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St. John's Wood - Regent's Park

Photo of Abbey Road Studios Photo of Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios in London is the world- famous studio, that the Beatles recorded all of their music in between 1962 and 1970. The British government has deemed Abbey Studios a Historic site in London. Located in St John’s Wood, this is a great place to visit for any music lover while traveling in London.

We have plenty of flats available in St John’s Wood for you. For instance, if you still need a place to stay during your trip to London, this 2 bedroom vacation rental in St. John’s Wood, Westminster (LN-423) is located on Abbey Road.


The London Zoo, located in Regent's Park. Photo by Frankie Roberto The London Zoo, located in Regent's Park. Photo by Frankie Roberto

The London zoo which is home to over 15,000 animals of 755 species is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. The London zoo was also the first zoo to include a reptile house, a public aquarium, an insect house and a children’s zoo. Located in Regent’s Park, the London Zoo is open every day and is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for fun for the whole family.

-If you are looking for a place to stay during your trip to London, start your search with this studio apartment in Primrose Hill, Camden-Brent (LN-487) which is walking distance from the London Zoo. Don’t forget to also look into the great flats in Regent’s Park.


Photo of joggers in Regent's Park Photo of joggers in Regent's Park

Regent’s Park is perhaps the best known and most beautiful of all of London’s outdoor spaces, and itwould be a shame to visit the city in springtime without a stop there. While the park provides travelers with a much-needed midday rest, it is by no means a break in the sightseeing action. There are a plethora of things to see and do in the neighborhood, as well as plenty of nearby attractions—and New York Habitat vacation rentals in Regent’s Park!

After some shopping on tourist-heavy Oxford Street, visitors to London can start a pleasant and un-crowded walk to Regent’s Park north via Portland Place, an architecturally rich street on which the Royal Institute of British Architects is found. (Two alternatives would be Marylebone High Street, for boutique stores and chic cafés, as well as a direct path to the planetarium and Madam Tussaud’s, or Baker Street, for all things Sherlock Holmes, authentic and cheap English eateries, and the well-hidden Ray Cochrane Beauty School, which offers deeply discounted massages and cosmetic treatments…a London rarity.) Read the entire story here…»


Regents Park hub in London's Regents Park Picture Regents Park hub in London's Regents Park

For those in love with London, there are countless arguments over all that the city has to offer, from where to see the best art collection to which pub serves the perfect pint. In summer, though, it’s all about which park is top pick to spend those precious sun-drenched days in. Deciding is no easy task when you consider that thirty percent of London is covered in parkland—but the attractions that Regent’s Park has to offer give it a distinct advantage over the others. Check out accommodations in the Regent’s Park area, one of London’s most beloved public spaces—but you’ll have to remember to pack your own picnic basket!

One of the things that makes Regent’s Park our top choice is its open-air theatre, the perfect alternative to high-priced West End shows. For a fraction of the cost, you can buy yourself a standing-room-only, blanket-sized space on the theatre’s sloping lawn and watch a Shakespearean performance, a mid-summer’s night musical (this season’s selection is Gigi), a concert or a comedy revue. Sure, the theatre sells some high-end concession snacks, but you can always stash a few candy bars in your purse or pockets—and enjoy a show under the stars for a couple of quid. Read the entire story here…»