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Opéra – Grands Boulevards – Clichy

Paris offers plenty of things to do and to see. In this video we’re going to show you yet another treasure of  the city. Today we’re going to explore Les Grands Boulevards, which is a place with both amazing day and night life, with so much to see.

The Grands Boulevards – the big boulevards – start at Place de la République and end at the prestigious Grands Magasins.

Paris Video Tour: Grands Boulevards (5:40)


From Charles the Fifth, in the 14th century,to Napoleon III’s modification of Paris, the Boulevards, famous for their theaters, offers 600 years of Paris’ History. From 1853 to 1870, le Baron Haussmann was obsessed with the culture of straight lines, and so he transformed the old Paris of Charles V to the one you can still see today, the Paris of Napoleon III. Read the entire story here…»