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Panoramic view of the city center of Avignon The historic city center of Avignon

Avignon is a great center of culture and art located in the Provence, South of France. It’s often called the “City of Popes”, because Avignon was the seat of papal power for over 70 years in the 14th Century. It’s been centuries since the Popes returned to Rome, but you can still see their influence in the beautiful architecture and art that you can find in Avignon to this day. The grand Palais des Papes is an ever-present example of the influence of the Popes in the city. Avignon is also one of the few cities left in France that still has its original medieval ramparts that encircle the city center. Inside the historic city you’ll find a vibrant cultural life, which reaches its climax in July when Avignon plays host to one of the biggest performing arts festivals in Europe. During the rest of the year, the Mediterranean climate, sunny squares filled with café terraces and amazing southern French cuisine make Avignon a city to remember!

In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of your visit to the city in just 48 hours. Read the entire story here…»


Valentines Day Valentines Day

One of the most romantic civilizations in the world, you’d think that the French hold a special place in their hearts for Valentine’s Day.  And sure enough, even if the occasion does not bring about a spectacular explosion of pink knick knacks and cute teddy bears, the day is still celebrated with all kinds of festivities.

The scopes of the celebrations vary widely, but if you had to pick one this year, it would have to be the “Festival of the Kiss” (La Festo de Poutoun) in the lovely medieval town of Roquemaure, in Provence, also known as “The Capital of Lovers”, from February 10 through 12. During those three days, several events will take place such as a commemoration of the arrival of Saint Valentine’s mortal remains in 1868 with more than 800 costumed people, horse-drawn carriages and horsemen forming a parade that will go through a town immersed in the 19th century with its shops, post office, open air market, gazebo, merry-go-round and, of course, Lovers’ Fountain, meticulously decorated as they were back then. Read the entire story here…»


Equestrian Equestrian

The delightful medieval town of Avignon in Provence has a couple of undisputed reasons that can explain its World Heritage Site status: its beautifully preserved historic center surrounded by its no less historic ramparts, the stunning Palace of the Popes, still quietly dominating the area after eight centuries, and it broken bridge, the pont Saint-Bénézet, immortalized in the popular French children song “Sur le pont d’Avignon”. Its world-famous summer festival focusing on the performing arts has also put it on the international cultural map once and for all.

However, if you happen to be there in January 2012, do not miss the “Cheval Passion” event, an annual must for all horse lovers and those who wish to become better acquainted with this noble animal. From January 18 to 22, 2012 Avignon will become the European capital of the equestrian world with about 1,200 horses, 250 exhibitors and more than 100 000 visitors. You will be able to sample a wide variety of disciplines such as training, harnessing, acrobatics and horse-ball, which give the perfect opportunity for many different riders to get together and compare notes. You will be able to mingle with cowboys, republican guards, acrobats, whisperers, hikers, artists and competition winners while enjoying some magical shows at night fall. All in all, 90 hours of entertainment have been organized for a memorable experience! Read the entire story here…»


Avignon, France Avignon, France

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore the South of France at this time of year, touring the area’s famed Christmas markets might just be the thing for you. Not only will you enjoy some crystal clear weather, but you will also get to experience one of France’s more beloved traditions. Starting at the end of November, those much-awaited seasonal gatherings start popping up all over the region and display all kinds of local fares until early January.

Avignon, already a prime travel destination thanks to, among other things, its glorious Palace of the Popes, is even more so during the entire month of December, when about sixty chalets take over the gorgeously lit up Place de l’Horloge to offer a wide range of time-tested goodies. There, you’ll find everything you need to celebrate the holidays with a provençal twist, from colorful fabrics and hand-made jewelry to local produce and traditional santons, the small terra cotta figurines depicting the people native of the area. Read the entire story here…»


Amateurs of live drama and medieval history, take note that one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious theater festivals is shaping up again in the latest event in Avignon. Indeed, during the traditional three weeks in July, the 64th Festival d’Avignon will offer hundreds of shows presented as part of the official selection (“in”) or the alternative scene (“off”).

