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Image of London red phone booth with taxi cab in the background. London’s signature red phone booths reflect the most beautiful colors of the season.

London is invigorated with new life during the fall season. The centuries of history woven into the brick buildings and cobblestone streets as well as famous landmarks like the Tower of London create not only a quaint and moody atmosphere for the cooler, wetter autumn season, but also great places to explore as the Halloween holiday approaches! London was practically designed to open its arms to autumn; with all its hospitable pubs, scenic parks, historic locations and cozy furnished apartments available to you, there’s no better time to book your stay in London and visit this magnificent city.

Use your eyes and the Eye for the best views of fall

Image of a tree-lined path in Regent’s Park in autumn. Regent’s Park is our top recommendation for a stroll to see the best autumn leaves. (Photo credit: Garry Knight)

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Image of people crossing a busy London street with the Union Jack flag overhead The beautiful summer weather in London brings locals and travelers alike to the city’s beautiful streets

Summer has begun, and with it one of the best times of the year to visit London! If you’re dreaming of a London vacation this summer but you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck: Not only do we have a guide of our best bets for summer fun that native Brits look forward to all year, but we also have plenty of furnished apartments close to any activity that interests you. The city of London offers unique opportunities to experience the authentically urban vibe of the city with street fairs and outdoor movies, but also a chance to escape to a natural sanctuary through one of the city’s many parks and outdoor spaces. Read on to see everything exciting happening in London this summer and plan the getaway that’s perfect for you!

Spend a day at Fulham “Beach”

Image of people sitting in lounge chairs at Neverland London’s Fulham beach club with the Thames river in the background. Enjoy a day at the “beach” along the Thames in the heart of London! (Photo credit: Neverland London)

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Image of Buckingham Palace with planted gardens around it Buckingham Palace is not for rent - but you can still find a fab furnished flat in London (Photo credit: David Iliff)

As warmer weather arrives, there’s no better time to cross the pond and check out all the cool events going on in London this spring! Indulge your senses in manicured English gardens, try a different spin on afternoon tea, or just soak up some British culture along with that springtime sun. Whatever your excuse to take that trip to London you’ve always dreamed of, make it a truly authentic adventure by experiencing life like a local. Rent a flat with English character, a view of the Thames or a unique local neighborhood vibe. At New York Habitat, we have apartments for every taste and style so you can find the perfect rental in London to call home.

RHS (Royal Horticulture Society) Chelsea Flower Show (22-26 May)

Image of a Mini Cooper made out of flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show Nothing screams London in spring like a Mini Cooper made of flowers

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Image of Carnaby Street with colorful Christmas lights, people strolling the cobblestoned streets The Carnaby Christmas Carnival lights up the streets of London’s West End (Photo credit: Alex Stoen - Instagram @alexstoen)

Don’t let the travel off-season in Europe keep you from discovering the magic of London at wintertime — this city is just heating up for winter’s merriment! Historic streets and squares take on a wintertime mystique when illuminated with colorful holiday lights and decorations that bring back a childhood sense of fascination. Take advantage of low airfares and discounts on apartment rentals, and explore the magic of London in wintertime minus all the tourist crowds!

1. Covent Garden

Image of Covent Garden shops with lights and ornaments hanging from the ceiling Shop under the mistletoe in Covent Garden (Photo credit: Andrew Thomas -

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Image of Tower Bridge over the River Thames in London Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic sights in London (Photo credit: Iakov Kalinin)

Crisp air, warm mulled cider, and gorgeous gold and rust-toned trees creating an ever-changing display — these are just a few reasons autumn is many people’s favorite season. Seasoned travelers also know it’s the perfect time to see popular cities like London without the summer tourist crowds and never-ending lines. Special fall deals on airfare and accommodations mean there’s no excuse to put off the trip to London that you’ve always dreamed of! In case you need more motivation, check out these spectacular fall happenings that are sure to add some autumn spice to your trip…

Image of pastel colored townhouses in the Notting Hill section of London Instagram your heart out as you stroll the colorful neighborhood of Notting Hill (Photo credit: S Pakhrin via Flickr)

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Image of street in Oxford, England with double-decker red bus Discover all that Oxford, England has to offer

1. Oxford

If you’re a royal-watcher, history buff or British music fan, then London is probably on your travel bucket list. What most tourists don’t realize is that while renting a strategically placed furnished apartment in London, you can easily take day trips to these seven exciting destinations outside of London proper.

Just one hour away from Marylebone Station is the home of one of the world’s most famous universities, Oxford. Visit for the beautiful architecture and the history (walking tours are available as well). The University of Oxford Botanic Garden has family-friendly trails and picnics are encouraged! For a taste of history visit Oxford Castle, a 1000-year-old Norman medieval castle. Art lovers will enjoy the Ashmolean Museum (the world’s first university museum) which houses ancient and modern art and antiquities — and admission is free! At Carfax, the center of Oxford, you can take in the view from St Martin’s Tower — also known as Carfax Tower — the highest building in central Oxford!

