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Hackney - East End

Aerial photo of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London

Hackney is one of the most exciting areas in London. The borough has an absolutely thriving art scene, many beautiful parks, and if you’re looking for some of the best cafes, pubs and clubs in the city, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Hackney is one of the largest Inner London boroughs and can be found just to the northeast from the City. The area comprises many famous neighborhoods and areas of London, such as Shoreditch, Hoxton and parts of the Regent’s Canal. It also borders the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which was the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics. The area flawlessly combines the old with the new, and will definitely take you by surprise!

Welcome to Hackney

Hackney is roughly bordered by City Road and the City in the south, Southgate Road and Islington to the west, Amhurst Park and Harringay to the north, and the River Lea and Stratford to the east. It’s serviced solely by the London Underground along its southern and northern borders, but is easily reachable with the London Overground, which has several stops in the borough. The southern neighborhoods of Hackney are internationally renowned for their nightlife and many galleries and creative shops. Meanwhile, the center and north of the borough are up-and-coming areas that provide attractive options for affordable accommodation within an urban environment. The many fantastic markets, restaurants and pubs in the area also attract their share of celebrities! For example, Russell Brand is often spotted in Hoxton cafes such as Love Shake. In this article we’ll tour some of the top spots in the neighborhood, and show you what it’s like to live in Hackney like a local! Read the entire story here…»


The East End of London The East End of London

While most visitors to London spend the majority of their time in West London, East London is about to be put in the spotlight with the Olympics coming this summer. But East London is more than just the Olympics. It has a fascinating history and if full of a wide range of experiences.

East London historically has been home to the working class immigrants starting around the 19th century working in the factories and docks in the area. During World War II, it was devastated by the Blitz, with the area targeted for the docklands and railways. This is also home to the Cockney rhyming speak. But in the last few decades, the area has undergone a dramatic change, starting with Canary Warf and the O2 Arena and now continuing with the Olympics. Read the entire story here…»


London Olympic Stadium under construction London Olympic Stadium under construction

The excitement for next year’s summer Olympics is in full swing in London, even though many of the venues are still being finished.

The Olympic Park is in the East End of London in Stratford where most of the venues will be held. As mentioned, many aren’t completed yet and you can’t access the on foot. But there are several ways to see the stadiums being built.

The only way to get inside the Olympic Park is to take a free tour on a bus. This takes you for a guided sneak peek at the Olympic site as construction carries on. The tour lasts an hour, but there’s no opportunity to get off the bus, but it moves slowly to allow for plenty of photo opportunities. Reservations are required and can be arranged for through the London Olympic 2012 site.

If you can’t snag a reservation for the bus tour, seeing work progress on the site is still possible. The View Tube has been much more popular than expected. Built from recycled shipping containers, the View Tube gives great views from above the Olympic Park with detailed maps and information about the site. It’s open every day from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of Brick Lane in London Photo of Brick Lane Street Sign in London

Brick Lane is a road in London that was regenerated in the 20th century to become one of London’s trendiest places.

Students and artists alike, line the streets to take part in an art or fashion class or to experience the abundance of artwork on display. Located in the neighborhood of Hackney, Brick Lane is home to some of the top nightclubs and restaurants in London and is a great place to go to experience London nightlife. Brick lane is also known for its cultural diversity which has changed over time due to waves of immigration since the 15th century.

-Brick Lane, Hackney, offers plenty of lovely vacation rentals for your next stay in the city. For instance, this one bedroom vacation rental in Shoreditch, Hackney (LN-824) is decorated with vintage furniture and has plenty of natural light.


London Accomodation 1 Bedroom in Islington (LN-436) London Accomodation 1 Bedroom in Islington (LN-436)

If it’s a vibrant creative scene, cultural diversity and low costs you’re after, then there’s nothing quite like a stay in London’s East End. New York Habitat has fully furnished accommodations in London that fit your budget and put you in the center of this hip and happening area. All you have to do is enjoy…and explore!

Some of the best deals in London can be found on Brick Lane. There are Indian restaurants galore—all with above-average fare and lower prices than in other parts of the city. Just walk down the street and let the bidding wars begin: Servers will try to tempt you into their establishments with free glasses of wine, appetizers or desserts, or fifteen percent off your total tab. Go with the best offer—and be assured that, as far as the food is concerned, you can’t go wrong.

