student graduation new yorkNew York Habitat is excited to learn of the recent educational partnership between New York University and The American University of Paris. Our student housing service, New York Habitat Academics, is anxious to assist in providing high quality furnished rental apartments in Paris or New York for their students. Here is a press release issued by the New York University and the American University of Paris.

With New York Habitat’s recent introduction of New York Habitat Academics division we are distinctively positioned to help offer housing to students participating in this partnership. Over the past several months we have worked with Columbia University’s architecture program to provide housing for their students studying in Paris and New York and we continue to build relationships with schools through out the world. Indeed, we offer plenty of convenient and comfy apartments throughout New York City and Paris. Furthermore, since we understand the situation  of most students, we have also a long list of rooms in apartment shares in New York and Paris.

The solutions that New York Habitat offers for universities including our Partnership Program and Assigned Housing Program have been tailored to the needs of schools looking for high quality furnished apartment options in the cities that we serve.

Furthermore, with the growing number of international students crossing the Atlantic every year and the continued tight housing market, New York Habitat is uniquely positioned to offer a value added service to universities in need of Student Housing.  Visit our website for more information about New York Habitat Academics, or send us an e-mail at or call us at 1(212) 255-8018.

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