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Kensington - Holland Park

It was recently announced Price William and Princess Catherine will be moving into the historic Kensington Palace in London. It’s a place familiar to William and his brother Harry as they both grew up with their mother, Princess Diana, in the palace.

Kensington Palace Kensington Palace

But the palace has a long history and is open to the public for tours. It is located at the west edge of Hyde Park, in the neighborhood Kensington and Holland Park.

The first building, the Nottingham House, built in 1605 was acquired in 1689 by William III as a residence away from the smoky London for the asthmatic king and later added on by famed architect Sir Christopher Wren, Kensington Palace became the home to the monarchs for years, up until George II in 1760.

Afterwards it was used for various members of the royal family. Queen Victoria was born and grew up in the palace and Queen Elizabeth II’s mother was born in the palace, and in 1981, it became home to Prince Charles and Princess Diana and remained Diana’s home until her death in 1997. Apartments 8 and 9 were combined to create a home for Charles and Diana, however the new Prince and Princess will not be living in that space, as it is currently occupied by offices. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of Kensington Palace Photo of Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is a royal residence and is home to many members of the British Royal Family. Located in the neighborhood of the same name, Kensington, the palace was also the residence of Princess Diana before her death in 1997 and is also used unofficially by Prince Harry. The state rooms are open to the public and are a great place to visit when travelling in London.

-To fully enjoy your visit of the palace and the lovely surroundings, consider staying in a flat in Kensington.This two bedroom apartment in Kensington-Chelsea (LN-861) offers views of Kensington Palace and the gardens.


London Apartment Studio Vacation Rental in Chelsea (LN-762) London Apartment Studio Vacation Rental in Chelsea (LN-762)

Earl’s Court in South Kensington is one of the most brilliant places to stay in all of London. Home to the renowned Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, a short walk from the museums on Cromwell Road, and a few tube stops from the summer happenings on South Bank, this area once well-known as a backpacker’s paradise has grown into the destination of choice for families, short-stay tourists and international travelers of every stripe. What hasn’t changed, however, are the budget-conscious values that the neighborhood offers—including a wide range of exciting and affordable New York Habitat vacation rentals throughout South Kensington.
To make the most of your travel budget, walk from your New York Habitat flat in Earl’s Court to the nearby Natural History, Victoria & Albert, and Science Museums by Knightsbridge—each of which has free admission. Keep costs low by avoiding entrance fees for “special exhibits” and taking advantage of the museums’ regular collections instead, which are amazing in themselves and have more than enough on offer for everyone. Also keep an eye out for free talks, tours and events, which range from late-night Fridays with DJs to “explorer tours” that allow children to become dinosaur detectives or hands-on wildlife experts. Read the entire story here…»


Hyde Park in the rain: London, England Pict Hyde Park in the rain: London, England

Last summer turned out to be a rather sodden affair in London, what with eight rainstorms in two weeks’ time. This year has turned out to be quite a bit better and brighter—but the wary locals still carry their brollies (umbrellas) with them just in case. To be on the safe side, New York Habitat is bringing you the five best—indoor—places in London to wait out a rainstorm… in addition to your NY Habitat London vacation rental, which goes without saying. Let’s start with number five on our list, The Orangery in Hyde Park.

As most Londoners will tell you, nothing beats a spot of tea during a proper downpour. As luck would have it, The Orangery provides some much needed shelter in the midst of Hyde Park’s open expanse. It also serves some of the best afternoon tea in town, complete with finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream and bite-sized pastries. The whole experience is so lovely, it will almost have you hoping that the rain won’t stop.

Of course, it’s only fitting that The Orangery’s interior is spacious and gorgeous since it was originally built as the Queen’s private sun room. Even without the sun, though, it’s still quite spectacular to see, as are the park surroundings.

What puts The Orangery on our list, however, is also its proximity to High Street Kensington, an area pulsating with people, shops, cafés, restaurants and nightlife. You can practically make it from one interesting establishment to the next without getting hit with a single raindrop. Read the entire story here…»


Victoria and Albert museum London Victoria and Albert museum London

For the last of our three-part series on Cromwell Road’s Museum Mile, the focus is on the vast and varied Victoria & Albert Museum. A stay in a vacation rental in Kensington just wouldn’t be complete without a visit inside its venerable walls.

The V&A is a beautiful building housing acres of artifacts and artwork from different continents throughout different centuries. From the awe-inspiring Italian Renaissance Sculpture rooms to the haute couture collections in the Fashion Gallery, the contents of the Victoria & Albert are both exhaustive and eclectic. If there’s something specific you want to see, hang on to your museum map, which makes navigating the Underground seem simple in comparison. Otherwise, just wander from wing to wing, soaking up the scenery. Fans of British and European classical paintings, Asian craftsmanship, medieval tapestries, modern textiles and design, contemporary photography or intricate Chihuly glasswork may want to make the V&A their second home—their first home, of course, being a comfortable, close-by New York Habitat vacation rental. Others, who may begin to feel a bit overwhelmed, might want to make use of the V&A’s outside courtyard, a relaxing square of greenery (complete with fountain) framed by the museum’s ornamental exterior. In the summertime, the courtyard hosts a celebrated fête and other late-night Friday festivities. Read the entire story here…»


London Accommodation: 2 Bedroom Rental in West Brompton, Kensington - Chelsea (LN-426) London Accommodation: 2 Bedroom Rental in West Brompton, Kensington - Chelsea (LN-426)

This two-bedroom apartment rental on Lilley Street is centrally located within some of the hottest neighborhoods in the West End of London. West Brompton is situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and nestled near Knightsbridge and Earl’s Court. The moment you step outside of your London flat, the possibilities for shopping, dining and entertainment are boundless.

Two-bedroom Apartment in London:
Looking for a quaint, charming Vacation Rental in London? Look no further! This West Brompton 2-Bedroom Accommodation in Kensington – Chelsea (LN-426) is located on the ground floor of a modern townhouse. The kitchen is equipped with all of the amenities both a gourmet chef and a novice cook could ask for, including an electric oven, a refrigerator, a kettle and a toaster. Notice the warm colors of the tile backsplash on the walls. It beautifully complements the honey cabinetry. Just imagine spending a morning in your furnished London apartment rental, sipping tea in the cozy, inviting kitchen. Read the entire story here…»