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Photo of Tower of London Photo of Tower of London

The Tower of London is the oldest building used by the British government. The Tower of London is famous for its history as both a royal palace and a prison. Located in the City, the Tower that was once the place of the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn, still remains a royal palace and is worth seeing during your stay in London. The Tower of London is located with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

There are plenty of great flat rentals in the City near the Tower of London including this three bedroom townhouse in Tower Hamlets-Canary Wharf that overlooks the Thames.


Photo of Saint Paul's Cathedral Photo of Saint Paul's Cathedral

Located at the highest point in the City of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral dates back to the 17th century. It was built in the renaissance style and the dome was created to resemble that of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. St. Paul’s Cathedral is beautiful in architecture and history. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married in this famous London church which is still busy with hourly prayer and daily services.

-New York Habitat has plenty of wonderful accommodations in the City for your next stay. For example, this one bedroom apartment in City- Islington (LN-725) is only minutes away from St. Paul’s Cathedral and is located among many restuarants and shops.


A view of the St. Paul's cathedral at night A view of the St. Paul's cathedral

One of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring sights in all of London is St. Paul’s Cathedral, especially when lit up at night. Seen from the South Bank, its crowns the cityscape with Sir Christopher Wren’s dignified and iconic dome and sets the stage for romantic, historical and ennobled London all wrapped into one. This unparalleled view has graced numerous films, has been captured by countless cameras—and can be enjoyed from your accommodation in London.

Perhaps one of the more recent films to make exquisite use of this landmark is “Closer” (2004), which shows cinematic London in all its glory. Making prodigious use of the South Bank, just across the Thames from St. Paul’s, as well as the National Portrait Gallery, the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane and the nearby, hidden oasis of Postman’s Park, the movie captures the city’s changing moods and singular beauty. It also portrays up close and personal looks into London’s “tourist attractions,” such as the London Aquarium on the South Bank or Whiteley’s shopping center, which are equally well-loved by locals. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of Liverpool Street station in London at rush hour Photo of Liverpool Street station in London at rush hour

Photogenic and historical, London is one of the most filmed cities in the world. From the days of Britain’s own Ealing Studios to recent Hollywood blockbusters, the city has been the backdrop (or the star, depending on how you look at it) of many of the most-loved and iconic movies of all time.  So New York Habitat has decided to celebrate cinematic London by bringing you a Top Five list of areas—and accommodations in London—that will have you following in the footsteps of some famous on-screen faces, starting with legendary Liverpool Street.

Located in London’s City, Liverpool Street is home to many of the city’s treasures—for the purposes of our list, the most notable is Liverpool Street Station, which served as a setting for David Lynch’s 1980 Romantic masterpiece, The Elephant Man. Read the entire story here…»


The neighborhood of City in a section of London located centrally with in the confines of the larger city, which is defined by its Middle Ages wall, which was built to protect the city. The City section is not one of the most popular residential areas within the city but is one of the chief areas for tourism and business so finding a well located accommodation within the City or near the neighborhood can make London a walk able city.

Central london View Central london View

The area of London, City:

The City of London houses the London Stock Exchange, as well as many other banking interested including the Bank of London. There are several high-rise buildings within the City of London including Tower 42, the Swiss Re Tower and Lloyds building, which houses Lloyds of London Insurance. In addition to having many business interests the City of London has the Barbican complex which was built during the 1970’s and 1980’s and housing, multiple performance venues and several restaurants.

Some of the top tourist sites in London are within the City neighborhood of London including The Museum of London which features historical exhibits about the city as well as remnants of the original wall surrounding the City of London, and the Tower of London located along the banks of the Thames River. Also popular in the City section of London are visits to the Bank of London. Read the entire story here…»