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Bringing your pet to NYC? What to know before you go. Image credit: Caitlinfoley93 CC by 4.0

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, the second most important question after where to travel to, is what to do with your favorite furry family member when you go. It’s a dilemma all pet-lovers face, but we’re here to let you know what to expect if you’re thinking about staying at a furnished rental in New York City with a pet.

NYC Building Pet Policies

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Thinking of bringing the whole gang on with you? Check the pet policy first! (Image credit:

New York City is a pretty pet-friendly city but unlike elsewhere, most apartments are in multi-unit residential buildings where the building, co-op or condo board sets the rules, which makes having a pet in a NYC apartment more of a luxury than a right. Furnished apartment rules are even stricter than long-term unfurnished leases. You are renting a property that someone has painstakingly furnished and sometimes it is someone’s personal home being rented when not in use. Many properties don’t take pets because they fear damage to the furnishings which can be costly or impossible to replace. We all think our pets are well behaved but in a new unfamiliar environment they might get anxious and take it out on the furnishings or look to “mark” their territory in their cool new NYC pad.

Infographic of causes of pet allergies

What you should know about pet allergies and furnished apartment rentals in New York City

Property owners also consider the impact of accepting pets on future guests who may have allergies. Not all allergens are visible to the eye but the next guest who is allergic to pet saliva, fur or dander will surely feel it. Similar to a non-smoker entering an apartment that has been smoked in, non-pet owners can be hypersensitive to smells indicating a pet has been in the apartment. To steer clear of issues and cancellations, many properties stick to a no pet policy.  Furnished apartments often require a quick turnover between guests, making specialized deep cleanings for allergens expensive and often inconvenient for property owners. On that note, finding a pet-friendly furnished apartment is not the easiest task, and you should be prepared to pay a premium for a furnished apartment that will accept Fido or your feline friends.

Image of furnished apartment NY-17097 on Manhattan’s Upper West Side

Luxury buildings provide pet-friendly rental options in NYC (NY-17097)

Generally, most pet-friendly options will be in large, full-service buildings at a higher price range. This 2 bedroom/2 bath furnished apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is located in a full-service, pet-friendly, luxury building complete with amenities like full-time doorman, balcony, gym and pool, so you can get in your workout on-site and your pet can be close to Central Park for a picturesque walk.

Almost all properties that accept pets will charge a non-refundable pet fee, and be prepared to pay an extra pet security deposit which can be pricey due to the potential for damage with unpredictable pets. Non-refundable pet fees typically range from $200-$500 and up. In addition, building rules could impose fines for noisy pets or even end your lease early if the pet is a nuisance to other residents. “Pet-friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean the building accepts all pets, some only allow cats while others have size, weight, and breed restrictions, so provide your New York Habitat agent with all the details so they could direct you to suitable buildings. Due to the shortage of lower budget properties that accept pets, if your budget is limited and you are set on bringing your pet, be flexible on location and amenities and ready to book right away due to limited supply. You can browse for pet-friendly properties on our website by length of rental and location.

Image of a service dog giving his paw to his handler in military uniform. (Image credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jenna K. Caldwell.jpg)

Service dogs and emotional support animals require special documentation. (Image credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jenna K. Caldwell.jpg)

Keep in mind that emotional support animals will often need US certifications in English. There are also circumstances in short-term furnished apartments and in roommate share rentals in which a support animal might not be accepted in an accommodation.

Dogs Love the Outdoors

Image of four dogs sitting in a NYC dog park, the center one yawning (Image credit: Unsplash)

Doggie parks are for socializing and exercising (Image credit: Unsplash)

Dogs love nature so if you do bring your pup to the city, you’ll find your fellow dog-lovers at New York City’s parks. Most large parks allow dogs as long as they are on a leash (some have specific off-leash hours too) and there are also designated dog parks where your pet can make friends and run off some of that extra energy. They’re a great place for both people and dogs to socialize in the city.

Image of living room of furnished rental NY-927 on Upper West Side with decorative fireplace

You and your dog will love living close to Central Park at this pet-friendly furnished rental NY-927)

Consider renting an apartment close to one fo the city’s large parks like Central Park, Riverside Park, Battery Park or Prospect Park so you and your pet can take a stroll in nature together, the perfect way to relax after a long day. This pet-friendly 1 bedroom furnished rental on the Upper West Side of Manhattan places you close to both Central Park and Riverside Park which any dog will appreciate, plus you’ll be just a few blocks from the Museum of Natural History which has a great dog run behind it for your dog to do some socializing in Theodore Roosevelt Park.

