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Hammersmith - Fulham

Old street sign of Hammersmith in London Old street sign of Hammersmith in London

They say you save the best for last—but Number One of New York Habitat’s Must-See Musical Sights in London won’t be saved for long so best to see it now! The top spot on our list is reserved for none other than the time-honored, self-proclaimed “world famous” Hammersmith Palais, a venue that had been hosting the hottest acts on the London music scene since 1919 but will be demolished soon to make way for a shopping center.

Not familiar with the Palais? Think CBGB’s in NYC, another recent concert casualty. Think The Clash’s classic “(White Man in) Hammersmith Palais,” a song ironically condemning the commodification of music. Think live shows from The Clash, The Cramps, The Cure, The Pogues, PiL, Bowie and almost any band that mattered. Better yet, think of booking a nearby London vacation rental as soon as possible and being one of the last people to snap a shot of the Palais’ famed façade, one of the only parts still standing. Forget “if walls could talk”—imagine what you’d hear if they could sing! Read the entire story here…»