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Bastille - République

Welcome to the final leg of our 3 part series on the great Paris neighborhood, La Bastille. We invite you to catch-up with Part 1 of our Video Tour of Bastille and Part 2 of our Video Tour of Bastille.

Paris Neighborhood Video Tour: Bastille – Part 3 (5:44)

Shopping Scene

The area east of Place de la Bastille is known as the Faubourg Saint Antoine. Along rue de Faubourg Saint Antoine you are able to find some French chain fashion stores, but if you get off the main drag you can find all sorts of cool little boutiques scattered around the area.

And if you are headed north away from Bastille towards Place de la Republique don’t miss the cool concept store Merci, located at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003, where you can find used books, designer and haute couture clothes and mega discounts – and all profits go to charity! Read the entire story here…»


This is the 2nd of our 3 part series on the neighborhood of Bastille in Paris. Check out Part 1 of our Video Tour of Bastille, and Part 3 of our Video Tour of Bastille. You can also watch them on our YouTube channel.  In this video we are going to continue our stroll through the Bastille and present more of the opportunities that this wonderful neighborhood holds.

Paris Neighborhood Video Tour: Bastille – Part 2 (5:45)

Bercy (boulevard de Bercy 75012)

If you head a little south-east past Gare de Lyon you’ll reach the Bercy Stadium, a large sports complex and concert venue. Covered by steps and diagonal slabs of grass, this is a favorite hang out for many skateboarders. However, if you walk a little further to the east, you’ll come up to a nice park and a few more lesser-known places in Paris. Read the entire story here…»


In this video we are going to have a look at the area around La Bastille, which is located in the southeast of Paris, just beside the Marais. A former neighborhood outside the city just beyond the infamous Bastille prison, this area is more off-beat than its sophisticated neighbor – the Marais. With its real Parisian feel, the Bastille has all kinds of unique hidden treasures.

This will be the first of a three-part series on this fantastic neighborhood. Check out Part 2 of our Video Tour of Bastille, and Part 3 of our Video Tour of Bastille.

Paris Neighborhood Video Tour: Bastille – Part 1 (5:45)

La Bastille History and Landmarks

The Place de la Bastille is the area where The Bastille, a formidable fortress on the eastern gate of Paris, was built in the 1300s. From the early 1600s to 1789 it was used as a prison and, during that time, it held some well-known inmates:

The writer/philosopher Voltaire did two stints. He was locked up  in  1717 and again in 1726. Also, the erotic writer, Marquis de Sade, was locked up for 5 years.

During the wee morning hours of July 14th 1789, it became the target of the large mob of early revolutionaries that stormed it, sparking the first French Revolution. Now, July 14th is known as Bastille Day in France as a memorial. After the revolution, the prison was dismantled and many of its study blocks went to the building of the Concorde Bridge. You can see the last vestiges of the prison in the little garden at the end of Boulevard Henri IV as well as in the metro station on the platform of line 5. Read the entire story here…»


In today’s video we are going to explore the neighborhood of Oberkampf. Oberkampf is still like a little village inside the big city of Paris; it is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, specifically on the right bank and in the East side of Paris above the Opéra Bastille. It extends from the covered Canal Saint Martin to the famous Belleville village. The neighborhood of Belleville offers plenty of things to do and to see too.

Paris Video Tour: Oberkampf (5:11)


Oberkampf gets its name from the Industrialist Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, famous for his “imprimé” or printed fabrics. King Louis XVI declared his company a “Manufacture Royale” in 1783, and gave Oberkampf the nobility title “écuyer”, or esquire, and today he has a metro station and a street named after him. Very “royale” indeed!

The Lower East Side of Paris:

If you’ve watched our video tour of the Lower East Side in New York City, you will see a similarity in Oberkampf. With its trendy cafes and restaurants, its Arab pastries and its colorful markets – you won’t soon forget this hip village.

Constantly showing up in movies, from Bollywood to Hollywood, there is definitely a sense of magic in Oberkampf! Read the entire story here…»


Streets of Paris aroound Viaduc des Art Streets of Paris aroound Viaduc des Art

A highlight of Paris’ Bastille quarter is the Viaduc des Art, a jewel of urban renewal. Once supporting an elevated railway, the Viaduc des Art runs along the grand Avenue Daumesnil, away from the Place de la Bastille, in the 11th arrondissement. The art studios, shops and elevated “walking garden” have made the area surrounding the Avenue Daumesnil coveted by residents and visitors worn out by the hubbub of left-bank Paris. As usual, New York Habitat has the neighborhood covered.

On the street level, the converted viaduct features dozens of artisan shops and studios. Large windows allow pedestrians to admire the workmanship of the art restorers, book binders and craftsmen hard at work. Above the viaduct, where railroad tracks once carried commuting Parisians is the Promenade Plantee. Perhaps Paris’ best kept secret, the Promenade Plantee offers one of the most unique walks in the city. Visitors are able to admire both the manicured gardens of the promenade and a view of the city just above its tree tops. Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke walked the garden in the film Before Sunset, capturing the essence of the Promenade Plantee; Intimacy among the trees of Paris. Read the entire story here…»


Paris Accommodation: 2 Bedroom Rental in Bastille, Pere Lachaise - Nation (PA-3589) Paris Accommodation: 2 Bedroom Rental in Bastille, Pere Lachaise - Nation (PA-3589)

Paris’ Bastille area is synonymous with revolution. Today, the quarter is still known for rapid change, but now the cultural remaking of the area is omnipresent. The world-class opera house stands in the footprints of the old Bastille prison and dozens of avant-garde galleries have sprouted throughout the right bank. While modern galleries and eclectic restaurants are fairly new to the quarter, New York Habitat and its vacation rentals have been in the 12th arrondissement for years.

