Valentines Day
Valentines Day

One of the most romantic civilizations in the world, you’d think that the French hold a special place in their hearts for Valentine’s Day.  And sure enough, even if the occasion does not bring about a spectacular explosion of pink knick knacks and cute teddy bears, the day is still celebrated with all kinds of festivities.

The scopes of the celebrations vary widely, but if you had to pick one this year, it would have to be the “Festival of the Kiss” (La Festo de Poutoun) in the lovely medieval town of Roquemaure, in Provence, also known as “The Capital of Lovers”, from February 10 through 12. During those three days, several events will take place such as a commemoration of the arrival of Saint Valentine’s mortal remains in 1868 with more than 800 costumed people, horse-drawn carriages and horsemen forming a parade that will go through a town immersed in the 19th century with its shops, post office, open air market, gazebo, merry-go-round and, of course, Lovers’ Fountain, meticulously decorated as they were back then.

Moreover, the streets will temporarily acquire the names of French literature’s most famous lovers while traditional entertainment from folk groups to street performers will spring up at various locations. The highlight of the whole weekend may very well be the “Festival of the Handles of Love” (Le Festival des Manivelles de l’Amour), where everybody can hum along beautiful love songs to the sound of old-fashioned barrel organs. Needless to say that you’ll also get to sample many local delicacies that are well worth the visit all by themselves.

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