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London Travel Tips

Picture of the streets of London. The exciting cityscape of London.

1. Museum Donations

In London, most museums are free with a request for donation. In the excitement of learning something is free it’s easy to walk right past the lobby to the exhibits. However, stopping to make a donation is expected – and appreciated! It’s considered impolite to deny the museum a donation, and rightly so. Cultural institutions such as these require large sums of money to remain open to the public, and they can only do so with the money given to them by grateful visitors. The easy accessibility of museums to people of all classes is crucial for the betterment of society. If you have a spare pound in your pocket (that’s the British currency!), consider giving it to the educational space that allows you such a magical experience. Of course, in the same regard, visitors who do not have money should feel free to explore the museum grounds free of charge. If this is the case for you, consider making a small donation on your next visit! For more fun things to do on a budget, read our blog on the Top 10 Free Things to See and Do in London. Read the entire story here…»


London, along with the entire UK, is famous for its bustling pub culture. In recent years, however, the city’s coffee culture has become a close second! The new specialty coffee wave that has swept the globe has finally taken a firm hold in London. Expert baristas from Australia and New Zealand have persuaded lovers of tea and pints alike to give their freshly roasted coffee beans a try, and their success can be seen across the city. Coffee shops serving single origin coffee made with high quality coffee beans from all over the globe have sprung up in almost every neighborhood of London!

In this article, we’ve selected ten of our favorite coffee shops in London. We’ve tried to focus on cafes that offer something a little different than your run-of-the-mill coffee place. From coffee shops that also sell bike parts to cafes that serve coffee-based cocktails at night, we’re confident this list has something for everyone!

1. Kaffeine

Picture of a cup of cappuccino in London A perfectly brewed cup of cappuccino in London

Inspired by the coffee culture in Australia and New Zealand, Kaffeine brews some of the best coffee in town. The experienced baristas use quality Square Mile beans, which you can really appreciated when you order an espresso. Besides coffee, Kaffeine also serves delicious, locally sourced food. The banana bread is something to try! The small café can get quite crowded during lunchtime, so it’s best to visit in off-peak hours. You’ll find Kaffeine on Great Tichfield Street in Fitzrovia, just a couple of blocks north from Oxford Circus. Read the entire story here…»


Known throughout the world as one of the best shopping cities in Europe, London is a fantastic destination for a shopping holiday. From thrift shops to luxurious department stores, London really has it all when it comes to shopping. In this article, we’ll highlight some of our favorite shopping spots in London.

We’ve categorized them accordingly so you can easily find the type of store you’re looking for. Happy shopping!

1. London’s Famous Shopping Streets

Picture of shoppers in Oxford Street, London Shopping in London’s Oxford Street

London is filled with famous shopping streets that almost have reached landmark status in the UK. Arguably the most famous of them all is Oxford Street in London’s West End. Oxford Street starts at Marble Arch at the northeast corner of Hyde Park and runs all the way east to St Giles Circus at the intersection with Tottenham Court Road. It’s the busiest shopping street in Europe and features more than 300 stores. Read the entire story here…»


Picture of London’s Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben taken from Westminster Bridge  View of the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben from Westminster Bridge in London

London is a remarkably kid-friendly city. From sprawling parks to run around in to museums designed entirely for kids; the city has many things to offer for families. A family holiday to London also doesn’t have to be expensive: there are many ways to save money on a family trip to London. If you select your accommodation and activities during your trip carefully, you can have a great holiday without overspending!

In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to save money on a trip to London, including tips on finding affordable accommodation and free sightseeing activities! Read the entire story here…»


Picture of a rainy Trafalgar Square in London Trafalgar Square on a rainy day in London

How many times have you found that the weather puts paid to the best laid plans? When you are looking forward to spending a day in the park, strolling through the busy streets, taking lunch outside?  There is one thing we can never be 100% sure of and that is the weather.

England’s capital city, London is not renowned for its fair weather.  Days of glorious sunshine may be, and often are, followed by periods of unsettled weather.  It is recommended to make a plan B for this eventuality.  So what are some great ideas for getting you out of your apartment when the weather is not being kind?

We’ve gathered a bunch of indoor activities throughout the city to make sure you still can still enjoy London to the fullest, rain or shine! Read the entire story here…»


A picture of fish & chips served with mushy peas in London Traditionally prepared fish & chips with mushy peas in London

London’s culinary culture is often underrated, while the UK capital has a lot to offer when it comes to food!  There is one inherently English dish that has delighted inhabitants of the Commonwealth for years: fish and chips. The first fish and chips shop in the world was opened in London in 1860, and the meal quickly gained popularity not only in the UK, but also in the British colonies. This is why today you can find variations of the original fish and chips in Canada, Australia, the United States and many more countries across the world.

