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London Events

Image of shopping street with colorful holiday lights, double decker buses and people shopping London’s streets are alive with colorful holiday lights and frenzied shoppers enjoying the sales.

The Holidays are such a festive and magical time of year, with all of the colorful decorations, nostalgic music and the scents of traditional holiday baking. It’s also a great time to travel and see cities you may have even visited before in a whole different light. Wander through markets, snack on seasonal nibbles and enjoy all those fun wintertime activities. What better time to visit a new city and immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions?

Holiday Light Illuminations

Image of shopping street with with double decker buses and angel-shaped Christmas lights Take in the holiday light displays as you check off items on your Christmas wish list.

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Image of the London Eye in front of trees decorated with blue Christmas lights Christmas lights adorn the path to the London Eye.

Can you feel that—the chilly breezes grazing your cheeks, the crisp leaves crunching under your boots? There’s no denying it: the holiday season is upon us. That means it’s time to start planning your holiday vacation. Truly, there’s no better time to visit London; it is a city so rich in culture, history and diversion, there’s never a lack of sights to see and explore. If you’re wondering what the best winter holiday attractions, markets and activities are in one of Europe’s most exciting metropolitan areas, look no further than this holiday guide.

1. Take Part in Holiday Celebrations/Events

Image of the decorative Christmas lights on Regent Street during the winter season Iconic Christmas lights on Regent Street in London’s West End.

There’s nothing more synonymous with Winter in London than its annual carnival/theme park held in one of the city’s most iconic grounds: Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This annual treat truly lives up to its name—you’ll find locals and tourists alike happily getting into the Christmas spirit. Ride the Giant Observation Wheel to get a picturesque view of the city, attend the family-friendly Christmas circus, or, for those adrenaline junkies seeking some thrill, ride some roller coasters. Admission to the park is free, and if you don’t feel like partaking in the games and rides available, simply grab some hot chocolate and sing along to your favorite Christmas songs blaring throughout the entire park. Read the entire story here…»


Image of Big Ben and Parliament Big Ben and Parliament are iconic images of the city

London, a metropolitan wonder, does not disappoint during the summertime. For the millions who call this U.K. capital home (and to the many more who visit in the months of June, July, and August) it is a city that celebrates its sunny days with style! Here are some of our favorite events and activities to enjoy in the 2015 London sunshine!

See Outdoor Movies in London

Image of movie screening at South Bank The South Bank is just one place where you can catch an outdoor movie screening!

  • Pop Up Screens: Science lovers are in for a treat during this annual cinema screening series. Alien, The Terminator 2, Apollo 13, Shaun of the Dead and others will be shown beginning May 15. For just £18 (and £12 for those in the National Union of Students) you can enjoy these films – with commentary discussing their scientific validity – at Chelsea Old Town Hall. Read the entire story here…»

Image of London skyline The London skyline is a sight to behold

It’s arguably the favorite word of children everywhere – summertime! Question: When school is out, what can you do to keep the kids from getting bored? Answer: get inspired from our list of our top 10 favorite family-friendly things to do in London! (But who says summertime gets all the fun? We recommend these top yearly events in London, too!)

1. Nearby beaches

Nothing spells summertime quite like a dip in the water! Broadstairs and Sunny Sands are two beaches located in the nearby county of Kent. In the county of East Sussex, you’ll find Camber Sands and in the county of West Sussex you’ll find Littlehampton Beach. The best part? All of these locales are under a two hour commute from the city. Day trip or weekend excursion? You decide. Take advantage of our London vacation rentals for easy access to beachfront adventures! Read the entire story here…»


London streets light up for Christmas The city of London lights up for the holiday season

It’s that time of year again! Snow is glistening and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. Christmas spirit has settled over London like fresh snow as the city lights up like a Christmas tree. In this article we’ve compiled all the best things to do for the holiday season, including holiday markets, outdoor ice skating, seasonal must-sees, and of course all those great Christmas activities you can’t live without.

Holiday Markets:

Hyde Park holiday market, with rides and ice skating The Winter Wonderland holiday market in Hyde Park

Hotly anticipated every year is the first day the holiday markets open. Glittering little shops spring up throughout the city, all of them great places to pick up a hot cocoa or a present for that difficult-to-shop-for relative. But of all the markets in town we’ve tracked down the very best. So be sure to visit one or two this holiday season!