This 2-bedroom apartment in the Bastille, Pere Lachaise-Nation district (PA-3589) of Paris [apartment not for rent anymore] is on the sixth floor of an elevator building. And, as far as views go, being on the sixth floor in Paris is like being on the fortieth in New York. Sprawling windows in each room offer iconic views of Paris rooftops. A balcony large enough for a small dining set perpetually entices visitors to enjoy the view with a cup of coffee in the morning, book in the afternoon, and bottle of wine at night. This apartment, though, is more than just a good view. Read the entire story here…»


Paris garden in Bastille Paris garden in Bastille

Two hundred and fifty years ago, the thought of spending a Paris vacation in Bastille was not very enticing. Today, thanks to a bloody revolution, the prison which stood as centerpiece of the neighborhood is gone. In its place is a towering spire, enormous roundabout (the Place de la Bastille), and the shimmering facade of the Opera Bastille.

Thanks to several renovation projects, the grit of the neighborhood has been scrubbed clean. And thanks to New York Habitat’s apartment rental offerings in Bastille, native Parisians aren’t the only ones lucky enough to enjoy it.

For those who don’t know the origins of the Bastille neighborhood, the quarter takes its namesake from the hulking medieval prison that once defined the area. On July 14th, 1789 the prison was stormed by angry anti-monarchists, a revolution was sparked, a few heads were chopped off (thanks, Mr. Guillotine) and voila, the birth of French democracy. Read the entire story here…»


2 Bedroom apartment in Paris Pere Lachaise - PA-3392 2 Bedroom apartment in Paris Pere Lachaise - PA-3392

Located in the quiet, leafy 11th arrondissement, this Hidden Gem 2-bedroom apartment boasts some very famous neighbors. Just around the corner from this flat reside the likes of Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and Doors’ front-man Jim Morrison in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Sure these stars are no longer living, but this residential neighborhood in Paris is very much alive. The district is home to countless cafes and restaurants as well this superbly designed and decorated 2-bedroom duplex accommodation (PA-3392).

Just around the corner from the St. Maur metro station, in a classic Parisian setting, this 2-bedroom duplex accommodation showcases a modern, minimalist design. Recently renovated by an interior designer, guests are sure to love the apartment’s decor. A professional constructed the apartment’s aesthetic and it shows in each and every room of the two-floor flat. The designer’s choice of light colors brightens the apartment significantly, making for a soft, sunny apartment on the greyest of days. Hardwood floors and modern appliances are two more highlights of the apartment. Overall, renters will be delighted with the amount of light in this apartment, a rarity for Paris accommodations, and the consistent, modern design on both floors of the duplex apartment. Read the entire story here…»


1 Bedroom Rental Canal Saint Martin PA-3288 1 Bedroom Rental Canal Saint Martin PA-3288

Away from the hordes of tourists packed along the Seine, this one-bedroom duplex accommodation (PA-3288) [apartment not for rent anymore] resides in the 11th arrondissement, a quarter where true Parisians live. Long overlooked by visitors to Paris, the area just north of the trendy Marais district offers scenic walks along the world famous Canal Saint Martin, an aesthetic gem in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont and countless ethnic and artistic enclaves.

Renters will be delighted with the amount of light and open space in this 11th arrondissement apartment that give it a distinctive, airy feel. While the open design of the apartment is surely attractive, the details are what really make this rental unique. The apartment is decorated in typical Parisian style; modern, worldly and eclectic. Exposed wood beams run throughout the flat and pair with the hardwood floors to give the apartment a warm, homey aesthetic. The bedroom sits atop a mezzanine which adds a touch of privacy to the open arrangement. This one-bedroom apartment is perfect for visitors looking to explore an authentic side to Paris often lost amid the throngs of tourists packed along the Seine. Read the entire story here…»


The 11th Arrondissement is to Paris as Williamsburg, Brooklyn is to New York. In short, the 11th Arrondissement is the spot that hip Parisians are flocking to. New York Habitat can help you avoid the tourist traps of Paris and explore the lively and artistic neighborhoods of the area. Our first stop is to take a look at this Three-Bedroom Duplex off of the Place de la Nation (PA-2472).

Colorful, Three-Bedroom Rental in Paris:

3 Bedroom Rental in Pere Lachaise Nation (PA-2472) living roomFrom the framed artwork throughout the space to the lobster and crab detail in the kitchen, this duplex home offers many conversation pieces. The lively array of colors on the walls, floor and furniture mix and match to create the eye-catching décor of this three-bedroom home.

The bedrooms, split amongst two floors, can sleep five people comfortably, while the large windows of the living room face east onto a small garden walkway.

Great for friends looking to explore Paris, this residential neighborhood contains several markets and shops of convenience.

The nearest metro stations are Nation (lines 1, 2, & 6) and the RER A. Read the entire story here…»