Image of a neon fish & chips sign in London Neon sign of fish & chips place in London

This simple dish consists of deep-fried battered white fish served with chips. The batter can be made using water and flour or by using beer and flour instead.  In the UK, the proper way to eat fish & chips is with salt and vinegar. Common sauces are ketchup or tartar sauce, while mushy peas often serve as a vegetable accompaniment. If you want to taste the original dish, however, you’ll have to come to the UK. And what better place is there to try fish and chips than the city where it all started?

Nowadays, there are hundreds of spots where you can buy fish and chips in London, ranging from food trucks to fancy restaurants. On our Foursquare page we’ve already started a “best fish & chips in London” list to try and select some of the best places to try fish & chips.

In this article, to help you in your quest to find the best fish and chips experience in London, we’ve narrowed the list down to our top 5 best fish & chips restaurants in the city! Read the entire story here…»


Picture of a dinosaur skeleton on display in the London Natural History Museum Dinosaur skeleton at the London Natural History Museum

London has a reputation of being an expensive city. Especially if you’re visiting with kids, it can be hard to stay within budget with all the things you want to do and see. However, London is also a city with countless free attractions: in fact, there’s enough to keep you entertained all summer! You just have to know where to look. A summer holiday in the capital of England can be the perfect family getaway, especially since there are so many free kid-friendly things to do in London. To show you how kid-friendly London really is, we’ve gathered fun and free things to do for the whole family this summer! Read the entire story here…»


Always wanted to visit London? There’s no better time than during the 2012 Summer Olympics! From July 27th to August 12th, London will host the Olympic Games for the third time in history. The biggest sporting event in the world is a great reason to come and visit this bustling city! If you’re having problems finding accommodation this close to the start of the Olympics, we’ve still got vacation rentals available all over the city for the summer. You can check out the whole list of our vacation rentals in London, and see below for a sample selection of apartments for the Olympic period.

We have a 1 bedroom apartment in Canary Wharf (LN-1179) available for rent by the week, which can sleep 2 people. This makes it an attractive option if you’re on a bit of a budget, since the weekly rent split two ways comes to a daily rate of about £70 per person per night. For this price, you get a modern apartment in a high rise with on-site gym, a 24 hour concierge, and a private balcony providing spectacular views of the Thames, Docklands and the O2 Arena.

The Stadium is part of the main site of the Olympics: the newly constructed Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Eastern London. Here you will also find the Olympic Village, the Aquatics Centre, as well as Britain’s new observation tower and largest piece of public art: the ArcelorMittal Orbit. During the Olympic Games, this is definitely the place to be! Public transport to the city center is also conveniently close by, so you won’t have to miss any of the Olympic events at other locations.

Image of one of the bedrooms in our Limehouse vacation rental apartment The two bedrooms of the vacation rental in Limehouse have a contemporary design

Another apartment with a convenient location is our 2-bedroom vacation rental in the Limehouse area near Canary Wharf. This apartment is located on the edge of the Limehouse basin, from which you have beautiful views of the Canary Wharf skyscrapers over the water. There is a Docklands Light Rail station right down the street from the apartment, where you can take a northeast-bound train to the Olympic Park or a westbound train to the City of London and the other Olympic sites. Read the entire story here…»


221B Baker Street, London 221B Baker Street, London

This month, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will hit the theaters.

There are few characters most closely associated with London than Sherlock Holmes. Given the amount of Holmes’ sites in London, you wouldn’t know he was a fictional creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Upon arriving at the Baker Street Tube station, the Metropolitan Line walls are covered in scenes from Holmes stories and if you exit on Marylebone Road, you’ll come upon a 9-foot statue of Holmes in his famous deerstalker hat.

Just around the corner on Baker Street is perhaps the most famous address in London, 221B Baker Street. And although Holmes may be fiction, the address is real. There sits the Sherlock Holmes Museum, a faithful recreation of what Holmes’ and Watson’s flat rented from Mrs. Hudson would have looked like as described in the books, complete with a blue historical marker denoting the years Holmes’ would have spent in the home. Upton entering the building and walking up the 17 steps (as mentioned in “A Scandal in Bohemia”) you are surrounded with ‘artifacts,’ wax figures of characters, and other potential belongings of Holmes. Usually an actor playing Holmes or Mrs. Hudson will greet you in the museum as well. Below is a gift shop complete with deerstalker hats and pipes you could imagine Holmes using himself. Read the entire story here…»


Winter is a great time in London. The primary tourist season is over so many of the attractions are easier to get into. And on top of that, London in the winter is unique time. Like always. London offers numerous special events.

Tower Bridge in London with Fireworks above Tower Bridge in London with Fireworks above

On November 12, the Lord Mayor’s Show takes place, just as it has ever year since 1215. The procession is for the Lord Mayor to pledge allegiance to the Queen. The procession takes place in theCity and goes from the Mansion House, home of the Lord Mayor, through St. Paul’s Cathedral and finishes in the area of Bloomsbury – West End at the Royal Courts of Justice. At 5 p.m. the event concludes with a firework show on the Thames. Read the entire story here…»