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Row houses in Arles, France Row houses in Arles, France

Provence” is a name that never fails to evoke a myriad of boundless pleasures such as dramatic landscapes, penetrating scents, vivid colors, delicious food, mild weather, and much more. On the other hand, this vast topic can appear as rather intimidating to first-timers wondering where to start as well as veterans feeling there’s always more to discover. That’s when the annual event “L’Art de vivre en Provence” (The Art of Living in Provence) comes in handy by not only filling you in on everything you’ll ever need to know about this magnificent region, but also by doing it in the attractive Roman city of Arles.

That’s where this year, from November 24 to 28, the huge Provencal fair will host 150 exhibitors over almost 38,000 square feet, including a rest area and four food courts, and will welcome you in a totally magical world right on time to kick start the holiday season. You will get to sample many local specialties such as Camargue salt, Alpilles lamb, goat cheese and almond paste, all while sipping some light but memorable wines. Your palate will never be the same. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of Arles, France Photo of Arles, France

Nobody will argue that watching a live performance in an exceptional venue duplicates the enjoyment of the listener, and that is just what you will be able to do if you make it to the lovely town of Arles to attend its highly-regarded Jazz Festival from May 15 to 21.

After an inconspicuous debut in 1996, the event has continuously grown and steadily focused on offering the highest quality in jazz music, whether with promising or well-established musicians. Staying away from ephemeral trends, it has resolutely remained dedicated to bringing the various genres of jazz music to newly converts and hard-core aficionados alike. Extra bonus: The unique environment of the Chapelle du Méjan provides not only an outstanding setting, but also a welcome closeness between the musicians and the audience. Read the entire story here…»


The Camargue, South of France The Camargue, South of France

Far from the crowded beaches of the Riviera or the sizzling heat of the Provence countryside, Camargue offers its vast expanse of marshy plain, rice paddies, salt pans, white horses, black bulls and 400 different species of birds to the weary vacationer. Don’t be surprised if a pink flamingo, Camargue’s proud symbol, flies by and personally greets you shortly after you’ve entered its protected territory! Just south of Arles and west of Marseille, it is a completely different world from the more glamorous spots of the South of France and will quickly prove to be a true paradise on earth for the curious traveler in search of a refreshingly authentic escape.

Amazingly enough, Camargue has been inhabited for millennia without losing its wildness, and the French government was certainly sensitive to that incredible feat when it turned the largest delta in Western Europe into a highly treasured national park four decades ago. Consequently, local flora and fauna have never ceased to happily thrive in their natural habitat. Read the entire story here…»


Picture of white horses in Camargue Picture of white horses in Camargue

The South of France may not be known as cowboy country, but indeed the area known as the Camargue is full of horses, bulls and those who breed them. Aside from its ranches, this area is particularly interesting because Camargue, a huge nature reserve, is actually an “island” enclosed by the Rhône and the Mediterranean, giving the land its characteristic salt marshes and rice-growing fields.

Staying in New York Habitat’s 3-Bedroom accommodation in Arles, Camargue (PR-915) puts you right at the door of this incredible natural land. This apartment is available for weekly rentals, and is an excellent place for up to 6  people to stay while discovering France’s “Blue Coast.” And luckily for you, Arles offers plenty of attractions for your fun.

You’ll find this apartment in the middle of the historic center of Arles. It is on three levels and has a balcony overlooking an ancient roman arena. Its traditional features are an undeniable plus as could be able to boast about your exotic stay. Read the entire story here…»