booths lining a street Discover London while staying at a unique property. Photo credit: Mike Dixon

We all love London for its hip energy, its forward-thinking music and fashion, and its wealth of history and culture. It’s no wonder this city is always bustling with arrivals from all over the world! If you’re considering heading to London for business, academics or leisure you’ll want to find the perfect home base to settle into. We’ve selected some of our favorite London properties that showcase the diversity of style and local tastes that make this city so unique — from classic, historical charm to peaceful outdoor oases and mod apartments with skyline views. So let’s jump right in and pop by the first of our most desirable properties in London…

Modern & Trendy with Skyline Views of London in Southwark

Image of black leather couches looking out over London’s skyline through a wall of windows See London from above in this modern apartment in the sky

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Image of Tower Bridge, backed by skyscrapers including the Gherkin London’s landmarks combine historic architecture and modern design.

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York gets the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building – in London, you’ll find even more landmarks, from Tower Bridge and Big Ben to the Gherkin and the Shard. Like any global city, London sets itself apart with iconic buildings that recall its history and show its innovative nature. Traveling to London, it can be tough to check off all the sights on your list. Start by renting an apartment near a London landmark and you’ll be that much closer to all the sites to be seen Read the entire story here…»


Image of a London university campus with a green lawn Imagine yourself living in a lovely London flat near your University!

If you’re lucky enough attend a university in London and experience the art and culture of the city, you’ll need to cross one thing off your to-do list before the semester starts: housing. As a student in a city this expensive, it will be crucial to find the best discounts and free things in London—a great reason to stay in a furnished flat near your university. You’ll want somewhere you can study and do as you please or maybe even live with fellow students who share your desire to thrive in London! Read the entire story here…»


Image of a Tower Bridge in London over the River Thames Stay near Tower Bridge and do as the Londoners do!

Few landmarks are as iconic as London’s Tower Bridge. Not to be confused with London Bridge, this monument over the River Thames is truly representative of the city itself—steeped in history, majesty, and visually unparalleled. If you’re planning a stay in London, there’s no better area than that around Tower Bridge, no matter what side of the Thames you find yourself on. Get a taste of the culture and entertainment surrounding this area and have a quintessentially London experience!

1. Things to Do Around Tower Bridge

It’s impossible to explore London without being entirely awed by Tower Bridge. Famous for its castle-like peaks and blue detailing as well as its rich, 120-year history, this bridge literally towers over the city. Today, you can actually cross the elevated walkways on the bridge to get spectacular London views through the glass floor. You can watch the sunset from the bridge and make it a romantic outing, or check out the souvenir shop for gifts. Every so often, the bridge opens to let a ship pass through, an engineering marvel that even locals stop to admire! Read the entire story here…»


Image of Champagne Toast to the start of a lovely romantic getaway to this charming city of London.

London is a city with a population comparable to New York City; however it covers an area twice the size! This means that your romantic getaway to London will require a lengthy stay; therefore a comfortable accommodation is necessary. We have made a list of the best furnished apartments for your romantic stay in this beautiful city of London.

One Bedroom Rental in Bloomsbury

Image of LN-1433 The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the space.

This one bedroom apartment in Bloomsbury has everything you could need for a romantic stay in London! The contemporary décor highlights the many desirable features of this apartment including hardwood flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows. If you plan to make romantic dinners for two, this modern kitchen has everything needed, including a fridge, oven and dishwasher, to spice up your cuisine and night! Cozy up to your significant other in the bedroom, which features an elegant full sized bed or stargaze on your own private balcony. Bloomsbury is known for the many gardens throughout the neighborhood as well as many artistic retreats including galleries and museums. Before venturing into this neighborhood, check out our tips for navigating this neighborhood and everything it has to offer! Read the entire story here…»


Picture of the view from the Thames River. View from the River Thames in London.

From the skyscrapers of New York City to the parks of Paris, to the waters of London and the mountains of the South of France, New York Habitat offers a variety of sublet and vacation rental apartments boasting inspirational views of natural landscapes and city scenes. These charming homes in picturesque locations ensure relaxing, one-of-a-kind experiences in some of the most beautiful areas of the world!

