Many people wonder how you can get from the area airports to apartment rentals in New York. Getting to and from two of New York’s airports has gotten significantly easier in the past few years with the advent of the airtrain, plus in New York there is always a cab waiting. Here are the easiest ways to get from each of the big three airports in the New York area.

Howard Beach airtrain at JFK airport Howard Beach airtrain at JFK airport

JFK Airport:

JFK airport is located in Queens a bit more than 10 miles from the center of Manhattan. There are many ways to get to Manhattan including:

Airtrain JFK: This is a small train system that takes passengers around the airport plus to the nearest subway and commuter rail stations. The system opened in 2003 and now provided rides to nearly 15,000 people per day. It costs $5 to ride to the train if you are leaving the airport.

• For trips to midtown and uptown Manhattan take the airtrain to Jamaica station. You can switch to either Long Island Railroad (LIRR) which takes you to Penn Station in Midtown West or the E subway line which makes stops in Queens and Manhattan. The LIRR costs between $5.75 and $8.00 depending on the time of the day and takes 20 minutes to Manhattan. The subway costs $2.25 and takes about 1 hour to Manhattan.
• For trips to Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan take the airtrain to Howard Beach station. There you can switch to the A train. The subway costs $2.25 and takes about 1 hour to Manhattan.

There are also cabs available at every terminal at JFK airport. Trips to Manhattan are a flat rate of $45 plus toll and tip.

Newark Airport:

Newark Airport Newark Airport

Newark Airport is located in Newark, New Jersey but is equally close to Manhattan as JFK and offers a similar airtrain setup. Top ways to get from Newark airport include:

Airtrain Newark: A monorail train which connects all of the airport terminals to the Newark Liberty Airport train station on the Northeast Corridor rail line of Amtrak and New Jersey Transit rail lines.  The system has been available since 1996 and provides over 5,000 rides per day.

• To use the train ride a monorail towards the Newark Liberty International Airport train station. When you get to the station buy a ticket to New York Penn Station on New Jersey Transit which cost about $15. This includes the ride on the Airtrain plus New Jersey Transit to New York Penn Station. The trip is about 35 minutes.
• Note it is much more expensive to ride Amtrak (about $50) and only saves 5 minutes.

Of course in the New York area it is always easy to get a cab at any terminal. The cost of a cab to Manhattan ranges from $50 to $75 plus tolls.

La Guardia Airport:

La Guardia is the airport located closest to Manhattan and only accepts short distance flights. Getting to and from La Guardia is more difficult by public transit.

Buses: There are a few buses that travel to La Guardia Airport.

M60: The M60 travels from La Guardia airport across the Triboro Bridge into Manhattan and crosses 125th Street connecting to the N, W subways in Queens plus the 4, 5, 6, 2, 3, A, B, C, D and 1 trains in Manhattan.

Q33 and Q47: These Q buses connect to the subways in Queens including the E, F, G, R and 7 trains.

The bus costs $2.25 and can get you to Manhattan in 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on your destination.

Cabs from La Guardia cost between $15 and $30 to places in Manhattan.

Hope you find this helpful in your journey to New York. If you have any questions just make a comment below and we will post an answer.

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11 Responses to “Getting from the airport to your apartment in New York”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I had NO IDEA you could get on the LIRR from JFK air train! That saves so much time!!!

  2. Marcus Says:

    Yeah…everyone forgets about Newark Airport, but it is probably used more by people who live in New York City than by the people who actually live in New Jersey!

  3. Julian Says:

    Yes, I agree with Marcus, Newark Airport is forgotten a lot but if you have an apartment in Manhattan or in Essex County it is very convenient. :D

  4. Sarabeth Says:

    and FYI its pronounced “Nork” by the locals! Not New-ark or nyuerk…:P Puhlease.

    Oh and it ain’t Joisey either, friends.

  5. Enola Says:

    Each time I have to flight somewhere from New York I always try to flight out from Newark. This is the easisest commute you can find because going all the way to JFK no thanks!!

  6. Tim Says:

    Yes, public transportation has made it much easier to get to the airports here in the city, but it is still rather a pain to have to add so much time to your trip.

  7. Carl Says:

    Great info!

  8. Yuna Says:

    I love travelling. Thank you for the interesting tips of air travel in and around new york city.

  9. Corrina Says:

    I always take the subway to Grand Central and then one of the special tour buses to JFK. They cost around 10$, but I prefer it.

  10. Beth W. Says:

    I am so happy that Southwest airlines has started flying to New York. LaGuardia is better than nothing. I can starting flitting over to NYC whenever I want. Now maybe I will rent one of the great vacation apartments I see on the blog!

  11. savvysavingbytes Says:

    The M60 bus can be hopped right outside LaGuardia terminal and at $2.25 (less if you’re a senior citizen) there’s no cheaper way into the city. It’s best if your luggage is on the light side since the bus can get quite crowded. My first trip on the M60:

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