Image of garden with seating and evergreen trees at NY-18025 in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Rent an apartment with a garden your pet can enjoy when in NYC (NY-18025)

With limited space in the city, some buildings have opted to add dog runs to their rooftops! If you prefer something more down to earth (or close to the ground), consider renting an apartment in a smaller building or private house with garden like this spacious 3 bedroom/2.5 bath furnished rental in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn with plenty of room for the whole family including your dog, so you can both bask in the sun and fresh air together surrounded by greenery, right at home like a Brooklyn local.

Image of outdoor dining at Shake Shack which has a dog-friendly menu (Image credit: Chelsea Nesvig via Flickr)

Enjoy a meal outdoors with your dog at Shake Shack in NYC (Image credit: Chelsea Nesvig via Flickr)

New Yorkers Love to Spoil Their Pets

You’ll find many businesses that leave water bowls and treats out for pets passing by and restaurants that have pet-friendly menus like Shake Shack, that offer their furry customers there own menu. There’s always a dog on line at the Mr. Softee ice cream trucks around the city waiting on a vanilla soft serve cone of their own. Pssst…they’re also fond of a good ol’ NYC hot dog from the street vendors too, but you didn’t hear it from us….

Speaking of spoiled, you can find doggy day spas to pamper your pooch with a massage in case life in the city is stressing them out like the rest of us! If only the best will do for your pet, some apartment-hotel style properties we offer like this 1 bedroom vacation rental in Murray Hill, will cater to your pet’s every whim including offering oversized dog beds, pet stairs, toys, food and water bowls, and supplies for walks like treats and waste bag dispensers.

Image of dog walker with six dogs walking under elevated subway tracks

Dog walkers have plenty of business among New York City’s pet-lovers

The iconic image of a dog walker with 10 dogs on each arm is so New York City, because New Yorkers are notorious workaholics and sometimes you need to enlist the help of a local dog walker to make sure pets get their dose of daily outdoor activity. Dog walking apps like Rover and Wag! are the Ubers of dog walking when your schedule is hectic or you have to stay late at the office. Pets are like our children, so of course you can also find doggy daycare, where you drop off your pet to spend the day playing with other dogs at an indoor facility. For less active pets, consider a pet sitter service to keep your fur baby company at home when you can’t be there. If you’re set on a certain property and they don’t take pets, but you can’t bare to leave them behind, consider boarding them nearby at a pet hotel.

Image of waiters surrounded by cats at a table of a cat cafe. Image credit: Adam Jones [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https-//]

Get your fill of furry ones at a cat cafe in NYC. Image credit: Adam Jones [CC BY-SA 2.0]

If you decide it’s best to leave your pet back at home with family or friends and need your fix of some four legged quality playtime, head to one of the city’s cat cafes like The Brooklyn Cat Cafe (76 Montague St.) or Black Cat LES (172 Rivington St.) where you can grab a drink and a snack in the company of their resident cats, that also are adoptable in case you make a true connection. You can reserve time slots ahead and it makes a great play date for kids that can’t have their own pet at home.

NYC Pet Events for Animal Lovers

Image of a Pointer dog posing for a judge at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (Image credit:

Check out who’s best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (Image credit:

If you’re an animal lover and want to catch a pet-themed event in the city, the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show takes place at Madison Square Garden (Feb 10-11, 2020 with other competitions taking place Feb 8 & 9 at other locations). The 2020 AKC Meet the Breeds (Jan 25-26 at the Jacob K. Javits Center) is a family-friendly event that lets you meet and play with hundreds of adorable dogs and cats while learning about responsible pet ownership. If you’re in NYC in October, don’t forget to join the East Village locals at the Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade (date to be announced) – the world’s largest dog costume parade – always guaranteed to bring lots of laughs.

 Image of a furry gray and black cat lounging on a chair (Image credit: Unsplash)

Make your pet feel right at home at a pet-friendly rental apartment in New York City (Image credit: Unsplash)

We know pets are truly family and sometimes you just can’t bare the thought of being without them, just keep in mind our tips and advice above so you know what to expect in NYC. Make sure to indicate if you need a pet-friendly rental when you send us a NYC apartment request. We look forward to welcoming you and your pets to come discover all that New York City has to offer, whether you have two legs or four!