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Montmartre - Sacre Coeur

Picture of Paris rooftops, Montmartre and the Sacré Cœur Montmartre and the Sacré Cœur rise over Paris rooftops

One of the most famous districts in Paris is also one of the most recognizable: Montmartre with its Sacré-Cœur Basilica can be seen rising high above the Paris rooftops from across the city. The 130 meters (426 feet) high hill is famous not only for its remarkable church, but also for its bohemian past. The village within a city once was the home to artists such as Salvadar Dalí, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. The picturesque Paris neighborhood still draws millions of visitors every year. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the top things to see on a daytrip to Montmartre! Read the entire story here…»


Photo of the Streets of Montmartre Photo of the Streets of Montmartre

Nestled in the hills of Montmartre, within the shadow of the area’s gorgeous Sacré-Coeur cathedral, lies the Clos Montmartre vineyard—a tiny relic of the once abundant vineyards that flourished all over this northern Parisian neighborhood.

Clos Montmartre claims only 16,000 square feet of land for its grapes, and as a walled vineyard, most tourists can walk right by the secret garden that continues the centuries-old tradition of creating wine on this beautiful hill in Paris without even realizing it.  But once a year, in early October, all of Montmartre celebrates the Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre—the Grape Harvest Festival. Read the entire story here…»


Our latest video, the 2nd in a two part series, will be taking us on a stroll of Montmartre, another beautiful area of Paris, but with a much different feel than the rest of the city. Montmartre is located in the north of the city above Les Grands Boulevards and the Opera.  Incorporated late into the expanding 19th arrondissement of Paris, the neighborhood was able to retain its quaint, village-like atmosphere. Nowadays, Montmartre is a lively bohemian center, making it an interesting stop on any Paris trip.

This is the second of our two-part series on Montmartre, so if you haven’t yet, I suggest you watch the first part of our video tour of Montmartre, Paris.

Video Tour of Montmartre, Paris, France – Part 2(6:12)

Tracking Artists in Montmartre

If you’re looking for art, the Place de Tertre is an art hotspot for tourists.  Places where famous artists lived can be found scattered on the hill. Keep a look out for plaques on some of the buildings and you may come across 54 rue Lepic, where Vincent Van Gogh lived with his brother on the second floor, or 49 rue Gabrielle where Pablo Picasso live when he first came to Paris. Other former artist homes are not labeled, such as the little houses along the Allée des Brouillards where Renoir lived (#6) with his family in the 1890s.  If you think you might like to take home some art, you can browse different artists’ works at the Carre d’Artistes, a sort of ‘art market’ at 16 rue Yvonne le Tac. Read the entire story here…»


Hello, I’m David Hill with New York Habitat.  In this video, we visit the lovely district of Montmartre, a Paris neighborhood with winding streets which  give the feeling that you have left Paris.

Don’t let that feeling fool you, though, as Montmartre is tucked away in the north of the city just above Les Grands Boulevards  and the Paris Opera in the 9th arrondissement.  Montmartre was one of the last towns to be combined into the expanding 19th century Paris, allowing it to retain a village-like atmosphere. Since then its gently rolling fields have been transformed into Paris’ lively bohemian center. Today the village feel and the city influence live in harmony, making Montmartre one of the trendiest and most curious districts of the city.

This will be the first of a two-part series of video tours on this fantastic neighborhood. You can watch Part 2 of our Video Tour of Montmartre here.

Video Tour of Montmartre, Paris, France – Part 1(6:23)

Place des Abbesses

If you’re arriving in Montmartre by metro, be sure to take the stairs if you are up for a big walk! Metro Abbesses is the deepest subway station in Paris and proof that we are indeed in the highest neighborhood of Paris. Read the entire story here…»


Pigalle is perhaps Paris’s most notorious neighborhood. Known for risqué revues and cabarets, the area was home to bohemian artist of the early 20th century, and it still exudes the avant-garde sensibility. This quarter’s racy reputation dates back to the 19th century—when Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was creating his iconic posters for the world-famous Moulin Rouge cabaret. No visit to Paris is complete without seeing the spectacle of the can-can in the gorgeous and romantic fin-de-siècle décor of the Moulin Rouge.

Photo of Artists in Place du Tertre Photo of Artists in Place du Tertre

Pigalle’s night life is not all there is to find in this Montmartre neighborhood. True, Boulevard de Clichy and Place Pigalle are dotted with adult stores, but that is not all this charming area has to offer.

