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Aerial picture of Aix-en-Provence Aix-en-Provence from above

Aix-en-Provence is one of France’s most beautiful cities. Located in the South of France just 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Marseille, the city is known for its gorgeous architecture as well as its vibrant culture. Aix-en-Provence’s large student population (the city has 3 different universities) explains its abundance of cafes, bars and clubs in the city center. When it comes to culture, Aix-en-Provence has a lot to offer, as it was the hometown of famous painter Cézanne.

This article will take you around Aix-en-Provence in just 48 hours, and show you what the city has to offer! Read the entire story here…»


Aix-en-Provence Aix-en-Provence

Comics’ fans rejoice… and hurry to Aix-en-Provence where the Comics Fair is taking place during the months of March and April. More famous for its high-brow opera festival that takes place every summer, the urbane city of Aix does not mind letting its hair down in the spring for the “Rencontres du 9e Art” (Encounters of the 9th Art). Possibly driven by the free-spiritedness of the student population attending the prestigious local university, or simply by a deep-rooted appreciation of the popular comics, Aix has opened the doors of its museums, galleries, schools and libraries to the world of comic books and strips.

Whether you’re already a die-hard aficionado or just an open-minded learner, you just cannot miss such a golden opportunity to mingle with established and budding authors, corporate publishing houses and independent publishers, like-minded amateurs and curious novices. Read the entire story here…»


A Plaza in Aix-en-Provence, South of France A Plaza in Aix-en-Provence, South of France

The cosmopolitan town of Aix-en-Provence is worth a stay under any circumstances, but if you’re a fan of cinema, then you definitely want to stop there between November 28 and December 2 for the Festival Tous Courts.  As its name indicates, this highly regarded cultural event has been focusing on short films directed by young artists for the past 28 years. More than ever dedicated to provide budding creators from all over the world with an opportunity to express themselves, participate in workshops, work and play together, this festival is also the perfect opportunity for any movie lover to discover new talents while enjoying the charms of one of the France’s most sophisticated towns.

Once you’ve had your fill of celluloid thrills, you can go out and explore everything that the former capital of independent Provence has to offer. Wandering the colorful, lively streets of the Old Town and the dignified, tree-lined avenues of the 17th and 18th centuries, you’ll come across attractive squares, fancy fountains and ornate buildings. Celebrated art institutions and prestigious schools have been ubiquitous since the early days and explain why Aix has remained consistently popular among students and art connoisseurs of all ages. Read the entire story here…»


Just as you’re slowly getting ready to put the shamelessly hedonistic times of summer behind, why not ease yourself into more intellectual pursuits by going to France for the “Salon des écrivains” (writers’ salon) in Fuveau, right outside the beautiful Aix-en-Provence? Since 1990, this lovely village has been hosting hundreds of writers from all over the world as well as their dedicated or accidental readers on the first weekend of September. And along the years this literary get-together has become an increasingly influential event where everybody casually mingles or engages in deep philosophical discussions in a totally relaxed atmosphere.

Salon des écrivains Logo Salon des écrivains Logo

You’re still feeling that you’re not ready for that much brain stimulation yet? No problem. On that very same weekend, the annual Saint-Michel celebration will keep your mind (and taste buds) focused on no less worthy pleasures as the popular tradition will allow you to sample a wide variety of local produce, from fruity olive oils to sinful cheeses, sweet-smelling honey, and wines in all three colors. And, of course, nothing prevents you from duplicating your enjoyment by heartily combining gustatory and intellectual experiences. Read the entire story here…»


If you’re planning a trip to Provence in the spring as a way to leave this never-ending winter behind, you can actually duplicate the benefits of that well-deserved break by attending one of the numerous conventions focusing on well-being in the region. After all, why not maximize the enchanting environment by getting a few tips from the pros?

Farmers market with sunflowers in Aix-en-Provence Farmers market with sunflowers in Aix-en-Provence

One of the most important salons of that kind is “Naturazen”, which will take place in Aix-en-Provence from April 15 to 18, 2011. During those three days, not only will you be able to spend time in one of France’s most beautiful and vibrant towns, but you will also have the opportunity to learn how to live in a more balanced life and be part of a more harmonious world, where renewable energies and environmental stewardship are not just wishful thinking but get actually implemented. More than 100 stands on topics such as natural cosmetics, organic produce, environmentally-conscious housing, personal development and literature & music will be waiting for your visit. You will also be able to attend talks on various themes revolving around how to lead and enjoy a healthier life. Read the entire story here…»


Aix-en-Provence photo Aix-en-Provence photo

Summer in Provence and live musical performances are two extremely attractive propositions in their own right. Together, they become a winning combination that can actually be enjoyed at Aix-en-Provence popular event,the world-famous Festival of the Lyrical Art, taking place every July.

