In 2006, New York Housing costs rose by 6.5% as the supply in the market remained tight with an average vacancy rate between 1% and 2%. The 6.5% increase in housing costs was the largest since 1989 and was caused by several factors, including the low level of vacancy, the low percentage of new constructions that were rental units, and the fact that New York City’s population continues to grow. By 2030, Mayor Bloomberg expects that the population in New York will grow by at least a million people.

New York Habitat is well aware of the tight housing market and constantly monitors pricing trends to ensure that apartment rentals in New York are offered at appropriate rates. Visit our pricing page, which details the current average prices for apartment rentals in New York. Furthermore, when traveling to New York, remember to consider other neighborhoods, plan in advance for the greatest selection and consider all options to find the best apartment to suit your needs.