  • A gorgeous park any day, Hyde Park looks like it’s straight out of a snow globe around Christmas. For that reason it has one of the best holiday markets in the country. The whole attraction is called Winter Wonderland but the market section is known as the Angels and Yuletide Christmas market, known for its unique stalls offering handmade gifts and hot cider. You can buy tickets to Winter Wonderland’s Christmas circus and ice sculpture garden, as well as to the biggest outdoor ice skating rink in the whole United Kingdom. The Angels and Yuletide market itself is, of course, free of charge. It runs every day from November 21st to January 4th, but the best time to come is just before dusk so you can watch the sun set over the park as the shops light up one by one. Read the entire story here…»

Most people travel to escape from the daily grind or to open their eyes to different cultures, geology and scenic views that will be remembered forever. According to search engine reports, searches involving the phrase “best things to do in ___” skyrockets during peak holiday seasons. With London standing at the forefront of the world’s best travel destinations, is it any wonder people want to know what’s happening in the Smoke City? Fear not! Through a careful selection process we have narrowed down the list of London’s best events to the truly exceptional top 10. These events are always internationally renowned, frequently attended by A-List celebrities, and often free or low-cost . If you’re heading to London this season, mark your calendars with these great events, and don’t forget to brush up on your London etiquette!

London Marathon

Photo of the London Marathon finish line Runners cover the final stretch in the London Marathon

Founded by previous Olympic Champions, the London marathon is a long-distance running event spanning over 26 miles (42+ kilometers). The majority of the route is over level ground along the Thames River. The course begins at three different points – the “red start” in southern Greenwich Park, the “green start” in St. John’s Park, and the “blue start” on Shooter’s Hill Road. All three routes converge in Woolwich and the finish line is on Birdcage Walk in Westminster. The London marathon is one of the top six world marathons that form the World Marathon Majors (for which there is a $1 million dollar prize). As such, it regularly attracts world-famous athletes and Olympic champions. The event is free and is usually held on a Sunday in April. Read the entire story here…»


Picture of the Tower Bridge in London. The Tower Bridge in London crossing the Thames River.

Ah, London in the summertime. Filled with warm breezes and cloudless skies, the city is most pleasing during this season – and there is no shortage of activities in which to revel! Whether it be kicking it in the shade or cheering on your favorite sports team in the open air, London offers a variety of fun and exciting events to make your summertime memories extra special.

Read on to discover all that London has to offer in the sunshine of the 2014 summer season– with this list of festivals, cultural events, movies and more!

Watch Outdoor Movies in London:

Image of the Film 4 Summer screening. View of the Film 4 Summer screen at the Somerset House.

  • Pop Up Screens: Looking for a romantic night out with your significant other? Perhaps you’d like to spend some down time with friends? This cult-classic movie night takes place all over London, and is usually outdoors. Film lovers can indulge in popcorn and a bar while watching a favorite flick. This summer will kick off with a showing of the hit-film Notting Hill at St. John’s Church in Notting Hill on May 4th. It will be indoors – rain or shine! Tickets cost £12 plus a £1.20 booking fee. If you’re interested in staying in the area, you may want to learn how to live like a local in Notting Hill. Read the entire story here…»

Picture of Oxford Street in London, decorated with Christmas lights Christmas lights at Oxford Street in London

Twinkling lights, frosty air and mulled wine: London is at its most magical during Holiday Season! From November until January, the city is turned into one big winter wonderland. There’s ice-skating at the Tower of London, holiday markets all over town, a huge Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square, and, of course, Christmas shopping on Boxing Day! In this article we’ll list some of our favorite activities in London during the holiday season, so you’ll be able to make the most of your visit to London in the autumn and winter of 2013.

Holiday Markets and Fairs in London

Some of the best things about holiday season in London are the many amazing Christmas markets in the city. Besides Christmas gifts, these markets also offer culinary delights such as mulled wine and farmhouse food.

  • If you only have the chance to visit one Christmas market, go to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This fair not only includes a huge Christmas market full of stalls offering handmade gifts and hot cider, but also has a Christmas circus, an ice sculpture garden, and the biggest outdoor ice-skating rink in the UK. While these last activities are ticketed, you can enter the Winter Wonderland site and Christmas Market for free. Walking around the snowy park, you’ll truly be filled with Christmas spirit! Read the entire story here…»

Picture of the Tower of London in summer The Tower of London basks in the sun on a hot summer’s day

Summer is an ideal time to visit London. The Royal Parks are absolutely beautiful, the weather is at its best and London is simply flooded with festivals and concerts! From open-air movies in the city to the carnival in Notting Hill, there’s something new to engage in every day.

This article will list some of the best events to attend in London for Summer 2013. Enjoy the festivities! Read the entire story here…»


Every year, people across the globe ask the same question: where will I celebrate New Year’s Eve this year? If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous and spectacular than your regular New Year’s Eve celebration, celebrate New Year’s Eve away from home this year, in a global city where you can party like never before!

New York City, London and Paris all offer New Year’s Eve celebrations that will make December 31st 2012 a night to remember! For something else entirely, you can also try one of the bubbly cities in the South of France, such as Cannes or Nice, where the New Year’s Eve parties last all night long.

Let yourself be inspired by the New Year’s Eve celebrations across the globe listed in this article to ensure you’ll have the best New Year’s Eve yet!

New Year’s Eve in New York City

Picture of Times Square in New York City on New Year’s Eve The ball drops in New York City’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York City is nothing short of spectacular! Every year crowds gather in Times Square to watch the ball drop as a new year begins, and parties can be found across the city! Read the entire story here…»