You’d better start planning now though, because this year promises to be an exceptional one with, among other temptations, a brand new production of Mozart’s masterpiece, Don Giovanni, the same opera that helped make the festival a true success in 1949, in its second year of existence.

Even if you are not particularly sensitive to the lyrical arts, you cannot go wrong by staying in Provence’s former capital, Aix-en-Provence. Whether you prefer the tiny streets and dignified squares of the Old Quarter or the attractive townhouses and tree-lined avenues of the 17th and 18th century district of Villeneuve, we have the right accommodation in Aix-en-Provence for you:

If you’re coming with a large group of friends or family, our 4-bedroom vacation rental in Aix en Provence (PR-919) and its private garden, just 50 meters from the city center, is what you need. Read the entire story here…»


Aix-en-Provence, France Aix-en-Provence, France

The hottest attraction in the South of France this summer is the Exhibition “Picasso Cézanne” at the Musée Granet of Aix en Provence, and New York Habitat wants to make sure you have a South of France apartment to stay in when you go to see it.

Did you know that Picasso was a huge fan of Cézanne? He even owned three of his works. The exhibition highlights the influences of Cézanne on Picasso’s development as an artist, as well as thematic similarities in their works.  It’s a must-see exhibition that will thrill fans of both artists.

Although you may not have heard of it previously, the Musée Granet is no lightweight and it’s one of the best attractions in Aix-En-Provence.  Recently renovated, it is permanent home to a stunning sculpture gallery as well as an extensive landscapes collection and an impressive number of 17th century Italian paintings. Read the entire story here…»


Aix en Provence terrace pict Aix en Provence terrace

As you pack up the kids to head back to school, perhaps you are feeling a little nostalgic for your own school days.  Why not try and capture some of your collegiate spirit in one of the oldest university towns in Europe, Aix-en-Provence?  You won’t have to live in musty old dorm rooms with a luxurious apartment rental from New York Habitat.

Ideally located in the heart of Provence, Aix-en-Provence has been known as a university town since 1409. To this day, its reputation stands and is home to some of the most prestigious, and oldest, universities in France.  But if you’re not all about books and studying, don’t worry; there are plenty of attractions in Aix-en-Provence as well.

Museums abound in Aix, especially since the painter Paul Cézanne called this town home for much of his life.  Besides a museum built around Cézanne’s studio, his father’s house, and the surrounding grounds, is now also partially open to the public.  There are also quite a few museums dedicated to Aix’s history, which is quite extensive considering it dates back to 123 BC!  Aix is also well known for its fountains, bell towers, and architecture. Stroll about town, or rent a bike to get you around, and soak up the French atmosphere.  After your day of sight-seeing, head to Les Deux Garçons, a brasserie that’s been around since 1792 and has served such remarkable clients as Cézanne, French author Emile Zola, and American author Ernest Hemingway! Read the entire story here…»


Velib velo France Velib velo France

Since July 2007, Parisians have been taking advantage of Vélib (from the French vélo en libre service), the city’s new eco-friendly shared bike service that makes it easy to forego fuel-eating cars for something kinder to the environment in Paris.

The public bike rental system is (almost) free, and has become the hip new way for city-dwellers and tourists alike to get to work, run errands or take a leisurely jaunt through the city. To rent a bike, simply head to one of Paris’ 750 renting stations and swipe a credit card at the “borne”, or atm-like machine, get a bicycle pass, unlock the bike, and take off! The first half-hour is free; or you can purchase one hour (1 Euro), a week (5 Euros), or apply for a yearly pass (29 Euros) by mail. When finished with your ride, simply park the bike an any station near your stopping point. Well-equipped with baskets and easily-adjustable seats, these bicycles are making alternative transit easy and fun! Read the entire story here…»


Studio Meyreuil in Aix-en-Provence - PR-662As we continue our journey around the Southern France we have chosen Aix-en-Provence as #3 in the count down of the Top Towns to Visit South of France.

Once the capital of Provence, Aix-en-Provence has maintained the majesty and style that comes with being an economic and cultural center. Cours Mirabeau is the center of this charming town. This tree-lined avenue is the perfect place to take a scenic stroll or to watch passersby from one of the many cafés.

Home to several art schools and universities Aix-en-Provence has become the site of several annual festivals such as the International Festival of Lyric Arts and Music and The Dance Festival. Read the entire story here…»