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Montpellier Region

A photo of the Place de la Comédie in Montpellier Place de la Comédie in Montpellier is the city’s most emblematic square

Montpellier in the South of France offers an exhilarating combination of the old and the new. The city is located just a mere 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) from the Mediterranean Sea, and has a lovely mild climate. Montpellier is a great base to make day trips across the region, but the city itself also has some amazing attractions to keep you occupied for days.

Montpellier has a city center filled with cozy small cobblestoned streets and sun-filled squares, while it also features sprawling parks. The city houses one of the oldest universities in Europe, and almost a fourth of the city’s 250 thousand inhabitants are students. This great presence of young people also explains the fantastic selection of shops and cafes present in the city, and of course the bustling nightlife! Read the entire story here…»


Tour de France Logo Tour de France Logo

The country of France owes its prestige abroad to a wide range of images and traditions, from historic landmarks and sexy movie stars to unique scenery and multi-faceted cuisine, but for athletic-minded people, nothing spells summer in France like the internationally famous Tour de France. After some inconspicuous debut in 1903, watching the tour quickly became a favorite past-time for all French generations combined during the month of July. As time went by, the beloved national bicycle race eventually turned into a world-class sporting event steadily drawing a large following all around the world.

This year again, the Tour will take its participants and their supporters through some of the most stunning landscapes of the country. And you too can enjoy the natural beauty of the Alps or the South while catching a glimpse of some of the most popular names in the world of sports. Whether you prefer the quiet majesty of the mountains or the exuberant sunshine of the coastal area, there is no lack of tranquility or excitement. Read the entire story here…»


Historic Streets of Montpellier, France Historic Streets of Montpellier, France

The long-time capital of Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier has steadily maintained its well-deserved reputation of one of France’s youngest and most multi-national cities.

The only major town in the region founded after the Ancient Times, Montpellier has never lost its lust for growth since its medieval beginnings.  Accordingly, it has forever attracted youngsters and foreigners thanks to its prestigious schools, global-minded companies and cultural vitality.  Add to that an ideal location between the Alps and the Pyrénées bathed by an unbeatable Mediterranean climate and you have an all-around winner.

One of Montpellier’s most compelling jewels, these days, the Agropolis museum presents an exhibit that promises to enlighten its audience about “The Mediterranean: world of spices, garden of aromas” (Méditerranée : terre d’épices, jardin d’arômes).  Prized for their medicinal and savory virtues, spices have always been a never-ending source of wonders, and you’ll be able to learn all about them with not only fun reproductions of ancient exotic homes and gardens, but also through seminars, workshops and activities for the kids. Read the entire story here…»


Montpillier South of France Montpillier South of France

Summer not only means vacations at the beach; it’s also a great time for music festivals, both indoors and out.  Many larger cities in the South of France offer events in the summer such as festivals, highlighting just about every musical genre. In the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at some of the best and letting you know what vacation rentals New York Habitat has to offer in the South of France.  This week, we’ll explore Le Festival de Radio France et Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon, a two week festival featuring classical music and opera.

Beginning on July 14th, and continuing on through the end of the month, this festival a must for classical music lovers.  Nightly events include recitals, choral concerts, and operas, both staged and in concert format.  There are also numerous free events going on throughout the festival, including recitals by young musicians, films, and even some jazz and electronic music.  Many of these events are held in the city’s historic courtyards.  There are also two museum exhibits to see: one featuring Stradivarius violins and violas, and a retrospective of the work of 19th century artist Gustave Courbet, which was just recently housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Read the entire story here…»


Montpellier, France (Provence) Montpellier, France (Provence)

In the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon region, among all the South of France events is Montpellier, a dynamic city known for its intellectual life centered around the University, one of the oldest in the country. Though a far cry from the pastoral Provencal villages nearby, Montpellier is worth seeing for its own more cosmopolitan attractions.

The city boasts diverse examples of architecture representing a tour through history:  the 12th century Mikvé is one of the oldest Jewish baths in Europe; a 13th century Benedictine monastery became the Faculty of Medicine in 1289, Europe’s oldest medical school. From the 14th century, Saint Pierre Cathedral still stands as the only church to have survived the religious wars. And at the heart of historic Montpellier are over 70 private mansions, examples of classic 17th and 18th century architecture, which are open to visitors.  Surrounding Montpellier are grand buildings, lit beautifully at night.  One is the famous Place de la Comédie, the focal point of the city, which  houses the statue of the Three Graces, the symbolic Greek “goddesses” of the city.  Two opera houses, the Opéra Berlioz and the Opéra Comédie, are home to famous orchestras and  many year-round performances.  Modern design is also a part of Montpellier, displayed in the city’s Antigone district which was designed in 1979 by Catalonian architect Ricardo Bofill. Read the entire story here…»