In concert with our full length blog, New York Habitat has decided to publish a microblog on Twitter to provide the fastest and most up-to-date information for clients and apartment owners. Not only will you find the latest news and tips on our Twitter feed, but you will find special limited time discounts on apartments in New York, Paris and London plus villas in the South of France.

Follow us at or Twitter user newyorkhabitat.


With our Twitter feed we will provide you with information and links to the most relevant news and information on a daily basis. Look for entries, on a regular basis, about the following topics:

• Our newest apartment listings (Whether looking for an apartment in New York, Paris, London or the South of France we are always adding new inventory and this is one of the fastest ways to see what’s new at New York Habitat).

• What’s new on the New York Habitat Travel and Real Estate blog(Find out the latest news on neighborhoods, events, apartment renting tips and more).

• Apartment discounts (Look for limited time discounts on selected apartments and vacation rentals on a regular basis, make sure to follow our Twitter feed because discounts can last from just a few hours up to 1 week and will only be show on Twitter).

• Market news (We will comment on the latest market news as it comes up. Feel free to share your thoughts by sending us a direct message with your thoughts or tweet your response via your account).

New York Habitat hopes to utilize Twitter to provide quick updates and the latest information for people who are interested in news about us and our apartment and vacation rentals in New York, Paris, London and the South of France.

You can also follow our Twitter feeds in other languages with the following user names:

Let us know what you think of our Twitter feed and give us suggestions of what you might like to see in future Twitter posts in the comments section below or by sending us a direct message on Twitter.