Have you been searching for the perfect apartment for your stay in New York, Paris, London or the South of France? Wondering what to do now?

Here are the two best ways to begin the booking process:

1. You can search our website and find apartments that meet your specific needs. The website includes details about each apartment we have available, the price and the dates of availability.
Once you find something interesting, either fill out a request form or call us directly at 1 (212) 255-8018 to submit your request. When making a request make sure to include the apartment reference number, your best contact phone number and e-mail address as well as the dates of your stay.

2. If you are not sure which apartment would best suit your needs, our team is well acquainted with our apartments and would be able to help determine which property is a good fit.
Also, if you don’t want to search the website for the perfect apartment, we would be happy to look for something for you; just let us know the dates that you will be coming, your budget, the area that you would like to stay and any other important details, and an agent will get back to you with the best solutions as soon as possible.

Once you have contacted New York Habitat, we will get in touch with the owner to confirm that the owner will accept your booking. As soon as we receive confirmation, we will prepare the booking documents and either e-mail or fax them to you.
Once you receive the documents, get them back to us as quickly as possible because the New York, London, Paris and South of France markets are especially competitive and require quick responses to the owners to ensure that the booking is completed.

Remember when looking for an accommodation in New York, London, Paris or the South of France, New York Habitat is perfectly suited to helping you find the ideal place to stay.


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