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Notting Hill

Explore London’s Notting Hill Discover Notting Hill in London

Colorful houses, a strikingly blue door, a bustling snow-topped antique market: these images will forever be linked to London’s neighborhood Notting Hill because of the famous 1999 movie bearing the same name. Surprisingly, the neighborhood isn’t so different from the picture painted in Notting Hill. Well-known for its Saturday market among both visitors and Londoners, the largely residential neighborhood boasts beautiful secluded gardens and impressive Victorian townhouses. It’s one of the most sought after areas to live in London, and a wonderful neighborhood to stay in during a visit to the city!

Welcome to Notting Hill

Notting Hill is located to the northwest of Kensington Gardens. It’s roughly bordered by Westway to the north, Inverness Terrace to the east, Notting Hill Gate to the south, and West Cross Route to the west. Ladbroke Grove, Kensington Park Road, Westbourne Grove, and, of course, Portobello Road, are all central streets in the neighborhood. The area is serviced by several London Underground lines, and Notting Hill Gate, Holland Park and Bayswater are its most important stations. While the neighborhood wasn’t fashionable until the 1980s, it’s now an affluent area with many great shops and restaurants. It’s still best known for two things: the annual Notting Hill Carnival and the weekly Portobello Road Market.

In this article, we’ll show you the best spots of the neighborhood, and give you a peek into what it’s like to live like a local in Notting Hill! Read the entire story here…»


Photo of the BBC Broadcasting House in London Photo of the BBC Broadcasting House in London

BBC Television Centre is the headquarters of BBC Television which puts out programs both within the UK and internationally. The Notting Hill building is known for its unique architecture in which it spans a circular block. From the air, the building is meant to look like a question mark. Book a tour at the BBC Television Centre in London to view this magnificent building.

If you like the neighborhood here’s a good choice to get you started in your search for a Notting Hill flat:

-This three bedroom accommodation in North Kensington, Kensington- Chelsea (LN-486) can sleep up to nine people and is near the BBC Television Centre. While staying in this spacious apartment you can arrange a tour of the BBC headquarters for your entire group.



Photo of Portobello Market Photo of Portobello Market

Portobello Market is a world famous market stretching 2 miles along Portobello Road which runs through Notting Hill, the London area made famous by the movie ‘Notting Hill’. Portobello Market is a huge tourist attraction and definitely worth the trip, at the market you can buy almost anything ranging from fruits and vegetables to antiques and handmade goods.

New York Habitat has plenty of convenient and cozy accommodations in Notting Hill for your next stay in the city. For example, this 2 bedroom vacation rental in Kensington-Chelsea (LN-39) is located in Notting Hill near plenty of restuarants, bars and shops.


Notting Hill, London Pict Notting Hill, London

While Notting Hill may be well-known worldwide for the eponymous film featuring the famous blue door, it made our top five list for two very different reasons: “Alfie” and “The Italian Job,” both watershed movies in the career of Michael Caine and in their portrayals of swinging ’60s London. If you’re a fan of either film or just love that time period in general, then Notting Hill is the place for you—and New York Habitat has the perfect pad (um…vacation rentals).

In 1966’s “Alfie,” Caine plays a playboy with an irresistible Cockney accent, about a million assorted girlfriends and a West London flat off Chepstow Road (at 29 St. Stephen’s Gardens, to be exact). That neighborhood was—and still is—the epicenter of happening London and hasn’t changed all that much in terms of being the place to see and be seen.

Filled with cutting-edge shops, retro fashions, antique decorations, laid-back cafés, cool cinemas and artsy residents, Notting Hill ranks as one of London’s must-see neighborhoods. That’s especially true on Saturdays, when Portobello Road market comes alive, just as it has been doing since the ’60s—the 1860s, that is! The streets overflow with international travelers, vendors, local celebrities (just look for the not-so-inconspicuous sunglasses) and more vintage finds than you ever imagined could be assembled in one place. Sienna, Gavin and Gwen all call Notting Hill home—and Alfie would fit in just as well there today with his mod look and stovepipe pants. Read the entire story here…»


Notting Hill London picture Notting Hill London

There’s nothing like summer in London. It’s the time for free outdoor events, musical Proms, festivals and theatrical plays in the park. Londoners get a two-month break from umbrellas and all the tourists flock to Oxford Street for—well, no one quite knows why.

Since something is sure to be happening in any part of the city on any given day of the season, let a vacation rental in London put you where the action is.

One such area that teems with activity when the weather turns warm is Notting Hill. If you groaned just now, it means you’re not such a huge fan of romantic comedies. No worries! The real Notting Hill isn’t much like its movie counterpart. It’s diverse, multi-faceted and much more fun, especially in the summertime.

The big draw on weekends, of course, is Portobello Market. Outdoor markets are synonymous with London in the summer and even if crowds and shopping aren’t your scenes, there are three reasons you still have to see it: 1) the sheer size and scope of the thing; 2) the excellent pubs with outdoor gardens that line the way; 3) the farm fresh, £1-a-bag fruit and produce stands clustered at one end (go especially for the ripe peaches and authentic Cockney accents). Read the entire story here…»