Pont Saint-Bénézet Pont Saint-Bénézet

All kinds of productions will spring up within the ancient city walls of Avignon, whether in the Papal Palace’s courtyard, in actual theaters, in temporary spaces or in the middle of the streets. Even the non-Francophiles can partake in the festivities by attending presentations in English, dance performances or pantomimes, so do not let the language barrier stop you. And if you are determined to watch a show in Molière’s tongue, a generous glass of local côtes du rhône wine will help you refresh your high-school French in no time! Read the entire story here…»


South of France Accommodation: 4 Bedroom Rental in Mollans sur Ouveze, Avignon Region (PR-603) South of France Accommodation: 4 Bedroom Rental in Mollans sur Ouveze, Avignon Region (PR-603)

Tucked away in a residential park facing majestic Mount Ventoux is a gorgeous four-bedroom vacation villa in Mollans sur Ouveze, Avignon Region (PR-603). You will experience an unforgettable stay in the middle of the rich Drôme Provencal region in the South of France, which boasts mountains, rivers, pine woods and lavender fields.

Eight people can enjoy the gracious surroundings of this spaciousvacation rental in the South of France, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s full of things that make it like home for your stay: from the large living room with plenty of seating, colorful paintings on the walls and a fireplace, to conveniences like the DVD player, television and stereo. Off the fully equipped modern kitchen is a laundry room with a washing machine. In the living area sunshine comes streaming in through the French windows that lead to the terrace. Outside on the terrace, guests can use the barbecue and dine outdoors on the large table while taking in the gorgeous view. Read the entire story here…»


In late November, the South of France celebrates the region’s grape harvest with the Côtes Du Rhône festival. Renowned vineyards offer tastings where Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Ventoux and Coteaux du Luberon wines flow freely, and restaurants present special menus highlighting the culinary specialties of Avignon. New York Habitat’s Hosted Two-Bedroom in the Center of Avignon (PR-969) is an ideal accommodation in the South of France this Fall to experience the wine celebration

This 18th century four-story townhouse has four bedrooms, each with en suite bathrooms. It is available as a Bed & Breakfast accommodation, or as a private rental, depending on the owner’s availability. The first floor living room has a sofa, armchairs and a large marble table that seats 8. An intricately tiled fireplace, tall mirror over the mantle and tasteful antique furniture complete the room. Large, paned windows in the living room give a view of the courtyard and small street. Visitors will appreciate the sparkling white walls and “clean” décor throughout. Read the entire story here…»


5 Bedroom Rental Beaucaire - Avignon Region - Pool 5 Bedroom Rental Beaucaire - Avignon Region - Pool

If a sprawling country villa set amid gardens and an ambling vineyard sounds like the kind of place you’d like to unwind with family or a few friends, New York Habitat offers just the place: a five-bedroom accommodation in Beaucaire, Avignon Region (PR-745).

An authentic Mas in Beaucaire, Avignon Region
Provencal farmhouse ambiance awaits guests of this 17th century five-bedroom Mas, full of exposed wooden beams and stone walls throughout. Colorful artwork graces the walls and an antique Indian massage table makes for a unique coffee table in the center of the living room. A working fireplace and traditional blue and yellow tile brighten the eat-in kitchen. Guests can gather for meals in the kitchen, dining room or outside on the terrace looking over the vineyard—all three areas have tables for eight. Connected by a spiral staircase, the second floor’s three bedrooms with double beds and two single bedrooms provide plenty of space to accommodate eight people. Read the entire story here…»


4 Bedroom Rental Avignon - PR-325Do not go to Avignon if your plan is to visit surrounding towns and peruse the French countryside. The city of Avignon, beyond the numerous Provence attractions, has so much to offer that you will not want to leave.

Noted for its rich history and cultural attractions, Avignon, France has played host to both the religious and the artistic. During the 14th century, the city became the home for several papal leaders. The Palace of the Popes still stands within the city today and decorates the spacious and busy square, Place du Palais.

The various museums and theaters can entertain visitors for days, while the scenery of private mansions, luxurious courtyards, and elaborate squares make staying indoors a chore. Read the entire story here…»