Hi, I’m David Hill with New York Habitat. Thank you for joining us for another New York Habitat Apartment Rentals Tips Video. The question of the day is: How do I list my apartment with New York Habitat? This will be a 2-part video guide, with this being the first part.

Guide to Listing Your Apartment with New York Habitat – Part 1 (5:04)

New York Habitat specializes in furnished apartment rentals and categorizes these into 4 specific types of rentals. The 4 destinations in which we list apartments are New York, Paris, London and the South of France. Here is a breakdown of our 4 rental types:

Vacation Rentals – the rental of an entire apartment from 2 nights (1 night in London) to 1 month
Bed and Breakfast – the rental of a furnished room from 2 nights to 1 month
Furnished Apartment – the rental of an entire apartment for 1 month or longer
Room for Rent – the rental of a furnished room for 1 month or longer

A quick note, rooms for rent are only offered in New York and Bed and Breakfast accommodations are not offered in London.

If you have a furnished apartment, a home or a villa in any of these destinations and would like to list your property with New York Habitat, follow the steps in this guide.

First, there are a couple of documents that we will ask of you.

If you are an apartment owner, we will ask you for proof of ownership. Since this is public record, we can often find this information on the Internet, but if we cannot, we will ask you for these documents. Please remember to check with your building first to be sure that you are in compliance with renting rules.

If you are not the owner of the property, we will want to verify that you are the tenant of record. This typically comes in the form of a copy of your lease with your name and address on it. For tenant sublets, we will ask you to obtain written authorization from your landlord allowing you to sublet your apartment.

Second, we check the validity of every property that we list on our website and only then give permission for it to be listed. New York Habitat is not a “posting board.” We do not give permission for everyone to advertise their own apartment.

Third, when we list your apartment, we send a live agent to inspect it, photograph it and gather additional information.

Apartment visits will be covered in the second part of this 2-part video guide to apartment listings. We will also discuss how to prepare your apartment for a visit and talk about all of the other services offered by New York Habitat completely free of charge in order to bring you more clients.

Feel free to contact us in the meantime if you have more questions about this guide to listing your apartment. E-mail us at info@nyhabitat.com, call us at +1 (212)255-8018 or visit us on our Youtube New York Habitat Video Channel, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for checking out this New York Habitat Apartment Rental Tips Video. Be sure to come back for part two (Guide to Apartment Listing Visits – Part 2) and we hope to have your apartment, home or villa listed with us very soon!