Near Brick Lane is the Truman Brewery, an eclectic art space with shops, eateries and—as the name promises—pints. Stop by for free showings and events or the popular (Up)Market on Sundays, where you can score samples of global or local treats or reasonably priced one-off clothing and accessories. Such cutting-edge designs can also be found at the nearby Spitafields market, an East End institution. Throw in a stroll through the colorful Columbia Road Flower stalls, and you can make a fun, low-cost day of it. Read the entire story here…»


Enjoy the alternative Fashion Week in trendy London! Enjoy the alternative Fashion Week in trendy London!

By the time February is over, most of us have had our fill of Fashion Week and flawless models. In London, New York, Paris and Milan, there’s no escape—but there is an alternative! London’s Alternative Fashion Week takes place for five days at the end of April (this year, from the 20th to the 24th), giving us a respite from the more mainstream shows and a re-energized set of aesthetics to consider. Of course, if you really want to slip into something comfortable, we recommend a New York Habitat vacation rental in fashionable Shoreditch, a borough of Hackney.

London has always been known for its offbeat, cutting edge sense of style, and the Alternative Fashion Week shows seldom disappoint. Showcasing emerging new talent and innovative designs, the event emphasizes fashion-forward pieces that range from the utterly wearable to avant-garde styles that give us a glimpse of what the future of fashion may someday look like on city streets.

Don’t get the wrong impression, though—far from being intimidating, London’s Alternative Fashion Week aims to make fashion more approachable and affordable. Held under the glass roof of Spitalfields Market in Hackney, an appropriately cool venue known for its one-of-a-kind yet reasonably priced street market finds, the lunchtime fashion shows are open to everyone. The event is perfect for people-watching—and often, the outfits of the attendees are as inspiring as those on stage. Read the entire story here…»


Shoreditch, London: Hackney apartments pictures Shoreditch, London: Hackney apartments

A few years ago, you may not have heard of Hackney. Nowadays, it’s one of London’s most up and coming neighborhoods, thanks to an influx of spectacularly inexpensive and eclectic restaurants, a thriving art scene, and popular event nights at area clubs. If you chose a London vacation rental here, you can stay in the first place that many locals head to on their days off and the last place a lot of tourists think to look.

What makes Hackney a great neighborhood is its sense of community and shared spaces. In Hoxton Square, the heart of the area, you can run into students, moms with strollers, practitioners of yoga and tai chi, artists with sketchpads, international travelers, young Londoners taking it easy after a night out and old-timers enjoying these ever-shifting scenes. There’s no better place in the city to strike up a conversation. Read the entire story here…»


Market in the East End of London Market in the East End of London

A lot of tourists never get a glimpse of the London that exists outside of guidebooks. New York Habitat is here to change all that! To really see the city, venture off the beaten path, break free of Zone 1—and head over to Hackney, where some of our best holiday rentals are awaiting savvy visitors to take advantage of them.

Located in London’s East End, Hackney is an expansive area where Hitchcock filmed one of his first films, the art scene is alive and thriving, and over one hundred languages are spoken in a single day. Hoxton Square in Hackney’s southwestern corner is a hotbed for scenesters, artists and locals out for some sun. It’s surrounded by hip places to eat, laidback cafés, and galleries like White Cube that will make you wonder why you don’t live here permanently. Hackney Empire and Hothouse are edgy and progressive performance spaces, the Lux Cinema shows stuff that can’t be seen anywhere else without taking itself too seriously, and Hackney Marsh has the largest number of football pitches (er…soccer fields) in Europe, if you fancy a game or just want to watch some World Cup-worthy play. Read the entire story here…»


When I grow rich say the bells of Shoreditch …

Children all over London have grown up reciting the hopeful words to the nursery rhyme, “Oranges and Lemons.” Today, Shoreditch, borough of Hackney, has achieved its goal.

The lively neighborhood has grown to become very rich in culture and personality. New York Habitat heralds the cultural ascent of Shoreditch by highlighting a modern, One-Bedroom Accommodation (LN-436) .

1 Bedroom Rental in City - IslingtonGroovy, One-Bedroom Rental:

Located only a short walk from the thriving cultural center of Shoreditch, this one-bedroom rental stands out as a Hidden Gem.

The apartment’s design is richly inspired by the mesmerizing colors and swirls of the 1970s, while still providing modern appliances and wireless broadband Internet.

The trendy décor is further amplified by the apartment’s trendy fish bowl and three goldfish. The ground level flat also leads to a private garden and deck.

Travel into the city of London is made simple by the use of the Old Street tube station, as well as a 24-hour bus system. Read the entire story here…»