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London Apartment Renting Tips

Picture of London from an aerial perspective. Aerial View Of London

We all know how fulfilling it can be to escape the daily grind of full-time jobs and responsibilities through relaxing vacations, perhaps even more so during summer months when sun rays remind us just how much we have to live for! What some do not realize, however, is the ease and simplicity of booking short-term destination vacations, perfect for people on a budget or time constraint. Well, don’t fret – we’ve got a tip that might just make your weekends a whole lot better!

Short stays in the city of London are ideal for quick breaks from the hassle of real life, and many Europeans visit for a long weekend with help from high speed trains called Eurostar, located only two hours from the center of Paris. Looking to plan an itinerary? You can read all about the free events being hosted in London on our blog about the Top Ten Free Things to do in London. For a look into the neighborhood highlights of London’s many communities, check out our blog featuring London travel videos.

New York Habitat wants to help you find the home-away-from-home that best suits you from our long list of vacation rental apartments! Unlike hotel rooms, which can feel cold and empty, these furnished apartments aim to maximize the authenticity of your trip. After all, it can be overwhelming to find oneself in a foreign place – why come home to a foreign hotel room? Each vacation rental apartment presents an authentically local environment complete with nicely equipped kitchens and unique styles that offer personality and comfort. Find which one is best for you by scrolling through our list of London vacation rentals. Or continue reading to find six of our favorite, hand-picked homes! Read the entire story here…»


This New York Habitat Apartment Rental Tips Video will share reasons why skipping a hotel and booking a vacation rental for your next trip to London is a great idea.

Click above to watch this video:Why rent a Vacation Rental Apartment in London (5:51)

With more than 15 million international tourists each year, it may be difficult finding accommodations in London. Hotels can be very costly and fitting an entire family or group under one roof can often be quite challenging. Our company offers hundreds of vacation rental apartments in London, creating a solution to all of the aforementioned problems. Read the entire story here…»


London Travel Deals London Travel Deals

If your New Year’s resolutions included traveling more this year and saving money, you’re in luck. New York Habitat is here to help turn both of those resolutions into reality! Though any one of our hundreds of vacation accommodations in London is a good choice, this winter we’re offering London travel deals that change every day, save you money—and make staying away almost impossible!

Our specials include the Twitter London Vacation Rental Discount, which features a different accommodation each day at 2.5% off the usual price. The offer is good for up to seven days after the original posting, but there’s no reason to wait anyway! To find these selected apartments, follow us on Twitter or look for the Twitter symbol shown in our listings.

New York Habitat is also offering our Winter London Travel Deal for stays between January 4 and March 26, 2010. These prices are reduced by 10% to as much as 30%—and, in some cases, even more. Look for the Special Offers snowflake symbol in our listings in order to save a bundle—and stop looking for excuses to postpone that trip to London any longer. Read the entire story here…»


corporate relocation service londonNew York Habitat London is inaugurating its Corporate Housing Service Unit specially designed to serve those who are looking for an expedited apartment rental process.

Our London division began in 2002 and has steadily increased in scope since then to cover nearly 500 unique properties. Our distinctive positioning in the London market has made our operations well tailored to offer corporate rentals through our agency.

The Corporate Relocation Services Unit is different from our typical service in the way that it works. Clients that are interested in working with the Corporate Relocation Service Unit are asked to pay a £250 fee to begin their apartment search. Read the entire story here…»