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South of France Apartment Market

The South of France has been an international vacation destination for centuries, with admiring foreign visitors giving their names to prominent places such as the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. For your South of France trip, take part in the grand tradition of leisure and joie de vivre in Provence and the French Riviera with our vacation rentals! There are lots of options for recreation, relaxation, and everything in between. And with our wide selection of vacation rentals, you won’t have any trouble finding a unique home-away-from-home with features that the whole family will love!

1. Stunning Ocean Views

Image of two outdoor patio chairs on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea Picturesque views are just one of the many benefits of living by the sea

The Mediterranean Sea has always been a vital part of life in the South of France, as important to its culture as to its identity. Today, its warm blue waters are one of the biggest draws for visitors to the region. With hundreds of miles of craggy coastline and dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea, there are lots of options for enjoying the coastline. For one, you can take in amazing views of the water from right outside your door at our 6 Bedroom Rental in Bormes Les Mimosas, a hilltop vacation rental that will blow you away! Read the entire story here…»