rugby world cup 2007Last week we discussed the Rugby World Cup games in Marseilles and this week we continue our trip to Montpellier, where we will see an additional four matches played. New York Habitat offers a selection of apartments and villas in the Montpellier Region.

Montpellier is located in the Languedoc region in the South of France and serves as its capital city. It is known as a youthful town with three major universities and six smaller schools. There are an estimated 70,000 students in the city, which equates to 25% of the population. It is located just inland from the Mediterranean Sea, therefore offering easy access to beaches and water activities.

Some of Montpellier’s major attractions include a main shopping district with department stores and luxury shops. Festivals throughout the year include a theater festival (Le Printemps des Comédiens), a dance festival and two opera houses: the Opera Berlioz and the Opéra Comédie.

Montpellier is one of the smaller venues to host games during the World Cup of Rugby. La Mosson stadium seats 33,650 people for Rugby events. For the 2007 Rugby World Championship, the stadium will be hosting four matches, all in the first round of competition. The contests include: the United States vs. Tonga or Korea on September 12th, Samoa vs. Tonga or Korea on September 16th, Australia vs. Fiji on September 23rd, and South Africa vs. the United States on September 30th.

New York Habitat is one of the top providers of furnished apartments and villas in the South of France, including Montpellier. Some of the choices include a 2-bedroom duplex vacation rental in Montpellier for 744 euros per week (PR-819) and a two-bedroom apartment west of the city center (PR-297).

In conjunction with the World Cup of Rugby, New York Habitat is offering 10% off of our agency fee for anyone renting an apartment through our service that is attending the World Cup of Rugby. To receive the discount, just mention the code “rugby07” and when you complete your booking include a photocopy of a ticket to one World Cup rugby game you are attending.

When making plans to come to France for the World Cup of Rugby, remember that we offer apartments close to the stadiums in Marseilles, Saint Denis, Paris and Montpellier. And for more travel tips about the South of France, keep an eye on our blog for updates and new articles.