Your company has flown you to Paris for a week on business and has set you up in a stylish apartment in the heart of the city with the help of New York Habitat. The days have been filled with appointments and the nights have been cut short due to early morning breakfast meetings. The end of your trip is approaching and while business meetings in a foreign country have been exciting, there is still much more you would like to see and do. The clear solution to this dilemma is to extend the trip. Luckily, New York Habitat is here with some tips to make this a task easily done.

Paris ApartmentOkay, first thing’s first … speed is key. The availability for any given apartment can change rapidly. Simply because your rental was available for the entire month when you arrived at your destination does not mean that it will remain that way through the end of your stay. Once the notion to extend your trip in Paris, New York, London, or the South of France pops into your head, get the necessary wheels in motion as soon as possible.

The first person you should contact is your agent at New York Habitat. Ensure that the apartment is available for the additional days that you desire. The two of you will also discuss and arrange the fees and paperwork necessary to make the booking complete.

If, however, the apartment is unavailable during those additional days, there are other options to consider. If the plan is to extend the trip for three days or more, then your New York Habitat agent will find another suitable apartment for the rest of your stay.

Always remember that the agent who completes your booking is your greatest ally. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions along the way. With your vacation rental easily booked for another several days, you are free to continue your exploration through a foreign destination. Enjoy!

If there are any questions you wish to have answered, feel free to post them below. Or you can check our list of frequently asked questions.