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Southwark - Bermondsey

Just south of the Thames is one of the oldest and most interesting parts of London. Over the years, Southwark has been everything from a Roman settlement to the home of Shakespeare. In recent times when it is the center of rebirth along the water in London.

The Shard and the Southwark market The Shard and the Southwark market

Southwark first became important as the ending point of the Roman London Bridge, constructed around 50 A.D. The area was abandoned when the Romans left in the 5th century and reoccupied around 886. During the middle ages it was home to monasteries with Southwark Cathedral being the oldest remaining place of worship from this time. Read the entire story here…»


Halloween in London is a relatively new holiday. For years, it was mostly a North American holiday. But recently, the British have joined in on the scary fun. Kids like to dress up and go tick-or-treating while the adults will don costumes and party as well. And there are few cities that can party like London.

The London Dungeon The London Dungeon

And with London’s long and often ghoulish history, it makes for a great place to spend the scariest night of the year. Whether you are looking to party or visit the sites of some of the most horrifying moments in history, London has it all on All Hallows’ Eve.

One of the most frightening places to spend Halloween is at The London Dungeon, an interactive horror experience and every year they put on a themed Halloween show. The scary Dungeon is located in the neighborhoods of Southwark and Bermondsey.The rest of the Dungeon takes you through some of the darkest times and places in London’s history, like the Great Fire of 1666, the plague, Bedlam, and Jack the Ripper. There are shows led by a group of actors and there are three rides, including the new Vengeance 5D ride where you shoot lasers at ghosts while on the fast-moving ride. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of Borough Market Photo of Borough Market

Borough Market in London is one of the largest food markets in the world. Located in Southwark, the market sells food from all over the world and focuses mainly on selling fruits and vegetables but has also begun to sell other fine foods. Visit Borough Market on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to browse the many different stands and to purchase fine foods.

To be able to go grocery shopping to the market whenever you want, consider staying in a flat in the Borough of Southwark, this 1 bedroom vacation rental in Southwark (LN-467) features a balcony and is within walking distance of three tube stations.


The Tate Gallery of Modern Art The Tate Gallery of Modern Art

The Tate Gallery of Modern Art in London is home to Modern art from around the world. Located in Southwark, the gallery which opened in 2000, holds art from 1900 to the present. Admission to the Tate Gallery of Modern Art is free and the gallery is open 7 days a week.

If you are an art lover, do not miss this world-famous museum! New York Habitat has plenty of flats available in Southwark, as well as accommodations throughout London. For instance, this two bedroom vacation rental in City-Islington (LN-843) is fully furnished and is only a trip over the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Gallery of Modern Art.


Thames River London Picture Thames River London Picture

If you’re looking for one-stop shopping for culture in London, look no further than the South Bank. This part of London, near Waterloo Station in Lambeth, boasts the National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall and British Film Institute among other attractions along the river. Stay in a New York Habitat apartment and you’ll be in the middle of the action.

With three separate theatres and a diverse repertoire, the National Theatre has something for theatergoers of all kinds. This season Alan Bennett’s play The Habit of Art is one of the hottest tickets in town and a new production of London Assurance with Fiona Shaw and Simon Russell Beale is coming up in March. If you don’t have time to see a show, be sure to check out their theatre bookshop and live music in the foyer every night at 5:45. On Valentine’s Day they’ll be hosting an outdoor screening of The Apartment on their Fly Tower, with drink specials at the bar. Read the entire story here…»


London Vacation Rental 2 Bedroom in Bermondsey (LN-409) London Vacation Rental 2 Bedroom in Bermondsey (LN-409)

In the summer, there’s no place better to spend your time—without spending a lot of money—than on London’s South Bank. Whether you stay for a week or a month, you’ll find free things to see and do there every day—and New York Habitat will also help you save with rental accommodations in the area, from an apartment in Vauxhall to a vacation rental in Southwark.

The warm weather brings with it a slew of summer festivals on the South Bank—and many of the shows and activities don’t charge admission. There’s free African and Caribbean dance outside Royal Festival Hall, as well as Brazilian, jazz, classical, swing and alternative music as part of late-night Fridays and lunchtime concerts. Look for live theatrical performances, outdoor movie screenings, comedy and acrobatics, and a temporary funhouse for all to enjoy. Read the entire story here…»


London: Thames River pict London: Thames River

Starting this year, the Bankside Winter Festival will sweep into London’s South Bank with the spirit of the holidays—stretching along the Thames in front of the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre, which are themselves amazing backdrops in any season. To really get into the festive swing, stay in a nearby vacation rental in London and be a part of all the spectacle and celebration!

Included as an integral part of the ten-day entertainment festival is the four-hundred-year-old Frost Fair, which used to be held on the actual Thames itself when the river would freeze over in midwinter. This more updated version is a modern take on those classic winter markets, with about forty stalls selling the perfect presents, from handcrafted goods and jewelry to one-of-a-kind crystals and fossils.
Although the river no longer freezes over, that’s not to say there isn’t a nip in the air. To keep it at bay, a main bar serving mulled wine, ale, hot chocolate and seasonal foods is set up among the stalls for intrepid shoppers. Read the entire story here…»


Tower Bridge Tower Bridge

Bermondsey Street in Southwark is one of the trendiest spots in the whole of London. Lined with bars and art galleries, the chic and stylish Londoners flock to this area at any given time. And close to the lovely Tower Bridge, what’s not to love about this two-bedroom apartment rental in southeast London?

Two-bedroom Apartment in London:
Sleek and luxurious living is what’s in store for anyone who rents this pristine abode. This 2-bedroom accommodation in Bermondsey (LN-257) showcases an open, modern kitchen, and two spacious double bedrooms. Read the entire story here…»


Millennium Pedestrian BridgeOne of London’s hot neighborhood is the Southwark area along the South Bank of the Thames (Bankside). The neighborhood has changed over the past 10 years with significant new development, including the opening of the Tate Modern Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and London’s new City Hall.

The furnished apartment market in Southwark:

The neighborhood has become increasing popular for apartment rentals because of its convenient location to London City.

Vacation Rentals in Southwark range from 830 pounds a week for a one-bedroom Vacation Rental in Bermondsey, Southwark (LN-467), near Waterloo Station.

To as much as 1,440 pounds for a 2-bedroom rental in Southwark (LN-692), with hardwood floors and large windows to let in natural light.


In between there, you can find a Southwark two-bedroom Vacation Rental (LN-528) with a balcony looking directly onto the river Thames, at 1,076  pounds per week. Read the entire story here…»