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New York Student Housing

Image of Columbia University library with students sitting on the steps Live just steps away from your New York City University!

It is an enriching experience to be able to study in one of the most exciting cities on earth – New York City! But unlike in a small college town, some university students who are already tired and pressed for time, will spend hours commuting to and from class each day on buses and subways. Additionally, if you’re not a native New Yorker, you don’t need the added stress of navigating public transportation to get to school on the first day – there will be plenty of time during the semester to explore NYC using its transit system.

That’s why a carefully chosen and affordable furnished rental near your college is an ideal way to avoid hassle and save time in your busy student schedule, while enjoying a homier environment than a university dorm. Read the entire story here…»


Photo of students searching an apartment on Photo of students searching an apartment on

In the December 11th 2006 issue of Forbes magazine they report that apartment buildings specifically tailored to students can be a wise investment. In addition, offering furnished apartments can be a good way to boast the rental occupency rates.

Furthermore, since the student population in The United States has grown nearly 20 percent in the past 10 years to 9.5 milion, the need for quality student housing is great. In New York where the housing market is always tight, quality, well located, furnished student housing can be an attractive rental option, whether it’s a room for rent in Manhattan or a whole apartment in Brooklyn. Owners that have converted their housing to student housing see several advantages including:

  • A relatively high 6% to 7% capitalization rate (1)
  • Reliable payment guarantees since parents are often guarentors (1)
  • Strong demand for their units as the market continues to grow
  • New York Habitat is the perfect venue for property owners in New York to list their student housing options. With our team of professionals we can help to determine what amenities are needed to make the rental successful and which groups might be most interested in renting the apartments.

    In addition to our services in New York our teams in Paris, London and the South of France are well versed in their territories and can be helpful in making your student accommodations profitable. Our relationship with academic institutions through out the world enables us to provide a steady inflow of students interested in finding housing.

    (1) Swibel, Matthew. “Dorm Deals.” Forbes. Dec. 11, 2006: 186-188.


    Student GraduationIn the November 13th, 2006 issue of Crain’s New York Business new statistics were released about the number of international students currently studying in New York City. For the first time there are over 50,000 international students residing in the city.

    Finding apartments in New York especially for international students can be particularly difficult because many landlords require credit checks, local references or income statements. New York Habitat is in the unique position to provide student housing because we specialize in short term furnished accommodations, which often require less “red tape” in the booking process then options other brokers may have. Read the entire story here…»


    student graduation new yorkNew York Habitat is excited to learn of the recent educational partnership between New York University and The American University of Paris. Our student housing service, New York Habitat Academics, is anxious to assist in providing high quality furnished rental apartments in Paris or New York for their students. Here is a press release issued by the New York University and the American University of Paris.

    With New York Habitat’s recent introduction of New York Habitat Academics division we are distinctively positioned to help offer housing to students participating in this partnership. Over the past several months we have worked with Columbia University’s architecture program to provide housing for their students studying in Paris and New York and we continue to build relationships with schools through out the world. Indeed, we offer plenty of convenient and comfy apartments throughout New York City and Paris. Furthermore, since we understand the situation  of most students, we have also a long list of rooms in apartment shares in New York and Paris. Read the entire story here…»