new york apartmentListing an apartment with New York Habitat is a painless process and it is FREE.

New York Habitat specializes in furnished accommodations and roommate shares in New York, Paris, London and the South of France.

If you are interested in listing an apartment, the best way to begin the process is to fill out a listing registration form or to call us (see phone numbers below).

When you are filling out this form, make sure to include your name, best contact phone number and e-mail address as well as the type of apartment you would like to list and where the apartment is located.

Once you have submitted the form, we will generally contact you within one business day to get more details about the apartment you would like to list. Before you hear back from us, you might want to check out the following sections of our website for more information:

When the listing agent from New York Habitat calls, you should expect that they will ask you several questions about your apartment to help determine if it qualifies to be included in our listings. When we determine that the apartment can be listed, the agent will then schedule a time to visit your apartment so that we can take a detailed set of photographs, get a full written description and even chart a floor plan for some apartments. Before the agent comes you may want to look over some tips on how to prepare your apartment.

Either before or when the agent comes to visit the apartment, they will bring a listing agreement which needs to be signed in order to be included in New York Habitat’s listings. All New York Habitat listings are non-exclusive.

When the listing agent returns to the office, they will enter all of the information into our database and website. Normally your apartment will be on the site within one business day after the visit.

Once the apartment is listed, you will then begin to hear from agents with potential clients.

So, if you are thinking of listing your furnished apartment, vacation accommodation, bed and breakfast, or roommate share, remember to consider New York Habitat. We have worked with over 12,000 apartments in New York, 3,500 in Paris, 800 in The South of France and 500 in London.

Thank you in advance for considering New York Habitat.

Phone numbers to contact us to list your apartment or property:

  • (+1) 212.255.8018 for New York
  • (+33) for Paris
  • (+44) for London
  • (+33) for The South of France