“Les Rencontes d’Arles” is an international event in the South of France. It is one of the older photography festival and one of the most important in the world.

These events were created in 1969 by photographers and people passionate about photography like Clergue, Lemagny, Rouquette and Dieuzaide who each organized summer several expositions, fairs and nights in the Antique Theater in order to showcase their photography, creations and new concepts in the world of art.

South of France accommodation: 4 bedroom rental in Beaucaire, Avignon Region (PR-821)
South of France accommodation: 4 bedroom rental in Beaucaire, Avignon Region (PR-821)
This year, expositions will take place from July 8th to September 14th. It is an occasion to discover the vision of art of many different people from around the South of France.

This year (the 39th) marks the return of two famous inhabitants of Arles : the famous designer Christian Lacroix and Maja Hoffmann, the women at the origin of a major project : a foundation of arts and culture in Arles. Christian Lacroix is this year’s artistic director and has invited some of his favorite photographers.

The program includes many exhibitions, awards, arts practices, seminars and night festivities.

Take part in that artistic events where you will find pictures and meet artists that will make you discover a different aspect of photography and the wonderful city of Arles!

Arles offers numerous activities for the whole family. It is one of the loveliest natural settings in Europe. It is located in the Camargue region that is famous for its landscapes, tradition with bulls and for its Roman and Romanesque heritage.

Arles is a cultural crossroad with its well-known music, literature, photography and theatre festivals. Luckily for you, we have lots of accommodations for you in Provence.

For example, New York Habitat has a 3-bedroom apartment rental in Arles, Camargue (PR-915) that you could also consider.

Arles, South of France
Arles, South of France
As with many cities in Provence, in Arles the sun shines more than 300 days per year! This gives the region a special light year round. You can enjoy the sun in this 4 bedroom vacation rental in Beaucaire – Avignon region (PR-821) : an authentic southern French Mas.

The Saturday market is typical site in this region: it is one of the most beautiful in Provence but also one of the largest (it is more than 2 kilometers long!). You can find whatever you want: fruits, vegetables, spices, fish, meat, regional products and more. You can also linger with the local population and learn more about the local culture.

A trip the south of France is not complete without a visit to the Arles region and is made even better by enjoying the festivities surrounding the “Les rencontres d’Arles”.

If you have been to the events and want to share your experience please leave a comment below. And for more travel tips about the Provence region, visit our blog periodically for updates on articles!