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Today, the Burgh House is a museum and great place to visit during your trip to London. Before it was a museum, the Burgh House in Hamsptead was home to everyone from famous physicians to the military, who used it as a headquarters, to Rudyard Kipling’s daughter. The Burgh House is truly a place that holds a great amount of British history.

We have plenty of accommodations for you in Hampstead, starting with this one:

-This three bedroom vacation rental in Hampstead, Camden-Brent (LN-306) is a great choice when staying in Hampstead, it is only a walk away from Finchley Road tube station making the rest of London easily accessible.


All Hail Hampstead Heath, London! Photo of a bridge in Hail Hampstead's Park

No warm weather trip to London would be complete without a visit to Hampstead Heath, an amazing 790 acres of ancient parkland and idyllic public space within the capital—only a fifteen-minute Tube ride from the city center. Though often overlooked by tourists, the heath is one of London’s hidden rustic highlights, as well as a favorite of the locals. In fact, you can feel like a local by staying in a New York Habitat vacation rental in Hampstead this spring.

In addition to vast, sprawling grasslands and hills, Hampstead Heath has a chain of ponds along its perimeter—three of which are open-air pools accessible to visitors who don’t mind a cool, refreshing dip. The heath also boasts one of the highest points in London, so bring a camera along with your bathing suit to capture the breathtaking views from Parliament Hill (or nearby Highgate Hill). Read the entire story here…»