Image of living room of LN-1080 in Paddington with windows overlooking the street This duplex vacation rental is great for families

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Image of Thames River with Big Ben and Parliament in the background London is full of fun in the summertime!

1. Beautiful Parks & Squares

Summertime is the best time to head to London’s parks and squares. Trafalgar Square is always a center point of the city action, and in the summer it’s the place to be for free open-air events. Covent Garden also attracts visitors with its shopping, dining, and theater offerings, and in the summer you’ll be treated to an array of jugglers and musicians performing live in the Piazza. Wander around the South Bank cultural district and you’ll come across plenty of great outdoor events, music and performances. If you prefer the quiet of nature without all the commotion, London’s parks have a plethora of serene green spots to chill out and escape the city. St. James’s Park has a lovely central lake, views of Buckingham Palace, and pelican sightings! For the kids (and the Princess Diana fans), there’s Kensington Gardens, in which the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is a favorite among children, and the memorial fountain is a hot spot for devoted fans to swim and have fun.

2. Outdoor Cinema Screenings

Image of people sitting outside watching a large movie screen Take in an outdoor movie in a picturesque London park (Photo credit: © Luna Cinema)

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Image of a group of tourists looking at Tower Bridge Don’t miss the beautiful aspects of London that isn’t too well known!

London’s international allure reaches far beyond the handful of landmarks you see on postcards – ask anyone who has lived there for a while, or any traveler who didn’t think one visit did London justice (or two visits, or four). Buckingham Palace is fancy, Westminster Abbey magnificent, and Big Ben’s dial has really long hands, but those who’ve developed a true affection for the world’s first global city tend to take their visiting friends to other attractions. We Anglophiles of New York Habitat hereby present seven of our personal favorites among London’s less established sites.

1- Redefine high tea in a double-Decker: the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Image of the interior of a red London bus converted into a small restaurant Tour London while enjoying afternoon tea

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Image of London skyline with Big Ben, the London Eye and River Thames Don’t miss London’s sights and sounds in springtime

Springtime in London

As the weather warms from the chill of winter months, London awakens from its slumber with flowers blooming in the local squares, temperatures rising to that perfect balance of warm yet breezy and everyone heads outdoors to enjoy all that this stunning city has to offer — without all the summer crowds. It’s precisely why we think spring is the perfect time of year to visit London! We’ve got apartments near breathtaking gardens and apartments with breathtaking gardens. Because everyone marches to their own drum and has their own reason for visiting London, from the royal watcher to the English history buff, the fashionista to the British music fan, so shouldn’t where you stay be just as personalized? With options ranging from basic for those on a budget, to luxurious bucket list favorites for a special occasion, and everything in between, find the apartment that fits you perfectly!

Experience London Like the Locals

If you really want to get to know a place, position yourself among the locals, not in a pseudo-London created just for tourists. Sure, we all want to see all the iconic London sights, but who says you need to stay in a sterile feeling hotel surrounded by shops and restaurants marked up double price just for tourists? Instead, why not rent a one-of-a-kind apartment all your friends will be jealous of, wake up to your own schedule not housekeeping’s, socialize with the locals, and shop and dine where the insiders do. Tourists’ traps are rarely worth it, and the locals always know all the best spots!

Image of bedroom of LN-1725 in Primrose Hill with French doors opening to a terrace Rent an apartment with a terrace and really enjoy the spring weather in London

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Image of Union Jack flags strung between buildings So many unique neighborhoods make up the city of London, how many are you familiar with?

An Area Steeped in Literary History & Academic Achievement

Bloomsbury, London’s most vibrant and historic district, is situated in the southernmost part of the Borough of Camden and is recognized as the intellectual and literary capital of London. This lively and remarkable area was made most famous by a group of turn-of-the-century writers that included Virginia Woolf and Charles Darwin. The arts and education have a long history here, so it’s not surprising some of the most prestigious, oldest and most important schools and colleges in London and all of the UK are found in this neighborhood. The University of London has made Bloomsbury the base for a number of its colleges, including the famous London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. On any given day a lively rush of students and professionals keep the area buzzing.

What could be a better location to rent an apartment if you’re coming to London for academics or professional pursuits? You’ll find likeminded colleagues and intellectuals studying over a cup of tea at one of the neighborhood literary cafes or bookshops or winding down their day with a pint and some stimulating conversation in one of the local pubs.

Image of the facade of the former Hotel Russell with double decker bus in front The former Hotel Russell is still an impressive landmark of the area

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