Have you been looking for apartment ratings and reviews about New York Habitat apartments, or do you want to post a rating or review about your experiences with us? Today we will share with you some popular travel rating and review sites where New York Habitat has been reviewed regularly.


Insider Pages: Insider Pages is a site, which reviews businesses city by city. They include everything from review of spas, to restaurants critiques to ratings of vacation rental agencies. Several of our clients and owners have taken the time to share their experiences on Insider Pages and the reviews have been good! Here are a few of our favorite headlines:

  • ***** New York Habitat, The Best of The Best
  • ***** Never stay in a hotel again . . .
  • ***** Perfect Agency!

Follow the link to the New York Habitat Insider Pages reviews to read all of the feedback.


Amazon.comAmazon.com: The Internet’s version of a department store, Amazon.com sells a little bit of anything. For products that Amazon does not offer they have created ratings pages to help find the best products and services. Once again this has been a popular forum to express reviews of New York Habitat’s apartments and our service. Some top headlines includes:

  • ***** New York Habitat: Great place to list an furnished apartment
  • **** Great place in Paris!
  • ***** Great service

To read all of the comments visit Amazon.com Customer Reviews of New York Habitat.


Epinions.com: One of the oldest feedback sites Epinions has been around since before many people even had e-mail addresses. This site is designed to encourage people to review products and services by offering incentives for quality reviews. This has been another popular place for clients and owners to rate us. Some feedback includes:

  • ***** Simply amazing service!
  • **** No surprise in the apartment and this is a sign of reliability.
  • ***** The ‘Right Choice’ for getting the ‘Right Service’


All of these types of forums can be helpful in gaining more information about products and services from the internet. We invite you to comment below on other websites that you use to express your feedback about New York Habitat’s apartments and service. We look forward to reading your ratings and reviews.