In this article we invite you to tour our London apartments, featuring unique scenes of the famous River Thames. Flowing through the southern part of England, this body of water is the second longest river in all of the United Kingdom and the longest in England at approximately 346km (215 mi). Over one hundred species of fish have been recorded swimming in its flowing waters over the past thirty years, many of these in the London area – giving visitors a chance to spot the array of wildlife from their very own balconies or windows! The following list is a series of six homes showcasing an ideal setting above the River Thames. Read the entire story here…»


Olympic Rings at St Pancras Station Olympic Rings at St Pancras Station

As the build-up to London 2012 Olympic Games continues and with less than one year to go, people are seriously starting to look for somewhere to stay. With the increased demand and the limited availability the prices for apartments to stay in London are increasing and the average accommodation price is likely to reach new levels. We have seen big price increases in hotel accommodation as block bookings for organizers, hospitality, and VIPs have accounted for 60% of London hotel rooms already. In the apartment rental sector the demand is equally high and we are looking for owners to advertise their property if they are not going to be in London for the Olympics. The potential for extra income is huge! Read the entire story here…»


2010 London Vacation Rental Market Report 2010 London Vacation Rental Market Report

New York Habitat recently concluded its latest study of the London Vacation Rental Market focusing on apartment rentals in London in 2010.  The comprehensive survey of rentals in 2010 looks at activity in the 2nd half of 2010 as well as during the full year. The data was compared with info from 2008 and 2009 for comparison purposes.

The London Vacation Rental Market reports are available on the London Vacation rental market report website, which includes all of the reports including the 2010 London Vacation Rental Report which can be accessed directly at the link before.

Taking a quick look at the findings of the report and we will conclude that the London Vacation Rental market is quite stable. Both prices and the number of rentals remain nearly constant. Some of the factors influencing the market include:

•A weaker British Pound compared to past years which makes traveling to London less expensive

•A more stable pound which helps visitors feel more confident about making a  trip to London

•A recovering world economy which has increased travel demand

•A wide selection of apartments in London which includes plenty of larger apartments popular with families. Read the entire story here…»


2009 London Vacation Rental Market Report 2009 London Vacation Rental Market Report

The 2009 2nd half and Full Year London Vacation Rental Market Report is now available on the London Furnished Apartment Market Report website. The report covers the latest information about London vacation rentals including information about the 2nd half and full year 2009. Data from 2007 and 2008 is provided for comparison.

The 2009 London Vacation Rental Market Report finds that New York Habitat is still growing its business in London despite the down economy in 2009. Overall the number of apartment bookings grew by 40%. Furthermore, the average apartment rental price also climbed in 2009. For find out about all of the causes for these gains, read the London Vacation Rental Market Report.

Some of the major factors affecting the London market in 2009 included:

•    A declining value of the British Pound, making London a more attractive destination for Americans and people in the countries using the euro
•    An increased inventory of apartments in London, making it easier to find the perfect match for our customers
•    The global recession which made clients more cost conscious Read the entire story here…»


London Vacation Rental Report 1st half 2009 London Vacation Rental Report 1st half 2009

The 1st half 2009 London Vacation Rental Market Report contains all of the most up-to date information about the London Vacation Rental Accommodation market. With 2009 being a difficult year for the travel industry the findings in this report include the details necessary to make informed decisions in the London real estate market.

This report contains information about the 1st half of 2009 and for comparison purposes it has data from the 1st half of 2007 and 2008 as well. Some of the key figures contained in the report include:

  • Percent of rentals by neighborhood
  • Range of prices by apartment type
  • Percent of apartments rented by type
  • Average, median and mode apartment prices
  • And more

Some of the main conclusions in the report include:

  • Despite a weak economy which has hurt the travel industry, New York Habitat’s business in the London Vacation Rental market has remained strong and continued to grow.
  • Large rentals (2-bedrooms and larger) remain  popular products in London
  • London has regaining popularity with American tourists as the British Pound fells compared to the U.S. Dollar. Read the entire story here…»