On the one hand, Toulon will never be able to claim being one of the sexy cities in the South of France, but on the other hand, it would be totally unfair to write it off as just one humongous military harbor and major manufacturing center of various goods such as aeronautical, armament and electronic equipment as well as tobacco, shoes and paper.

Toulon, Panaroma
Toulon, Panaroma

The adventurous visitors who dare to make it there typically end up being quickly won over by the charming Old Town, in which attractive fountains stand proudly in numerous small squares. After decaying for decades, this historic part of the city has rightfully been revived, and its new prettiness combined with its centuries-old daily Provençal market have become one of the main attractions of Toulon.

The Upper Town was developed in the 19th century, and it does look like it belongs to a totally different era. Using this whole area as a testing ground for a new type of architecture and urban planning, where space and grandeur prevail, Baron Haussmann designed the Place de la Liberté, the Grand Hotel, the Gardens of Alexander I, the Palace of Justice and much more. The Toulon Opera was only the second opera house built in France (after the Opera Garnier in Paris).

But that is not all. Toulon also regularly organizes plenty of fun events on a wide range of themes. For example, this year, on Saturday October 1st, locals and visitors can attend the “Brocante” event, which is half flea market half garage sale, and/or the “Rencontres de la Jeunesse” (Youth Festival), which is a large-scale forum focusing on how to get young people involved in Toulon’s many community activities. Whether you are determined to find unsuspected riches in piles of old items or are simply curious about the various cultural, sports and social happenings in the city, you will be able to observe and participate.

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Have you ever visited this hidden gem and would like to share your impressions with us below?