Artists of all stripes will want to explore nearby Place du Tertre, the famous square where artists set up their easels to paint portraits of visitors and the local scenery. This Place was once the center of modern art, and painters like Picasso and Utrillo lived here, eking out a hand-to-mouth living. The area has become a great deal more posh, but much of the bohemian feel is still evident. Just steps off the Place is L’Espace Dali, a permanent exhibit of Salvador Dali’s surrealist artwork. This museum houses France’s largest collection of Dali’s sculptures. Dreamlike music accompanies you on your tour of melted clocks and mythological illustrations. There are even workshops for children to help introduce the wonderful absurdity of surrealism to a new generation. Read the entire story here…»


Paris Apartment 1 Bedroom Vacation Rental in Montmartre (PA-684) Paris Apartment 1 Bedroom Vacation Rental in Montmartre (PA-684)

Wine and champagne may flow freely in Paris but the city isn’t exactly known as a winery destination. Yet the City of Lights is actually home to several active vineyards, especially along the slopes of Montmartre. Every October, the 18th arrondissement plays hosts the Fete de Vendanges, or the Grape Harvest Festival. The joyous event brings the age-old tradition of the wine harvest to the city, attracting 350,000 Bacchus lovers annually.

This year, the five-day celebration will be held from October 7–11, taking over the bohemian neighborhood of Montmartre with exhibitions, free winery tours and tastings, a village market and a Grand Parade with fireworks. More than 120 artisanal stands will pop up around the Sacré-Coeur Basilica atop the Butte de Montmartre – the highest point in Paris – which means delectable food and local cuvées with an incredible view. Read the entire story here…»


Official poster for Treteaux Nomades Festival in Paris Official poster for Treteaux Nomades Festival in Paris

Paris is a city of the fine arts. From the masterpieces of The Louvre to the performances at the Opera de Paris and on the Metro platforms, visitors are submerged in French Art from the moment that their plane lands on the runways of Charles De Gaulle. Until September 7th the streets of Paris will liven with an array of performing arts thanks to the Tréteaux Nomades Festival, an annual celebration of theater, music and improvisation. As always, New York Habitat has dozens of apartments available before, during and after the public performances.

This theatre festival, organized for some ten years by the Compagnie du Mystère Bouffe, will be staging open-air performances throughout the capital with, as a natural backdrop, the Cour de l’Hôtel de Beauvais, the Arènes de Lutèce and the Arènes de Montmartre among others. After all, what could be a better stage than the City of Light itself? In the heart of the historical 18th arrondissement, guest companies revisit the repertoires of classic and contemporary writers and reveal theatre that is comical, colorful, touching and accessible to all audiences. Of course, all performances will be conducted in French, so Anglophones should have their French-English dictionaries handy. But, as theater goers already know, the beauty of the performance is often in the music and movement, not necessarily the words. Read the entire story here…»


Paris Accommodation: Studio Accommodation in Montmarte Sacre Coeur (PA-3596) Paris Accommodation: Studio Accommodation in Montmarte Sacre Coeur (PA-3596)

Montmartre is often spoken of as if it is a sprawling village stretching across the northern tip of Paris. Yes, it has an unmistakable village atmosphere, but sprawling it is not. The hill-top neighborhood is quaint in character and in size. Accommodations on the top of Montmartre’s butte are rare and are prime real estate in this city. Nowhere else in Paris are sweeping views as commonplace as here and no place else in Paris has Montmartre’s distinctive feel. With New York Habitat’s accommodations in Montmartre, visitors to Paris’ most famous hill can spend their days, nights, weeks and months enjoying the same views and side streets that have, and still do, inspire generations of artists.

This studio accommodation in Montmartre-Sacre Coeur (PA-3596) is on the very top of Montmartre’s famous butte. Its neighbors include a Salvador Dali museum, an open-air art market, the bleached-white spires of the Sacre Couer Basilica and the charming (as charming as burial grounds get) St. Vincent’s cemetery. Read the entire story here…»


Paris Accommodation: One bedroom rental in Montmarte - Sacre Coeur (PA-3463) Paris Accommodation: One bedroom rental in Montmarte - Sacre Coeur (PA-3463)

At the center of Paris’ bohemian and art history is the Montmartre quarter. While the famous butte’s artistic heyday was at the end of the nineteenth century, the bohemian appeal of the quarter remains. The Montmartre-Sacre Coeur area, in the 18th arrondissement, is still the home to winding village streets, spectacular views and this charming one-bedroom accommodation on the Rue Saint Eleuthere (PA-3463).

Renters looking to capture the spirit of the quarter in their Paris rental accommodation need to look no further than this one-bedroom apartment. While not huge in size, this flat is enormous on personality. Tastefully decorated with a quirky tinge might be the best way to describe the decor in the apartment. An oversized clock looms over the dining area while Warholian paintings grace the walls of the living room. Read the entire story here…»


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This one-bedroom apartment in Paris is now published on our website with a full description, floor plan and a complete set of pictures. Here are some other interesting details:

The Montmartre apartment:

One-bedroom in Montmarte living roomThe greatest asset of this apartment is the roof terrace. The shared outdoor space offers a great bird’s eye view of the city well above all of the activity below. The apartment is nicely furnished with a leather sofa and chairs as well as a unique feature in Paris: a king-sized bed in the bedroom.


The apartment is located conveniently near the Anvers metro station on the 2 line which runs from East to West and also near the Château Rouge metro stop on the 4 line which runs from North to South. The metro reaches central locations in less then 10 minutes. The apartment is also a short cab ride away from Gare du Nord, which offers train service to London and Brussels. Read the entire story here…»