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Image of people crossing a busy London street with the Union Jack flag overhead The beautiful summer weather in London brings locals and travelers alike to the city’s beautiful streets

Summer has begun, and with it one of the best times of the year to visit London! If you’re dreaming of a London vacation this summer but you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck: Not only do we have a guide of our best bets for summer fun that native Brits look forward to all year, but we also have plenty of furnished apartments close to any activity that interests you. The city of London offers unique opportunities to experience the authentically urban vibe of the city with street fairs and outdoor movies, but also a chance to escape to a natural sanctuary through one of the city’s many parks and outdoor spaces. Read on to see everything exciting happening in London this summer and plan the getaway that’s perfect for you!

Spend a day at Fulham “Beach”

Image of people sitting in lounge chairs at Neverland London’s Fulham beach club with the Thames river in the background. Enjoy a day at the “beach” along the Thames in the heart of London! (Photo credit: Neverland London)

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Image of Notre Dame Cathedral beside the River Seine Paris comes alive in the summer with its lush greenery and scenic waterways

As spring turns into summer in Paris, the city comes alive with endless things to do! Known for being a birthplace of art, music, fashion, and of course delicious French cuisine, Paris offers endless chances to mingle with the locals and experience the city’s culture in the summertime. Combined with a number of easy and fun day trips that you can take from Paris, the possibilities for summer fun are boundless. If you’re not already dreaming of your next Paris vacation, read on for our full guide and imagine yourself living like a local the summer in the City of Lights.

Soak Up Some Sun at Paris Plages

Image of people relaxing at Paris Plages along the Seine with blue umbrellas Go down to the seaside without leaving the heart of Paris at Paris Plages!

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Image of people sitting outside at Bryant Park Spend a summer afternoon enjoying a picnic in one of New York City’s parks (Photo credit: Markus Hill)

When you’re a New Yorker, longer days and warmer weather mean one thing: there is truly nothing in the city that you can’t do! Everything that makes New York City famous gets an upgrade in the summer: the world-class restaurants set up outdoor seating, music and entertainment takes center stage at the city’s numerous music festivals, and athletes (or their fans!) have no shortage of places to exercise or sporting events to watch. Whatever brings you to the city this summer, there’s a perfect New York Habitat furnished apartment for every lifestyle. Your perfect New York summer awaits!

Celebrate the Jazz Age on Governor’s Island

Image of dancers in 1920s attire at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island Come to Governor’s Island this summer to dance right into the Roaring 20s (Photo credit: Jazz Age Lawn Party)

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While maybe not as well-known as the famous Williamsburg, Bushwick is a neighborhood on the rise. As rental prices continue to rise across the city, this northern Brooklyn neighborhood is becoming the new “it” place to live for young professionals and artists. Aside from the recent millennial wave, Bushwick has traditionally been an immigrant community, particularly for Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. Compromising over half of the area’s population, these residents have given Bushwick an authentic Latin flare. As most Brooklyn neighborhoods do, Bushwick has a wide variety of housing options, from multifamily walkup buildings with railroad apartments to rows of the quintessential New York brownstone. More recently, the revitalization of the area has brought with it the development of modern, 21st century condos. No matter the type of accommodation you are looking for, now is the time to consider renting in this up-and-coming neighborhood!


Infographic comparison of the prices of rooms and full apartments in Bushwick Brooklyn See how room rentals and apartment rentals compare in Bushwick, Brooklyn

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Image of Buckingham Palace with planted gardens around it Buckingham Palace is not for rent - but you can still find a fab furnished flat in London (Photo credit: David Iliff)

As warmer weather arrives, there’s no better time to cross the pond and check out all the cool events going on in London this spring! Indulge your senses in manicured English gardens, try a different spin on afternoon tea, or just soak up some British culture along with that springtime sun. Whatever your excuse to take that trip to London you’ve always dreamed of, make it a truly authentic adventure by experiencing life like a local. Rent a flat with English character, a view of the Thames or a unique local neighborhood vibe. At New York Habitat, we have apartments for every taste and style so you can find the perfect rental in London to call home.

RHS (Royal Horticulture Society) Chelsea Flower Show (22-26 May)

Image of a Mini Cooper made out of flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show Nothing screams London in spring like a Mini Cooper made of flowers

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Image of the Eiffel Tower with pink spring flowering trees Springtime in Paris is the perfect time to rent a furnished apartment!

It’s springtime in Paris! The spring season is the best time of year to visit this glamorous city and take advantage of perfect temperatures, lower prices and minimal crowds. Stroll through the beautiful parks as they blossom into life, sit outside at a Parisian café and people watch, or head to all your must-see sights without all the throngs of tourists in summertime. Whether it’s your first time visiting Paris or you’re a seasoned regular, we’ve found some inspiring springtime activities and not-to-miss places for your itinerary and we’ve matched them with the perfect furnished Parisian apartments so you can live like a local, at home in Paris!

Musée Jacquemart-André

Image of Impressionist painting by Mary Cassatt Surround yourself with art in the museums of Paris

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New York Habitat has redesigned its website for better functionality. Find out below how to easily navigate through our new site and find accommodations to fit your needs, or submit a request and let our agents assist you with your housing search.

You can go to our webpage and click on the MENU icon in the top right corner to select a particular location.

Select “all apartments” to see all of our offerings in a particular destination, such as New York, or you can do a more specific search using our Search Bar option.









1. Do a search using the “SEARCH BAR”  on the homepage

Our new search bar is very simple. If you have specific information about your stay you can just enter it to the search bar and then hit “search”:

Start by selecting a destination: New York/London/Paris/South of France

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Image of tulips with Williamsburg Bridge in NYC in the background Come see everything that’s blooming in NYC this spring!

After what seemed like an endless winter, spring is finally springing up all over New York City and that buzzing energy of the city that never sleeps is starting to come to life again. No wonder people love to flock to the Big Apple in spring, cafés are starting to set up their outdoor seating, farmer’s markets are opening, flowers are popping up in the parks and the weather is perfect for enjoying all that NYC has to offer!

Central Park

Image of lake in Central Park with flowering trees and weeping willow trees The parks in NYC are springing to life! (Photo Credit: Gail Cox,

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Image of a room with two double beds and a private bathroom in a dormitory-style building on the Upper West Side (NY-14890) A single room with private bathroom in a dormitory-style shared building is a cost-saving rental option for millennials

The Upper West Side is a popular neighborhood offering a variety of shopping and dining and access to cultural institutions like Lincoln Center and the Museum of Natural History.

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Image of the skyline over the rooftops of the Upper West Side of Manhattan Discover what makes the Upper West Side a great neighborhood to live in (Photo Credit: Sarah Ackerman)

There are many reasons why the Upper West Side is such an incredibly popular neighborhood. Maybe it’s the classic brownstones or the proximity to Central Park that’s alluring. Or the fact that it’s basically the backdrop of dozens of TV shows and movies. The convenience of everything this neighborhood provides is what makes it the backyard of many celebs. Who wouldn’t want Tina Fey or Al Pacino as a neighbor? While this all sounds very glamorous, you may think this makes the UWS side inaccessible to those without a celebrity salary. While there are certainly million dollar homes, apartment shares (i.e., renting out a room from an apartment owner) can make this dream life accessible to people with a more limited budget.


Infographic of room vs apartment prices on the Upper West Side Compare room vs apartment prices on the Upper West Side

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