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Upper West Side

Image of a room with two double beds and a private bathroom in a dormitory-style building on the Upper West Side (NY-14890) A single room with private bathroom in a dormitory-style shared building is a cost-saving rental option for millennials

The Upper West Side is a popular neighborhood offering a variety of shopping and dining and access to cultural institutions like Lincoln Center and the Museum of Natural History.

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Image of the skyline over the rooftops of the Upper West Side of Manhattan Discover what makes the Upper West Side a great neighborhood to live in (Photo Credit: Sarah Ackerman)

There are many reasons why the Upper West Side is such an incredibly popular neighborhood. Maybe it’s the classic brownstones or the proximity to Central Park that’s alluring. Or the fact that it’s basically the backdrop of dozens of TV shows and movies. The convenience of everything this neighborhood provides is what makes it the backyard of many celebs. Who wouldn’t want Tina Fey or Al Pacino as a neighbor? While this all sounds very glamorous, you may think this makes the UWS side inaccessible to those without a celebrity salary. While there are certainly million dollar homes, apartment shares (i.e., renting out a room from an apartment owner) can make this dream life accessible to people with a more limited budget.


Infographic of room vs apartment prices on the Upper West Side Compare room vs apartment prices on the Upper West Side

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Image of the Upper West Side and Central Park, Manhattan The Upper West Side and Central Park seen from Midtown Manhattan

If your heart is set on staying in Manhattan for an upcoming trip to New York City, consider the vibrant neighborhood of the Upper West Side! The Upper West Side is ideally located within the borough of Manhattan: it borders Central Park and is close to many famous landmarks of the Big Apple. The upscale Upper West Side is also well known for its great selection of stores, restaurants and, not to forget, apartments! Its lively yet residential environment makes this neighborhood perfect for both short-term and long-term stays in New York City.

Welcome to the Upper West Side

Like its name suggests, the Upper West Side is located in the northwest of Manhattan. It’s bordered by Morningside Heights to the north, Central Park to the east, Hell’s Kitchen to the south and the Hudson River to the west. This means it’s lodged between West 59th Street & West 110th Street, between the river and the park. Because of this, the Upper West Side is a very green neighborhood with many amazing parks and tree-lined streets. The architecture is also quite striking, with beautiful brownstones alternated by great old apartment buildings close to Central Park. Read the entire story here…»


A baseball field in Central Park A baseball field in Central Park

Ready to enjoy the great outdoors in one of New York’s greatest assets? Head over to Central Park. Not only is Central Park one of New York’s largest parks in is centrally located in Manhattan making access from some of New York’s most popular neighborhoods including the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Harlem a breeze. Today we’ll explore some of the activities available in Central Park year round but that are best enjoyed in the pleasant New York spring.

Running and biking: Central Park is the perfect spot for training for the next marathon or bike race or to take a casually run or bike ride. There is a giant paved loop running the entire length of the park. A single trip around the loop is just over six miles. In addition you can shorten the loop by using some of the mid-park crossovers. There are easily designated 4 and 5 mile loops as well as the full loop. When using the path make sure to stay in the proper lane and pay special attention to the fast moving bikers who whiz by. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of Fountains at Lincoln Center Photo of Fountains at Lincoln Center

For months now New Yorkers have been excited about the new, renovated, and revitalized Lincoln Center. The famous collection of cultural and performing arts organizations spanning 16 acres on Manhattan’s Upper West Side (along Broadway, from West 61st to 65th Streets) is in the final stages of a top-to-bottom, $1.2 billion redesign that has made it one of the most inviting public spaces in all of New York City.

Perhaps the most immediately striking (and immediately popular) of Lincoln Center’s new attractions is the re-imagined Alice Tully Hall, which has become an instant Upper West Side destination. It’s no wonder why: the new Hall (which also houses the Juilliard School) is distinguished by a gleaming, three-story high, glass-enclosed lobby that juts towards Broadway like a ship’s prow and lets passers-by look inside to where student dancers and musicians are rehearsing. Just below the glass-walled extension is a sunken outdoor plaza with mini-amphitheater seating that makes it an ideal place to stop and take a rest. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of New York Central Park Photo of New York Central Park

New York’s Upper West Side is flanked by the Hudson River and Central Park on its sides and by Midtown West and Midtown East to its south and Harlem to its north. Home to Central Park West, Broadway and myriad brownstone residences, the Upper West Side truly New York, filled with typical New York Cafes, bagel shops, Museums and music venues. Here are some tips about the neighborhood.

Upper West Siders consider themselves less stuffy than their neighbors to the east and more refined than those to the north and south. Despite being smack dab in the middle of the New York Metropolis the Upper West Side, with its nice and cosy apartments, is largely residential and maintains a neighborhood feel. Travelers looking to stay within a short walk of the park, river and opera house need not look further than New York Habitat’s Upper West Side accommodations. Read the entire story here…»


The rich cultural history of the Upper West Side is one of its most distinguishable characteristics. As the home to numerous historical institutions, classic apartments and some the city’s most prestigious universities, the Upper West is one of the most popular residential neighborhoods in New York.

The Upper West Side stretches from 59th Street to the south, lined by Central Park to the east and bound by the Hudson River to the west. Once a shipping, transporting and manufacturing corridor, the Upper West Side soon attracted a diverse, eclectic mix of peoples as cityscape grew and developed.

Some of Manhattan’s most notable residential streets and avenues intersect within the Upper West Side. Riverside Drive, West End Avenue, Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue, Columbus Avenue and Central Park West serve as the setting for some of the most recognizable scenes in movies and TV shows. Due to the pre-War architecture, colorful community and rich culture life, movie and television film crews are no strangers to the Upper West Side. Read the entire story here…»


Last week, the New York Times published an article on the wonders of West 81st Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues) in their Streetscapes Section (“A Roller-Coaster Ride of Styles”) .

They invite us to discover a “memorable block” that combines a variety of colors and architectural styles that are certainly worth discovering. All house fronts differ and no house is similar to its neighbors. Strolling down the street will have the curious eye wondering about numerous details such as basket balconies, keystones, angled bay windows with ornate framings, gardens, and so much more. All this in a variety of colors as if to better fit the street’s capricious topography.

So if you are planning a stay in New York, why not include West 81st Street on your “must visit” list?

The Upper West Side features many interesting apartments with in a short walk. If you are thinking of coming to New York and want to stay in a diverse architectural neighborhood then consider some of these Upper West Side accommodations that are with in a short walk from West 81st Street.