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Canary Wharf - Docklands

Canary Wharf is to London what Lower Manhattan is to New York – a financial powerhouse characterized by towering skyscrapers and finely pressed suits. Global banks and media houses attract some 100,000 workers daily. It is actually one of two main financial centers, sharing the title with the City of London. (See our video tour of the City of London here.) In fact, the second tallest building in the UK, One Canada Square, calls Canary Wharf home. Canary Wharf has historical roots in shipping, and for 160 years was one of the busiest docks in the world. The docks were finally closed in 1981 after the port industry began to decline. Its current iteration is the vision of Michael von Clemm who first came up with the idea to convert Canary Wharf into a bank office and business district in the late 1980’s. As one of the poshest districts in town, be sure you’re caught up on our basic tips for London etiquette.

Canary Wharf and London from above Canary Wharf in London on the horizon of the Thames

Located on a little peninsula along the north of the River Thames, Canary Wharf and Docklands can be found in the east of London on the Isle of Dogs. Its northern borders stretch from Limehouse in the west to London City Airport in the east. For information on what else is in the area check out our video tour of Hackney and the East End. This article will discuss the places in Canary Wharf and Docklands mentioned in the video, including Cabot Square, the West India Quay, the Thames Barrier, Island Gardens, and the Greenwich foot tunnel. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of Canary Wharf Photo of Canary Wharf

Built on what used to be a docking area, Canary Wharf is today, one of the largest shopping and office developments in London. Canary Wharf is home to 3 of the tallest buildings in the UK and over 100,000 people come to work there everyday.

-New York Habitat has plenty of accommodations in Canary Wharf. For example, consider staying in this studio accommodation in Tower Hamlets-Canary Wharf (LN-376) and be only a six minute walk from all of the shopping that happens at Canary Wharf.


View of Canary Wharf in London View of Canary Wharf in London

For some, Paris is the place for lovers…but right around Valentine’s Day, London gives the City of Lights a run for its money in the romance department. Think London is all about wearing tweed, keeping a stiff upper lip and downing a room-temperature pint? Think again! This winter, England’s capitol is going Eastern Bloc with Smirnoff’s Black Winter Ice Lounge —a cool place to keep each other warm. So rent a stylish vacation rentals nearby in Canary Wharf, put on a faux fur Russian hat and find out for yourself just what inspired the Beatles to write “Back in the USSR.”

Smirnoff’s Black Winter Ice Lounge is a luxurious, sexy seasonal space set up in the Plateau Restaurant in chic Canary Wharf. The rooftop lounge has a wall of windows, dazzling views of the Thames and the area’s architectural wonders, and Russian-inspired décor that will make you temporarily forget that St. Paul’s Cathedral is not in St. Petersburg. Read the entire story here…»


Canary Wharf offers breathtaking views of the city Canary Wharf offers breathtaking views of the city

In honor of Halloween and World Zombie Day (October 26), New York Habitat’s choice for the number three most cinematic spot in London is Canary Wharf, where much of the 2007 zombie movie “28 Weeks Later” was filmed.  The on-screen living dead notwithstanding, the neighborhood is a beautiful location filled with iconic buildings, breathtaking city views and some of the best vacation rentals in London has to offer.

If you’ve seen “28 Weeks Later,” you undoubtedly remember the scenes where the plague survivors (the non-zombies) gathered together in the modern conveniences of Canary Wharf apartments to wait out the flesh-eating storm that was sweeping through the rest of London’s infected. Well, they couldn’t have picked a better spot. Read the entire story here…»


Canary Wharf towers in London, England Pict Canary Wharf towers in London, England

At first glance, Canary Wharf may not be what most people associate with London. With the towering, glassy skyscrapers, indoor shopping malls and outdoor seating for the after-work dinner set, this part of the city looks and feels “new”—centuries removed from the usual images of Olde English abbeys and ancestral palaces. Well, New York Habitat would like to welcome you to 21st century London—and to our modern, conveniently equipped vacation rentals in contemporary Tower Hamlets, Canary Wharf.

The glittering skyline of this seemingly unbroken-in section of London, however, belies the Docklands’ long history as an important center for trade and shipping, particularly during the period of the British Empire. Its maritime role is hinted at in the names of local streets (Fisherman’s Way and East India Dock Road among them) and pubs still steeped in long-ago lore. Read the entire story here…»


London Accommodation 2 Bedroom Rental in Canary Wharf London Accommodation 2 Bedroom Rental in Canary Wharf

Enjoy modern city living in the industrial East London. The London borough of Tower Hamlets is nestled near the primary business district if the City in London. Forget those expensive, high-end stores and swanky, reservation-only restaurants on Oxford Street. Canary Wharf is packed with affordable shopping and dining inside a four-floor shopping center. All of the excitement of lively London is easily accessible from the nearby Jubilee line and the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). This 2-Bedroom Vacation Rental in Canary Wharf (LN-625) boasts a prime location.

One of the most famous historical landmarks in London is just a tube ride away. Visit the Tower of London, which is located off of the DLR at Tower Gateway or the Circle and District Lines at Tower Hill. On the North bank of the River Thames, the Tower of London was a fortress originally built by William the Conqueror in 1078, during the time of Queen Elizabeth I. It has been used for many different purposes over the centuries, but it is now home to the British Crown Jewels. So much history is nestled minutes away from this two-bedroom London apartment rental in Tower Hamlets. Read the entire story here…»


London Accommodation: 1 Bedroom Rental in Bethnall Green (LN-509) London Accommodation: 1 Bedroom Rental in Bethnall Green (LN-509)

Bethnal Green is situated in the lovely London borough of Tower Hamlets in Canary Wharf. Tower Hamlets is one of five London boroughs that has been designated to host the 2012 Olympics! With museums, sports stadiums and parks galore, renting this one-bedroom apartment in Bethnal Green in Tower Hamlets near the bustling Canary Wharf is ideal!

Located near the Central Line, this 1-Bedroom Apartment (LN-509) in Bethnal Green is quaint and stylish. The apartment is completely furnished with comfortable, contemporary furniture. Notice the cozy red futon and gleaming white table in the living room. The black accent rug completes the modern look of this living area. Curl up with a book or daydream while sitting on the comfortable bay window, which illuminates this already bright room. Read the entire story here…»


Canary Wharf and the DocklandsIf you are traveling to London for business, one of the most up and coming neighborhoods for offices is Canary Wharf and the Docklands area. Canary Wharf is located on the north bank of the Thames and is east of Central London. New York Habitat offers apartments in the area, including choices around Tower Hamlets and Canary Wharf as well as apartments in the City neighborhood of London to the west of the Docklands area.

Reasons to choose the Docklands/Canary Wharf area:

The advantages of this neighborhood include lots of new and reconstructed housing, a new train line and less congestion than downtown. The area has many renovated and reconstructed buildings that include converted factories, cleaned up brown fields and new high-rise buildings. Furthermore, the Docklands Light Rail was initially constructed to connect the Canary Wharf area to downtown but has expanded to several other lines. The Jubilee line, built in conjunction with the millennium events, also offers rapid service to the main area within the city. The neighborhood has several parks lining the Thames River and offers views of the new water control gates along the water. Finally, the Docklands area tends to be less congested because the new infrastructure has been built to provide plenty of capacity in the neighborhood. Read the entire story here…»