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Wimbledon, a world famous tennis stadium Wimbledon, a world famous tennis stadium

Ask any tourists what their favorite places in London are and they’ll probably list Harrod’s, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s. Ask any Londoners about their favorite spots in the city and you’re sure to hear less familiar choices like Kew Gardens, Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common, all near Richmond-Wandsworth. While visitors don’t mind queuing up to get their chance to see the famous sights, locals often opt to spend their free time off the beaten path. If you want to stay where Londoners make their weekend getaways, has London accommodations in the insiders’ favorite sections of the city.

Look on any area map and you’ll notice that Richmond-Wandsworth is literally awash in greenery, with ample parklands and golf courses. Near the much-loved Kew Gardens and Richmond Park are the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club, the Richmond Golf Club, the Strawberry Hill Golf Club, the London-Scottish Golf Club and so many others that you can feel your score decreasing with each day you stay in your flat rental in London. For golf fans, it’s possible to book a tee time at a different course every day of your visit. Read the entire story here…»


kew royal botanic gardens palmhouseLondon is known as one of the great cities in the world for its architecture, great subway system and its parks. As for the latter, most people are familiar with the famous Hyde Park located in central London, but far fewer have visited the much larger and more spectacular Kew Royal Botanic Gardens located in the Richmond neighborhood of Western London.

Kew Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which incorporates thousands of species of plants into its 300-acre property. The land includes a frontage on the Thames River at the north and gently sloping hills in the southern section. Some of the highlights on the property are the glass houses, which contain unique species from around the world. There are walking trails around the park that lead to the different buildings and museums and showcase the variety of native plants on the grounds. Another highlight is the Cedar Vista, which offers an unobstructed view of the Thames River though a forest of cedar trees from the giant Pagoda at the southern corner of the park. If you have a tip about your favorite places in Kew Gardens, feel free to post a comment below. Read the entire story here…»