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Gramercy - Union Square

Welcome to the first video tour of our two part series dedicated to the Flatiron District, located in Manhattan, New York.

Here in the Flatiron District, you’ll find that this historic neighborhood is a thriving retail district; but  why is it called the Flatiron District?

New York City Video Tour: Flatiron District – Part 1 (4:45)

Flatiron Building – 175 Fifth Avenue

Head to 175 Fifth Ave where you’ll find a beautiful and curious structure known as the Flatiron building, which give the neighborhood its name. This ground breaking skyscraper was one of the tallest buildings in the city when it was completed in 1902.  Once it was finished, New Yorkers began referring to it as the “Flatiron” due to the triangular block it sits on, looking very much like an old fashioned flat iron.

The Flatiron District is roughly bounded by 20th Street to the south, Sixth Avenue to the west, 26th Street to the north, and Lexington Avenue to the east. Read the entire story here…»


Planning on heading to New York in the New Year to study, for work or just for some fun? The East Village is a great location to indulge in some of New York’s greatest bars, restaurants and clubs. But, rather than spending all of your money at all of these places why not search out some great happy hours and deals so that you can save some bucks to shop and visit all of the sites that the East Village has to offer.

New York's East Village New York's East Village

Daily Deals:

If you’re not familiar with daily deal sites, they have become quite the craze in New York; offering deals on a daily basis in many of New York’s neighborhoods. They are a great way to find offers of 50% or more off of dining options. If you’re willing to try something new or different this is a great way to get a deal, but you have to be flexible because there is usually only one offer per day. Checkout:

Living Social Downtown Manhattan:  Living Social offers a list of deals which are tailored to people living or staying in downtown Manhattan which includes the East Village as well as Greenwich Village and the Financial District. You might need to check back several times to find the perfect deal, but you can start to search before your trip as most offers are good for a few months after purchase. Read the entire story here…»


Today we continue our New York video series dedicated to guiding you all along Broadway, one of New York City’s most famous avenues.

Broadway run north to south, running nearly the entire length of Manhattan. Along its route it crosses many streets and avenues, forming areas called “squares”, each of which has its own identity and each of these neighborhoods are great places to find a New York Vacation Rental.

Each segment of this video series will focus on a different section of Broadway, starting in the south and moving northward, just like the street! In the last episode of our “All Along Broadway” Video Tour, you discovered the Financial District. Today, our stop will be Union Square!

Video Tour of Union Square, New York City (6:08)

Union Square, New York:

As you walk north along Broadway, you will reach a large intersection where Broadway and 4th Avenue come together.  New Yorkers were pleased with this “union” of two major thoroughfares.  So pleased, in fact, that they called it Union Square. It is located in a larger area called Gramercy – Union Square. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of New York's farmers market Photo of New York's farmers market

So you’re all moved into your New York Habitat accommodation, you’ve eaten at all the city restaurants on your list, the kitchen in your rental apartment is as clean as when you arrived, and you’re getting hungry. It’s time to cook–after all, one of the biggest reason most renters choose a New York Habitat accommodation rather than a hotel is for the convenience and pleasure of home cooking. Now that you’ve decided to eat in, its time to go shopping. Whole Foods is increasingly expensive, the fruit at the neighborhood bodega looks as if it might be plastic, and you’re someone looking to take pleasure out of your New York food-shopping experience. The food-shopping solution for millions of New Yorkers is to visit one of the city’s dozens of farmer’s markets. You heard right; Farmer’s markets in the heart of the Big Apple. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of the Flatiron building in New York by Francois Roux Photo of the Flatiron building in New York by Francois Roux

The Flatiron District is located in Central Manhattan, New York roughly bounded by Sixth Avenue to the west, 25th Street to the north, Park Avenue South to the East and 18th Street to the south. Basically, it is enclosed between Chelsea, Midtown East and the Gramercy – Union Square area.

The neighborhood is another one of Manhattan’s unique niche areas which originally grew up in the late 19th century when the “Ladies Mile” shopping district developed around Broadway and many cast iron buildings were constructed with neo-classical, Beaux-Arts and Second Empire Style influences.

The neighborhood’s signature building, The Flatiron Building, is its namesake because of its historical significance to the city. The building was the tallest skyscraper in the city when it was built and its unique triangular shape around Broadway and Fifth Avenues makes it one of New York’s most memorable structures.

The Housing:

The Flatiron District has limited housing and many of the offerings are expensive, but people find that the location is well worth the price. The predominant housing options are lofts located on the side streets and newer high-rise condos scattered on the Avenues. New York Habitat can help you find housing very close. For example, consider furnished apartments in Gramercy and Union Square or a vacation rental accommodation in Midtown East to stay in the heart of the district.

Consider this furnished studio apartment in Murray Hill (NY-14539)


This 1-bedroom vacation rental apartment in Midtown East (NY-12330) Read the entire story here…»